Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season Episode 25 (END) – “Packy” Pleasures

September 24, 2009

Available in every hundred-year-old-phantom-store-only-known-by-a-few-people

Available in every hundred-year-old-phantom-store-only-known-by-a-few-people

This is the last episode of J.C. Staff’s Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season anime. Such a shame it has to end~

This episode is about Hayate’s misadventures to obtain a special snack treat known as “Packy”, which is obviously our favorite snack, the magical Pocky. We also run into several montages of some supporting characters.

Expect a lot of old background characters roaming the streets, Hinagiku in Wonderland and maid Hayate. Also expect new characters in the end.

Last time, In a stretch of events, Nagi worked in Cafe Donguri with Hayate and surprisingly, Ayumu. When they got home, Hayate remembered that Sakuya’s birthday was on that day as well. They visit the Aizawa party later on, only for Nagi to feel lonely and leave to go stargazing. Meanwhile, Hinagiku confronts Ayumu about her feelings with Hayate in a ferris wheel. In the end, Hayate finds Nagi and promises that he will never leave her side while Hina finally admits to Ayumu what she had always wanted to say. A good end for everyone.

But it doesn’t stop there…

Heres your Nagi service.

Here's your Nagi service.

Because Nagi worked too hard yesterday and still participated in Sakuya’s birthday party. She ended up getting a fever.

Nagi starts complaining that she should have just gotten sick after spring break so she could skip school truthfully. Later, Maria tells Hayate to look over Nagi as Maria needs to buy something in the meantime. Nagi calls out to Hayate. She wants some apple juice because her throat hurts.

As Hayate prepares the juice, Nagi looks for Maria. Hayate explains that Maria went off for groceries. He adds that Klaus, Shiranui and Tama are also away.

Goodbye... Klaus-san... may you find happiness in the other world...

You too, Tama, Shiranui... be happy in neko heaven.

You too, Tama, Shiranui... be happy in neko heaven.

That means… both of them are alone… in a huge mansion.

Of course, as usual, Nagi starts fantasizing about what Hayate would do to her now that they’re alone. According to her mother, men are gentlemen but they’re actually wolves dressed in sheep clothing. Hayate disappoints her by opening the door and announcing that if she needs anything, he’ll be in the next room so she could just call out to him.

Nagi stops him before he can leave. She asks him to stay with her because it’s pretty boring being stuck in bed. Hayate reasons that she should sleep instead but then she asks Hayate to do something to make her sleepy. Hayate suggests watching the Miku lullaby he made in Vocaloid.

Its just Konata cosplaying as Miku...

Are you sure you want her to sleep?

Nagi doesn’t want that. She wants something else so Hayate resorts to the classic method: a bedtime story. He uses Alice in Wonderland.

Katsura Hinagiku as Alice

Katsura Hinagiku as Alice.

Alice, played by our beloved Hinagiku, was lost in Wonderland.

Hanabishi Miki, Segawa Izumi, Asakaze Risa as the Talking Bunny (Girls)

Segawa Izumi, Hanabishi Miki, Asakaze Risa as the Talking Bunny (Girls).

She was greeted by talking bunnies. Actually, I stand corrected: Bunny girls!

Hina tells them the truth straight…


Anyway, Miki points Hina to a field with a moving road, which is apparently, the exit. The road moves as the traveler walks through it so one has to constantly move. If one decides to stop or falls behind, they will not be able to complete the course. The Student Council trio demonstrates and fails to completely pass the road.

As Miki turns around, Hina has already left and easily completed the course, which Hayate explains as Alice had always challenged herself so that was easy to complete. In the end, Alice defeated all the Card Soldiers and took over Wonderland, calling it the United States of Japan and lived happily ever after.

Best. Ending. Ever.

Best. Ending. Ever.

Nagi doesn’t want that kind of ending and won’t accept it… and then we proceed to Part B.

Maria arrives back and discovers Nagi’s room filled with books. It seems they’ve been reading and playing games instead of resting. Maria tells Nagi to sleep. Nagi calls out to Hayate and asks him to provide entertainment for the next 3 hours. Hayate offers a camera and an ant farm in a small container. He suggests watching the ants but Nagi isn’t the type of person who would do that.

Nagi notices the camera held by Hayate used to observe ants. She gets an idea and suddenly says that she wants to eat Packy. Packy would help her sleep. Hayate then promises to return with some Packy but Nagi stops him first, saying his necktie is crooked and arranges it for him. Hayate leaves soon afterwards.

Maria asks why Nagi requested for Packy all of a sudden. A giant screen pops out and it seems like Nagi attached the camera to Hayate’s necktie.

Hayate starring in PUNKD...

Hayate starring in PUNK'D...

They see Hayate was chasing a cat with a fish on its mouth.

It's the cat from Kanamemo!

As Hayate runs, we get to see Makimura Shiori, Nishizawa Kazuki, Saeki Himuro, Azumamiya Koutarou and Ookouchi Taiga laughing at him as he passes.

From left to right: Nishizawa Kazuki, Makimura Shiori.

From left to right: Nishizawa Kazuki, Makimura Shiori.

From left to right:

From left to right: Ookouchi Taiga, Saeki Himuro, Azumamiya Koutarou.

It turns out that the fish was sister Sonia Shaflnarz’s. Hayate returned it to her and she claimed that it was a good thing that she didn’t have to use unnecessary skills.

Sister Sonia Shaflnarz and her fish that was stolen... retrieved thanks to Hayate.

After Hayate was done with the fish fiasco, he checks his pockets. It seems he didn’t have his wallet with him. Sakuya suddenly appears in front of him.

Aizawa Sakuya... in stereo!

Aizawa Sakuya... in stereo!

Nagi and Maria wonder what they’re talking about as the camera doesn’t capture sounds. Suddenly, Sakuya points to the maid cafe just across the street. Nagi and Maria now have an idea as to what exactly Sakuya told Hayate.

Here we go again~ The undying Hermione service~

Here we go again~ The undying Hermione service~

Inside the cafe, Hayate changed into a maid outfit. Sakuya compliments Hayate and even adds an extra pay for looking so darn cute. Nagi calls Hayate through his cellphone and he explains to her that he forgot his wallet and promises to return with Packy.

A Hermione fanservice scene follows.

Saginomiya Hatsuho and Saginomiya Isumi. Theyre not lost this time!

Saginomiya Hatsuho and Saginomiya Isumi. They're not lost this time!

After a while, he unknowingly serves the Saginomiya some green tea. Isumi and Hatsuho were both there and Hayate becomes surprised. Isumi tells Hayate that they were there because Sakuya gave them discount coupons.

An hour later, Hayate finished the quick job for some money to buy Packy. He runs into Wataru and Saki.

Tachibana Wataru and Kijima Saki.

Tachibana Wataru and Kijima Saki. Wave and smile at the camera~

Again, Maria and Nagi cannot hear what they’re saying. Maria uses her special lip-reading skills and reads Wataru’s lips. Wataru was telling Hayate to return the Onegai Twins DVD that he rented to Nagi secretly. There’s a bath scene in every episode so he think Nagi wouldn’t find it interesting. Maria becomes a bit annoyed that Nagi rented something like that behind her back.

2 more hours pass… it seems Hayate had been constantly getting sidetracked: Got asked for directions (15 times), helped the elderly (23 times), encountered a blocked road due to a robbery, caught the robber by accident and then stumbled upon the hideout by luck. In the end…

Im angry and bald!!

"I'm angry and bald!!"

Every store had ran out of Packy.

As he exits a store, he can’t believe that Packy has ran out. He looks around and sees everyone outside holding a box of Packy. Miki, Izumi and Risa pass by with them as well. There was also Harukaze Chiharu and Kasumi Aika with Packy. Yukiji was using the Packy as a chaser in a bench.

Theres no need for a reason! Its Packy!!

There's no need for a reason! It's Packy!!

Hmm... now that got me thinking... mmmmm...

"Packy" as a chaser... now that got me thinking... mmmmm...

Soon, Hina arrives and explains that she suddenly had the urge to eat Packy. She noticed Hayate’s gloomy face and deduces that Hayate couldn’t buy any. Before Hayate could explain, she puts a one in Hayate’s mouth.

What? No blush?

Isn't that cute?

They both laugh as they enjoyed the delicious Packy, though I think most people would have preferred the single-“Packy”-two-person-on-each-end approach. Miki, Izumi and Risa return and also stuff Hayate’s mouth with Packy.

Risa, Izumi and Miki, playing as the Three Packy-teers.

Risa, Izumi and Miki, playing as the Three Packy-teers.

Now theyre Date Masamune.

Now they're Date Masamune.

Nagi’s had enough seeing Hayate fool around with girls and calls him to scold him again. Hayate runs away and tells Nagi that he has one last card up his sleeve: a hundred-year-old shop which is only known by a few people.

Hayate arrives at the store. He browses around and sees a single pack left. He runs towards it while Nagi and Maria celebrate.

Do you know why slow motion is not the brightest thing to do when youre in a rush?

Do you know why slow motion is not the brightest thing to do when you're in a rush?

But as expected… it was taken away by a hamster!

Because this happens.

Because this happens.

Hayate thinks fast. That was the last Packy available. It would be rude if he asked for it now that Ayumu beat him to getting it. But for his ojousama’s sake, he needs to be a demon! He asks Ayumu if she liked Packy and Ayumu tells him that she LOVES Packy.

…in the end, he went to the neighboring city and THEN prefecture but did not find Packy.

Sunset. Hayate does not possess a single stick of the irresistable delicious treat. He sits on a rock beside the sea. Maria and Nagi figures that it’s enough. They should call Hayate back to the mansion but as Hayate reaches for his cellphone… it falls into the water.

Having lost his means of communication, Hayate did not give up and went to Cafe Donguri, where he used available ingredients and made his own pack of Packy!

Who knew you can make your own Packy?

Who knew you could make your own "Packy"?

My darling, darling pleeeeease~!

"My darling, darling pleeeeease~!"

Maria commends Hayate for not giving up while Nagi says that she will accept it due to Hayate’s efforts. Maria goes out to prepare for Hayate’s return.

While Hayate was running back towards the mansion, he passes by the park and a soccer ball bounces onto the street from it. Hayate follows the ball like a little kid and picks it up.

Shinichi Kudos favorite weapon...

That's right. Stand in the middle of the street holding a soccer ball.

A truck from out of nowhere… which doesn’t seem to have a driver… arrives and looks like it hit Hayate and then slams onto a fence and is stopped on its tracks by a tree.

A new film was inspired by this entitled Honey, I Shrunk the Medics.

A new film was inspired by this, entitled "Honey, I Shrunk the Medics".

Nagi gets up, horrified by what she saw through the screen and runs out of the room, desperately calling out to Hayate. Maria sees Nagi and asks her what happened. After hearing what happened, Maria calls for help while walking with Nagi to the front door. She tells them to use everything the Sanzenin family can do to rescue Hayate. Nagi blames herself, if only she did not ask for Packy…

They opened the front door and finds… Hayate’s dead body! Just kidding. Like hell that would ever happen. Hayate was in 100% condition and was apologizing for being so late. Nagi becomes infuriated by Hayate’s lack of mood sensors and shouts at him.

Later that evening, Nagi tells Hayate to explain in detail what happened with the truck and the ball. It seems the soccer ball that Hayate found served as an impact reducer as the truck hit the ball he held tightly. He was saved by its rubbery soft goodness. Sadly, the Packy he made was crushed by the truck’s tire. He only managed to save one piece and offered it to Nagi. He then apologizes one more time for the broken camera. Nagi was shocked that Hayate knew about the camera and he explains that it’s only natural, after all, he is her butler and butlers are like Batman or something like that.

Nagi lies down in bed and Hayate tells her she must be tired so she must sleep. Nagi returns it to him, saying that he should be more tired than her. He can return to his room and rest but Hayate insisted that he stay until Nagi falls asleep. Nagi doesn’t argue with that and sleeps.

A staple in romantic sleeping-by-the-lover scenes.

A staple in romantic sleeping-without-a-blanket scenes.

In the middle of the night, Nagi wakes up and sees Hayate, sleeping on the chair beside her hair. She puts some clothing around Hayate to keep him warm and gives him… a slight kiss on the cheek.

The following day, Klaus mentions that a new semester has started. Wonder Wind by ELISA (the first OP of the 2nd Season) plays.

Hina was greeted by Izumi, Risa and Miki with a hug. Chiharu and Aika follow from behind. Wataru talks to Isumi and it seems they’re on the same class this semester. Sakuya appears from behind and teases Wataru while Saki demands an explanation.

See? Everyone really loves glomping Hina for no reason.

See? Everyone really loves glomping Hina for no reason.

Next butler battle: Wataru vs Puberty.

Next butler battle: Wataru vs Puberty.

As Nagi promised in the next episode preview, two new characters were shown during the opening ceremony.

Hibino Fumi, voiced by Asumi Kana (also Shiranui).

Hibino Fumi, voiced by Asumi Kana (also Shiranui).

Alamgir Sharna, voiced by Gotou Saori (surprisingly, she is Barasuishou from Rozen Maiden and at the same time Inko-chan from Toradora!).

Alamgir Sharna, voiced by Gotou Saori (surprisingly, she is Barasuishou from Rozen Maiden and at the same time Inko-chan from Toradora!).

Meanwhile, in the Sanzenin estate, Nagi fakes a sickness but Hayate and Maria sees through it. They persuade into going to school today.

The final shot… is taken by A-tan, holding her magical umbrella and brandishing her drill-like hairstyle. Again, her face wasn’t shown… but it may imply a new season coming upon us!

Tennousu Athena... whoops, I said it. Nice cliff, by the way.

Tennousu Athena... whoops, I said it. Nice cliff, by the way. Get it? Cliff and cliffhanger? Ahahahaha~

What? No Nonohara? Did he already graduate and went to England while no one was looking?

As final episodes go, this one’s a nice ender, giving us hope for a third season with some new characters like A-tan, Alamgir Sharna and Hibino Fumi. Or they might pull off a Matantei Loki Ragnarok on us, introducing a new character and suddenly stop, forcing us to read the manga instead. I don’t mind that but I’d prefer seeing everything animated + voices.

Such obvious references… I was surprised nothing was changed nor bleeped out. Like Miku (Vocaloid) and Aeolia, the GN Drive, Celestial Being (Gundam 00) references. Yet… beloved Pocky was transformed into Packy.

This episode also has a lot of background characters roaming around. Kaga Hokuto was also missing… even Saginomiya Ginka or Segawa Kotetsu. Heck, even Linn Regiostar and Kaoru Kyounosuke.

Anyway, nevertheless, such a funny episode. Hina in Wonderland is the nicest story I’ve ever heard. I’m also happy that they used Hina as Alice.

A review on the series as a whole will probably be made by me later, expect it on Saturday or something.

This is the Bunny Chief, disappointed that the second season is already over… I want more… over and out!



  1. oh dear god…
    how should I compare this thing?
    maybe like this : 2009 had the greatest dissapointment ever shown in anime with the renewed airing of Haruhi… well, then this should be considered as the complete opposite of it.
    Miki service… Hina service… I got a lot of eye candy in this episode, it deserves a 10+++!
    Same can be said about your work Chief :3
    *Looking forward to the review*

    oh and one side note…
    I prefer the new animation style done by JC Staff, what’s everyone else’s opinion, old Hayate or new Hayate?

  2. the ending is very nice.. i hope to see the continuation in animax..

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