Spice and Wolf II 11 : Unexpected Dealings

September 22, 2009
Enjoy it while you still can, its probably the last time she said it.

Enjoy it while you still can, it's probably the last time she said it.

Spice and Wolf 11 is up~ Don’t expect a too long review about this episode, since most of it happens to be a build-up of what will happen in the final episode.

The episode starts that the trade company headquarters. Lawrence, Horo and Abe went there to set the deal. Four shady looking men are waiting them up at the mainhall…

During the talks about the deal, Lawrence’s skills as a merchant get tested again. Luckily he answers the questions to their liking. Horo’s value seems to be worth 2000 silver coins, which Lawrence accepts, but he wants to receive the cash as late as possible.

Nippon Banzai!

As they leave the building, Abe is pissed about the shady man’s behavior. Lawrence says a person like Lutz reminds himself of how small he is as a merchant, because of Lutz’s high position.

A while later, they are outside drinking some wine. Abe asks about where Lawrence met Horo and then tells about her own past. She tells them to treasure their meeting, since she didn’t have the same luck as them. She is a daughter of fallen nobility, the person that bought her was terrible. He was someone that poured huge amounts of money into his company and when the King changed policies, his company went bankrupt in a flash. In the end he killed himself with a knife. She wants to surpass his former glory and prove that she’s worth more that the cheap price he bought her for back then.

Back in the inn, Horo and Lawrence lie down on the bed and talk about what happened at the trading company. Eventually it leads towards…

Then what about episode 12?!

Lawrence is quite agitated about Horo’s words, but Horo tells him that Abe was right and that they should treasure their meeting and part ways on the best moment. Horo tells him that she isn’t afraid for losing him because of him getting older, but because he’s a too soft-hearted person. And that is the reason why she is scared. She says that she wants to be with him and eat him, but when that happens she’d went it to be better the next day. And so the chain would go on, leaving them unsatisfied in the end.

Later on Horo tells Lawrence it’s better to return the books they lent back to Rigolo.  Lawrence agrees and they both leave the inn.

At Rigolo’s place, the sister tells them that Rigolo is out for the moment. Horo goes back to the basement and reads some more books there, Lawrence enjoys the sight of Rigolo’s garden in the meantime. While the sister goes to prepare some drinks for them, Lawrence notices Abe’s statue that Rigolo bought. He suddenly noticed a white line on the face, as he touches it and tastes it, he realizes it’s salt.

When it's too sweet~ add some salt~

When the sister returns, Lawrence quickly changes the subject and asks about where Rigolo is. She tells him he’s at an important meeting which he suddenly had to go to. She immediately puts her hand in front of her mouth telling Lawrence she wasn’t supposed to say that. Lawrence tells her she shouldn’t bother, he’ll keep quiet about it and only wanted to know more about the special type of glass used for the garden window. The sister talks about how Rigolo’s wish is to to spend time in his garden instead of working. Lawrence tells her that humble dreams are the hardest to accomplish… He then gets a vision of him and Horo standing in front of the apple tree inside the garden.

Eve was actually a wolf?!

Suddenly, someone starts knocking the door really loud. They all walk over to the hallway and when the sister opens the door, Abe storms inside telling them things have gone bad…

Welcome to Spice and Wolf : Lawrence of the Rebellion.

Welcome to Spice and Wolf : Lawrence of the Rebellion.



Like I said, it’s only a short review this week. The whole episode wasn’t really exciting nor special, yet the last line covered up for it. I was thinking of how they would plottwist this last arc, but I didn’t expect it to be this unexpected… Well not only unexpected, but also really funny. If you still don’t have a clue, then this should make it all clear to you~

Next time will probably be more exciting as we’re gonna end the second season and find a conclusion to how Horo and Lawrence will end up. Together… or separated…

Kyon, at your service~


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