Bakemonogatari 11 : A Cat Chat

September 22, 2009
This is what weve all been waiting for!

This is what we've all been waiting for!

Bakemonogatari 11, we start the Tsubasa arc. We get to see Hanekawa’s background story, shy Sengoku service and… nekomimi!

We start at the beginning of Golden Week, Araragi and Tsubasa are walking together in the city. Tsubasa tells Araragi that her stepfather’s new wife is her mom and her new husband is her dad. Araragi reasons that her current parents aren’t her real parents, he wonders why they didn’t tell that to her. She responds that she heard about it before she even started school. She gave thought about why they didn’t give her in for adoption and after figuring out that they wanted to keep their appearances, she decided to just be a good girl. She then turns around and asks if he shouldn’t be studying, since it’s Golden Week now.

Hes a hero for all slackers, thank you Araragi!

He's a hero for all slackers! Thank you, Araragi!

Suddenly, she mentions that she wants to be away from home during the vacation as much as she can, since the thought of spending all day at home makes her feel sick. Araragi tells her she thinks too hard about it. There’s no respond to that, so he starts up a new conversation asking her what’s with her face. Tsubasa’s been walking around with a bandage on her cheek the whole time. She puts up a troubled expression and asks him that he should promise not to tell anyone. He agrees to that and then she tells him…

Bad dad~

Bad dad~

Araragi is suprised, but she tells him it’s logical that her dad hits her. If someone you don’t know starts to act all familiar with you, you’d get angry, is what she reasons out. Araragi doesn’t agree and wonders why she is justifying it. Hanekawa, however, tells him it’s alright since he only did it once. Tsubasa reminds Araragi of their promise. He has to keep it a secret from anyone. Araragi doesn’t want to at first, but after she begs him, he agrees to it after all.

Then suddenly, Tsubasa notices a white cat lying down on the road. She runs over towards it and picks it up, then she looks at Araragi’s direction and asks him to help her out.

After the usual Staple Stable opening, we move on with time. Araragi was walking back to school with a big smile on his face. When he arrives at school, Sengoku calls out for him.

Sengoku seiraa fuku~

Sengoku seiraa fuku~

She tells him that she wants to thank him once more for what happened during the snake arc. Araragi tells Sengoku that she should thank Kanbaru instead for that. Unfortunately, Kanbaru already entered school like a whirlwind, making it impossible for Sengoku to stop her.

Wait...whos the whirlwind here?!

Wait...who's the whirlwind here?!

Sengoku moe moe MOE!!!

Sengoku moe moe MOE!!!

Senjougahara mini-version

Senjougahara mini-version

They make up some references. I’m sorry to tell you but I didn’t get them myself, if you know what they were talking about please enlighten me in a comment. Sengoku tells Araragi that she really needed to talk to Kanbaru, Araragi comforts her and says he’ll do it for her since he needs to thank her as well for that. Sengoku then reaches for something in her bag…


A dream coming true~

Did she wash them together with Batmans clothes?!

Did she wash them together with Batman's clothes?!

This is what youve been waiting for, pure fanservice!

This is what you've been waiting for, pure fanservice!

And this ones because we cant get enough of it!

And this one's because we can't get enough of it!

The road to adulthood...

The road to adulthood...

Well, I guess that doesn’t need a lot of explanation… He accepts Sengoku’s humble request with a super cheer and victory pose. Then he asks Sengoku about Shinobu, the little girl living at Oshino’s place. Since they slept over at Oshino’s place that night, he wants to know if Shinobu said anything to her. Sengoku shakes her head and asks if she is a vampire. Araragi answers that she’s more of a pseudo-vampire now. Sengoku asks if she is the one that turned him into a vampire, but Araragi says that wasn’t her fault, but his own. He says it is wrong to blame the oddities, since that’s just how they are. They have their reasons, that’s all there is to it. After explaining that, he tells Sengoku that it’s better for her to return to her daily life now. If she would ever find another oddity, she should tell Oshino to get help faster, but Oshino did warn Araragi that they shouldn’t keep relying on him all the time either.

Then out of the blue… Araragi pulls up Sengoku’s skirt a bit. Don’t ask me why, I didn’t get it either… yet it was kinda funny. However, it ends up with Araragi saying…

You mean...all men are perverts?

You mean...all men are perverts?

After that, Sengoku mentions that Shinobu did do something that grabbed her attention. She kept staring at her and Kanbaru, while she looked differently at Oshino and Araragi.

Spot the difference~

Spot the difference~

Spot the difference #2

Spot the difference #2

But that didnt keep you from stripping in his room, did it?

But that didn't keep you from stripping in his room, did it?

A moment later, Tsubasa arrives at school and notices both Sengoku and Araragi. However, Sengoku’s shy switch gets turned on and she leaves as fast as she can, a crossroad kinda made it a failed attempt though.

Okay...one more cause I cant get enough of her...

Okay...one more cause I can't get enough of her...

Araragi tells Tsubasa about Sengoku and what happened after the snake event. She then asks if that was the thing Araragi wanted to do today, he tells her it wasn’t. He was thinking about Senjougahara. Tsubasa then informs him about some gossip going around school about Senjougahara’s change in attitude. Even the teachers have asked Tsubasa about it. She, however, stood up for him and told the teacher that wasn’t the case. Araragi is kind of surprised and wonders if she really believes that, she responds…

Sore wa uso desu.

Sore wa uso desu.

She thinks that Senjougahara isn’t changing in a bad way, though she wonders if it is because of him or because she’s feeling better. In any case, she’s convinced that Araragi should support her change. Araragi mentions that she’s not talking like a usual high-schooler, although she thinks she talks normal like everyone else. Then Araragi’s thoughts wonder if Tsubasa really has someone special, since she’s kind to everyone.

When he is about to ask her about it, he suddenly realizes that he shouldn’t ask her after all. However, Hanekawa already noticed, but (un)fortunately she gets a headache.

She realized Doraemons been going on for ages.

She realized Doraemon's been going on for ages.

Then we get a flashback from what happened during Golden Week…

Tsubasa was having a similar headache like what happened just now, suddenly her hair turns white and cat ears pop out of her head. Araragi gets flashes from the moment where they buried the white cat, back in the beginning.

A Valkyrian?!

A Valkyrian?!

Nekomimi moodo~

Nekomimi moodo~



The following scene, Araragi is standing in front of Oshino. Oshino tells him it’s a “Meddlesome Cat”. He tells him it’s a multiple personality disorder, a form given to an alternate personality. A Black Hanekawa…

Oshino notices that Araragi is more nervous than usual about this oddity. Araragi is obviously annoyed by this and asks how he can solve this one. Oshino tells him to be calm and then explains that there should be a reason for the cat to be appearing. That reason should be stress. Stress building up over the years due to several circumstances, things like love, school work or… family issues.

Then we get to see the work of Black Hanekawa. She wanders around town and attacks people indiscriminately night after night.

so this is actually... the other Alice?

so this is actually... the other Alice?

The ability of a meddlesome cat is to drain energy from people. The drain was enough to make the attacked people end up in the hospital. The first people that were attacked by her were caused the most harm, those people were also the cause of Hanekawa’s stress… her parents.


*Mega Giga Drain Absorb Leech Life Attack*

Yup...she must be the other Alice...

Yup...she must be the other Alice...

Then we move to the last day of Golden Week, Araragi is running through the streets at night with Black Hanekawa chasing him around. When he ends up at a dead end and comes face-to-face with Hanekawa, she tells him that as long as Hanekawa has stress, she will keep existing. Moreover…

Someones preparing a Solar Beam...

Someone's preparing a Solar Beam...

However, she doesn’t get to finish that line. Shinobu attacks Black Hanekawa from behind and bites her neck. Araragi tells us that Shinobu, who’s name wasn’t Shinobu back then, has the same ability. She can also drain energy, yet a meddlesome cat and a vampire are two completely different oddities. Shinobu’s drain dealt with the problem by “sucking up” the meddlesome cat from Hanekawa… for now.

Some more images~


The flashback ends, Araragi notices that it isn’t the same headache as she had back then. He asks her if they should go to a doctor or a hospital, but she tells him that he doesn’t need to worry that much. In order to change the subject, she asks him if he understands Senjougahara better now. Araragi is still worried, but doesn’t go on about it anymore. She asks him to show her that he trusts Senjougahara more, he asks… what?



The end…for this week~


Thoughts :

I thought this was gonna be quite a “boring” episode with just some background and build-up. The most part of the episode was, however the end made up for that. Shaft did a really good thing by asking Yui Horie for this role. Her voice fits perfectly with the story Hanekawa has to tell us.

The Sengoku service in this episode was just magnificently cute. She’s kinda my favorite character now, mostly because there’s a huge lack of Senjougahara in the last couple of episodes.

As for Shinobu, her part is yet to be revealed, but I’m really curious after the vampire thing. I haven’t read the novels, so this is quite exciting.

More coming up next week!

Kyon, at your service~



  1. Araragi and Sengoku were indeed making Doraemon references. Sengoku was probably referring to a gadget used in the movie, which is why Araragi told her to use common references instead like the “Take-copter”, a yellow mini-propeller that allows a person to fly and the “Doko Demo Door” which can transport you anywhere you want to go. They’re the most popular gadgets Doraemon use that they’re even mentioned in the theme song of Doraemon.

    Pretty nice episode. If Sengoku would appear more, I’d be more of a Sengoku fan than a Senjougahara fan.

    It’s also nice to see Hanekawa’s background story. I was a bit curious so I found this episode very interesting. We also get to see some more Shinobu tidbits.

    By the way, in the next episode preview, Tsukihi and Karen said the next episode is the last TV episode. I wonder if the last 3 will be DVD-exclusives…

  2. heh, they’ll be the last tv episodes. The others are gonna be online streamed I think :3

    Sengoku moe moe~

    oh and thanks for the Doraemon stuff xD

  3. sengoku sure is popular
    she’s a mixture of an imoutochara and childhood friend, and she emits that preciously cute aura that makes people want to jump on her and take her home (like rena does)

    the last three episodes depict the events that occur during golden week (i.e. Kizumonogatari, 傷物語, or Koyomi Vamp arc). i’m rather curious as to who’ll be doing the OP for that arc, or if there’ll be an OP at all. most likely candidate would be hirano aya (as shinobu or as kissshot acerolaorionheartunderblade? the latter would be rather amusing if they did it sengoku style)

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