Fullmetal Alchemist -brotherhood- 23: The Girls on the battlefield

September 18, 2009

This chart shows Rie's Loliness exceed much greater heights; Even though Alphonse isn't a loli.

First of all, happy birthday to my mother (September 18). Bad thing I didn’t tell her about this site.

So far so good. This episode contains part two of the battle between the Homunculi, the ninjas, the State Alchemists and the wanderers. This episode has a lot of fighting scenes, Winry’s dramatic scene, eww blood scene and loli scene.


Let’s continue from where we left from the previous episode:

These commoners didn't even noticed someone had just jumped from god-knows-what floor and runs away covered with blood.

The episode started with Ling and Ranfan breaking through the windows, followed by an explosion. Ling runs away, injured. However, the Homunculi team isn’t chasing the two. Wrath and Gluttony walks using the stairs, with Wrath asking Gluttony if he can trace them by scent.

On Edward’s side. The military are now cleaning the area while Winry is still crying on Edward’s shoulder. Edward left Winry together with his signature jacket and headed to where Alphonse is.

"Just as planned!"

Roy’s turn. Roy ordered Riza Hawkeye to provide assistance. Riza left, with a rifle, a cosplay outfit and a paper given by Roy. Roy continued on playing with his gadgets.

Homunculi’s Turn. Ling was still running with Ranfan atop his shoulder. Apparently, Ling reached a dead end. Wrath orders Gluttony to take care of Scar while he goes to kill the two.

Aladdin rpg

Ling’s Turn. For an unexplored reason, Ling was running again. Ranfan, knowing that she’s just dead weight on Ling, asked to be left. Ling disagrees completely. Ranfan made a move, puts out her kunai and…

Shining Finger!!

Alphonse’s Turn. Alphonse aggressively attacks Scar with his gigantic rock hands. Scar continuously evades Alphonse’s attacks and at the same time throwing questions at Alphonse’s face.

Scar’s Turn. After talking to Alphonse about his body, which Alphonse rejected every word thrown by Scar, Scar reacted his tattoed right hand at the water to form steam and attacks Alphonse. Edward intercepts Scar’s attack.

Yes, you are.

Edward’s turn. After the two continuously remark Edward’s oh-so-brilliant timing on telling about the Rockbell’s tragedy, the three conducted their battle pose. Sadly, another interference arrived.

Interference number one! Gluttony

Gluttony enters the battlefield, tongue’s out with saliva dripping. Gluttony attacks but Scar easily pinned Gluttony and kills him with his blue electric of death.

3 seconds Wrath fanservice while following the trail of blood.

Smile and wave~ smile and wave~

Gluttony revives once again and fights back, smashing Scar to the metal walls. Gluttony attacked again but got kicked away by the Elric brothers.

Another 3 seconds. Wrath pulls out his sword from the sheath and got shocked.

Interference number two! Ling; what the hell is he thinking!?

Ling appeared at where the Elric brothers were, from the manhole while he carries his sword on his mouth. He landed at Gluttony, forces a bomb inside Gluttony’s stomach and ordered everyone to stand back.

Gluttony explodes. Gluttony reconstructs.

Before Gluttony reconstructs fully, Ling binds Gluttony with a metal wire, sealing him completely.

Aw~ such a cute puppy

At Wrath’s side. Wrath sees a dog with Ranfan’s hand binded on it. That will surely go to one of my nightmares.

Learn the math. Bangs are always unique from one character to another

As Scar was wondering about the Homunculus, a girl (that is none other than Riza Hawkeye, which she certainly is, no doubt about it) riding a car shoots Scar in the leg. Ling puts Gluttony on the car and both of them ride away. Alphonse wanted to stop them but Edward stopped him, saying that the army is watching.

Interference number three! May Chang

With a very good advantage, Edward took the moment and attacks Scar. Scar, injured (but still like the previous episode) couldn’t hit Edward. Edward and Alphonse tried to capture Scar but then another interference arrived (and a cute one), slamming both the Elric brothers in the face.

Being outnumbered, May Chang made a quick decision, making one of the train explode with a different version of alchemy (daggers used from the target of explosion and surrounding the alchemic circle), filling the area with smoke. The two escaped.

Grand Theft Auto VIII

Riza and Ling’s turn. As Riza drives, Ling asked her to get Ranfan for him. Riza didn’t agree at first but accepted Ling’s request and headed left. Unfortunately for them, the Fuhrer is there and saw the two (knowing the it’s Riza as well).


Scar's going to score some today~

Scar’s turn. Scar and the little loli were now alone in some alley as the loli heals Scar’s leg with alchemy. The grumpy man arrived, telling them that the army is around the corner and they should run for it. the little loli searched for for Shao May, her little cute panda but…

Edward: Is this thing a cat, a dog or a tiger?

The Elric brothers have possession of the chibi panda. Edward started to rant again on why Alphonse captured the panda. The panda tried to bite Alphonse but it didn’t work.

The Elric brothers reached the headquarters(?) to meet Winry. They met Winry, with the Fuhrer. The Fuhrer leaves the three with just telling them that ‘she’s a good girl~’. The Elric brothers didn’t reply to anything and gave him a ferocious stare. After the Fuhrer leaves, Winry told Edward about his promise, to tell her everything he knew about her parents.

The explanation was cut and now Winry was riding in a car reminiscing what the Edward said. Edward and Alphonse were there but they kept silent.

Upon reaching the hotel, a call awaits for Winry. It is Mr. Garfield, telling Winry that everyone is missing her. Winry was touched and decided to go back.

Who the hell do you think I am!?

At the train station, Winry thanks Edward for stopping her. Winry told Edward to take care of his automail and she’ll give Alphonse some polishing oil. Winry also told them not to die. Edward replied, but the bell rings, making it unable to be heard, including the camera. Edward walks away. Winry asked again what he said. Edward stopped, looked at Winry and shouted “Next time I make you cry, it will be with tears of joy”.

Winry's cutest moments, perhaps?

Winry smiled and salutes. The train started to move as Winry looked at the Elric brothers walking away, reminiscing the old memories she have with them. Winry sits properly with her head leaning on the walls of the train. “I fell in love with him” she thought.

No one can beat Gendou in this kind of game.

Upon arriving outside, they are greeted by the Colonel, telling the two to hop in his car. They visited a man (the same doctor who looked at Maria Ross’ fake corpse). Roy told the man that there’s someone seriously wounded. The man seems pissed seeing Roy. Roy, however, told the man that if he doesn’t want to then it’s okay. The man accepted Roy’s request.


The doctor operates on Ranfan, grimly. Ling and the Elric brothers were outside, waiting for the operation to finish.

The operation ended, Ranfan wakes up with everyone around her. She told Edward that his trap from the first time they met is astounding but now she needs another arm. Edward replied that he’ll introduce her to one of the best mechanics he knows.

Roy: Actually, the doctor is not free and don't worry, the price is cheap.

Roy introduced himself to Ling. Ling is very grateful for finding a doctor for Ranfan. Roy replied that Ling also helped them concerning Maria Ross and capturing a Homunculi. Roy explained that the Homunculi is named Gluttony and he has connection from the upper echelons of the military. Ling replied, it is not just a portion. He told everyone that there is a huge possibility that the Fuhrer is a Homunculus and he saw the tattoo of Ouroboros on his eye which is underneath his eyepatch. Ling also explained that the Fuhrer has the same feeling as an ordinary human, unlike Gluttony.

Tentacle teeth anyone?

Alphonse asked about the Fuhrer’s son, telling everyone that Homunculi cannot reproduce. The doctor however, told the Fuhrer’s son Selim was adopted. The three then argued on who’s going to keep the Homunculi. However, after hearing Roy’s name, the killer of Lust, Gluttony went berserk.


The Emperor’s thought:

Such a nice episode, I can’t get enough of those continuous cliffhanger showing Wrath and Gluttony simultaneously. What Ranfan did is also spectacular, so I guess she deserves a new and improved hand?

Overall, I like the episode. The fighting scene isn’t that good but still worth watching and I dont care about the animation quality since my computer is a piece of crap like everyone else’s.

The episode preview shows Gluttony, berserking as the protagonists run for their lives. Envy was also shown, I hope it will be good~

Until next time.


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