Bakemonogatari 12 : You are my everything

September 29, 2009
Senjougahara WANTS YOU! ... to watch this review

Senjougahara WANTS YOU! ... to watch this review!

This is the last TV-anime episode of Bakemonogatari. Except for the title, Tsubasa has nothing much to do with this episode. We’ll get a long, but joyous ride in Senjougahara’s life and car. Expect nothing too long, but expect it to be entertaining. This being said, I’ll give more of my thoughts about this episode than doing a review. It starts on some day, at some place, at lunch break. Araragi and Senjougahara are having a bento (probably made by Senjougahara) and tsundere-chan asks Araragi out on a date. This leaves him with a complete  “HAH?!”.  Senjougahara teases him some more by picking rice of his cheek, which she put on his cheek in a very subtle way before.







What’s fun about the part in which Senjougahara thinks about the phrases she should say best in front of her boyfriend, is that she’s actually trying it out in front of him. Instead of doing it in front of a mirror like you see normally. The I love Senjougahara/Araragi bento were quite fun to see as well.

After the opening we go for a ride. A loooooong ride…

And thats the last thing we recorded from Araragi... nante ne~

And that's the last thing we recorded from Araragi... nante ne~

Senjougahara’s father drives the car, which leaves Araragi in quite a tight position. Not only that, she starts giving him an examination on how he feels about her. Araragi struggles through the sea of Senjougahara’s sharp remarks and pointy questions.  However he always takes too long to answer or doesn’t give a pleasing answer to her. Things like…

Try to keep cool when her fathers listening to this as well

Try to keep cool when her father's listening to this as well.

I guess you’re all familiar with Japanese people calling someone by their surname when it’s supposed to be formal. Now she always wants him to call her Hitagi instead of Senjougahara and since her father is with her, she uses him when Araragi refers to the name Senjougahara. However… she keeps calling him by his last (formal) name, even when he starts calling her Hitagi.

He just died...

He just died...

Since she asked him what he liked about her, Araragi now wants to know what she likes about him. Surprisingly Hitagi-san answers the question without a second of thought.

Senjougahara 1 - Araragi 0

Senjougahara 1 - Araragi 0

She continues by asking him how the tests went. He replies that he scored better than usual thanks to her. However, he answers by saying “Senjougahara” making her lean forward and tell her dad that Araragi wants to thank him.

Even doing well looks bad in her eyes...

Even doing well looks bad in her eyes...

Gonna give him a banana?

Gonna give him a banana?

…as you can see, she teases him some more by placing her hand on his lap and tells him that if she’ll reward him, he might even aim higher. She asks him if it’s okay to study together everyday at her place then. When Araragi starts talking about Hanekawa, Senjougahara coldly answers that she’s at a complete different level than them.

Then the conversation gets to Kanbaru’s pervertedness, Araragi tells her that even Oshino thinks she’s more of a perv than a sports girl. Senjougahara replies that’s simply because they are looking for a male’s perspective and that Kanbaru is just honest with herself. Senjougahara then starts whispering something about her in his ear and it leads to…

Say Ah to this as well

Say "Ah" to this as well

The atmosphere of this biting moment of awesomeness gets even better thanks to the car honks and the speeding up noises. When Senjougahara goes back to her seat, Araragi is…

E for Everything thats out of me

E for Everything that's out of me

They finally arrive at the place of the date. Senjougahara leaves Araragi in the car telling him she needs to prepare some stuff before they can go. Instead he should just have a chat with her father she says. Her father who completely looks like Soichiro Yagami in my eyes, starts talking to Araragi and for all convenience I’ll call him Yagami too. Yagami shows he has the same taste of humor as his daughter when telling that Araragi should take care of his daughter (usually said when a father agrees to give away his daughter to her future husband, I guess?) and then says he’s kidding.

Yagami thanks Araragi for being there for his daughter. Araragi, however, replies that it was all a coincidence and that it might have been any other person who could’ve saved Senjougahara. But her father tells him…


spot the error~

He says that since he could never spend a lot of time with her due to his work.

A bit later, Hitagi-san arrives back at the car and while she brightens up the grey and dark car, she asks Araragi to come with her.

For all good fathers out there~

For all good fathers out there~

Senjougahara pulls Araragi with him, he isn’t allowed to look up yet and for that reason, she pushes his face down while they’re walking up the hill. Then they lie down on a blanket and she tells him to open his eyes. The view is amazing and leaves Araragi speechless .


You'd want some tomato juice with that, wouldn't you?

Senjougahara starts explaining the stars’ names, but Araragi starts reminiscing the things he went through after meeting her. Then tells him that this is everything she has.  The ability to help him with his studies, her cute junior (Kanbaru), her blunt father and… her stars.

shes a god...isnt she?

She's a god...isn't she?

She still adds her sharp tongue and foul mouth to the mix, which Araragi says he doesn’t want to have. But when she bonuses her body, Araragi has to rethink a bit. Hitagi looks away and says to him that her body was rudely handled by a low-life. For that reason, she is scared to give herself away to him and ending up hating him. When she says that she’s afraid of losing him, Araragi takes her hand…

The best answer he could ever give her...

The best answer he could ever give her...

Until she finds a way to solve that problem, the stars are the last thing she can offer him. But since she is certain she’ll find a way, she wants him to wait for that moment. She lastly tells him that she came to the same spot with her parents a lot in the past and that’s why those stars are her treasure.

Then she starts asking the same questions she asked back in the car. This time, Araragi is able to answer every single one smoothly…

Senjougahara tells him that they should kiss now, but then starts wondering how she should say it more fitting to atmosphere. In the end, she still says the same thing…

We don’t get to see the kiss though, but that isn’t such a let down if you ask me. This ending was perfect already.



One could think an episode with only scenes in a car and lying down in some park could be dull and endlessly boring, but this was just… a masterful. I loved the last scene where they watched the stars and the ending theme playing in the background. The best part of it was obviously (for me at least) when they replayed the same conversation as they did in the car. It really showed how Araragi got to understand Senjougahara’s feelings and gives word to them. Senjougahara also made it sound amazingly beautiful by saying the stars were the last thing she could offer to him.

I was just… blown away by this. Call me a fanboy or not, but I really loved this last part of Bakemonogatari.

The rest of it will be shown on web only, if the quality is good enough (probably yes) I will blog those last ones too.

For the preview click the preview~ next week : Tsubasa cat part 3~


One comment

  1. Haha. Tsubasa Cat, part 2? Yeah, right.

    Despite the fact that this was Tsubasa Cat, part 2, Hanekawa was only mentioned once for about 2-3 minutes.

    But I’m not complaining, this was way better than what I expected from a long talk in a car. Just that it’s kinda confusing that it’s called Tsubasa Cat, part 2.

    Anyway, about the episode… what can I say… it’s just so magnificent. I like every bit of the stars scene. It’s so romantic like that. My favorite part would be the one where they re-do the question and answer portion.

    I wonder what’ll happen in the next Tsubasa Cat chapter though…

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