Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season Episode 24 – Confessions ; Conclusions

September 17, 2009

The highlight of the episode, Hinas confession to Ayumu.

The highlight of the episode, Hina's confession to Ayumu.

This episode focuses and revolves around the night of Sakuya’s birthday where two stories unfold. Hinagiku finally decides to tell Ayumu what really happened between her and Hayate. Nagi goes missing and it’s up to Hayate, Isumi and Sakuya to look for her.

Expect moe-moe Hina on a ferris wheel, an emotional Nagi, a certain bit of Hayate’s past, Sakuya… imouto character?!

Last time, Sakuya celebrates a grand birthday party. Her maid Haru-san was shocked after knowing that Kasumi Aika, Vice-President of the Student Council, was also invited and even found out about her true identity, Harukaze Chiharu, Secretary of the Student Council. Later that evening, Nagi arrives to the party with Hayate. Both Wataru and Hayate were forced to do a stand-up comedy act with the latter actually succeeding. By the end of the episode, Hina arrives at Cafe Donguri and finds Ayumu working there. At that point, she decides to tell Ayumu the truth after work.

The episode starts with Hinagiku and Ayumu under the sakura trees. As Hina proposed last episode, they went to go watch the sakura as she wants to tell Ayumu something very important.

Before she could say it though, Ayumu proposes that they visit the symbol of the Ginnan Shopping District just beyond the park. It’s a symbol that is said to give people courage. Hina agrees as it will be a fitting place to tell Ayumu the truth… but then, after reaching the place, what was laid in front of her is…

Hinas version of the Nightmare Wheel.

Hina's version of the Nightmare Wheel.

Ayumu begins to narrate the ferris wheel’s structure, being 100m high at the peak. Hina begins to sweat and shake. It is basic knowledge, much like the fact that Shidou Mariya is actually a guy, that Hina is scared of heights. She insists on telling Ayumu the important thing but Ayumu tells her that it will be much better in a private place like  a ferris wheel. Hina submits to it, thinking it is punishment for her betrayal.

This is as basic knowledge as Shidou Mariya being a guy.

This is as basic knowledge as Shidou Mariya being a guy.

Meanwhile, back at the party location, Hayate and Sakuya were talking outside. Hayate comments on how Sakuya is really a rich lady, renting off such a large hall, inviting a lot of people and having a cute maid by her side. Sakuya notes the “cute maid” remark and Hayate says that it’s not what she thinks. Sakuya then starts to comment about Hayate being an “invincible, almighty butler of the Sanzenin” who seems to be racking up all the girls, but tells him not to be so full of himself. Hayate denies being egotistical.

Hayate then mentions that he’s not good with women… even if he had started to love anyone… in the end, nothing will happen.

Yeah well, we dont care about you either.

Yeah well, we don't care about you either.

Sakuya wonders why Hayate became silent and then Maria comes in, panicking. Nagi is missing!

Back in the ferris wheel, Ayumu admires the panoramic view from it and Hina comments the same way Ayumu does, but with her eyes closed. Ayumu asks her why she’s not looking outside and she informs her of her kendo ability, being able to see through the mind’s eye. Ayumu tells her it’s just scenery so normal eyes will do and then realizes that she must be afraid of heights. Hina opens her eyes and protests, saying that a simple scenery like that is nothing to be afraid of, she’s not scared of heights at all.

She looks out of the window and sees the view. She then becomes dizzy and Ayumu is reminded of Nagi, who is also a sore loser. Ayumu notes how both Hina and Nagi are cute in those areas. And then, the unthinkable happens. The ferris wheel comes to a stop at a high point. Ayumu checks on Hina and…

And at that point, thousands of hearts stopped beating.

Ayumu tries her best to calm Hina down. Hina sobs while asking Ayumu if they’re going to die at that rate.

At the party hall, Sakuya’s father assembled an elite party of search people: namely Hayate, Isumi and Sakuya. He comments that Nagi isn’t kidnapped anyway and if they launched a wider search party, the Aizawa family’s name will be stained. He tells them not to worry as he laid traps to lure Nagi out.

I dont have anything to say about this...

I don't have anything to say about this...

As all comedians do, he tests the trap himself.

And thats the last time we ever see him...

And that's the last time we ever see him...

In any case, they have to look for Nagi immediately. Hayate notes that the hall is way too big. It will be very difficult. Isumi then makes a suggestion. Why don’t they just call Nagi’s cellphone? Hayate and Sakuya were shocked. Isumi made a sensible suggestion!!

In the end though, Nagi didn’t pick up the call.

Back at the ferris wheel, Ayumu tells Hina that singing a song may be able to make her calm down. Ayumu adds that when a tutor came to her place, she would always tell her that singing a song can you help you out of trouble. She also comments how she loved that tutor even though she would only teach her how to play the guitar and not teach her anything else. The guitar that her tutor left on her final day is one of her important treasures.

Hina then asks Ayumu to sing with her. Hina starts singing Dango Sankyodai.

Yancha na yaki dango~ yasashii an dango~

Yancha na yaki dango~ yasashii an dango~

Ayumu cuts her midway, commenting on how Hina really started singing. Hina becomes embarrassed. Ayumu adds choosing Dango Sankyodai for a high schooler. Hina becomes more embarrassed and explains that it’s the first song that came to her mind. But now Ayumu is happy that Hina has calmed down. The ferris wheel starts moving again and Ayumu tells Hina to proceed with the reason why they’re there.

Part B. Hina starts spilling the beans. She explains that it was pretty lame of her to do it after telling Ayumu that she would cheer Ayumu on… but she betrayed Ayumu.

Back at the party hall, outside. Sakuya and Hayate were discussing where Nagi went. Sakuya explains that Nagi can’t stand the feeling of being alone. She then suddenly brings up the topic about Hayate’s parents. She asks if Hayate would ever consider living with them again if ever they returned and repented for all their faults. Hayate tells her that it won’t ever happen because second chances are impossible. But he does want to find his missing elder brother.

Sakuya seems a bit flustered after hearing Hayate say that he has an older brother. Sakuya sees that no one else is around and admits to Hayate that she has a bit of an older brother complex. She also wonders what she should call Hayate, after all, he’s much older than her and calling him “shakkin shitsuji” every time feels wrong.

She said the killer o word...

She said the killer "o" word...

Both of them are speechless…

Anyway, for the matter at hand, Sakuya explains that Nagi has always gazed up at the sky with Yu-kyun, Nagi’s mother. She is now apparently the moon. Whenever Nagi feels lonely, she goes off by herself to stare at it.

At the ferris wheel again, Hina explains that during her birthday, she and Hayate were alone in the middle of the night at school, where no one could hear anything and no one could find out what they were doing. Err, I mean, where Hayate gave her some cookies as a birthday present and “some memories” if you know what I mean… okay, sorry, I keep getting carried away when talking about Episode 13. Some memories is noooot a suggestive comment. Anyway, and that’s when she realized that…

I dare you to say that again.

I dare you to say that again.

And Ayumu’s reaction is… *drum roll*

Anti-climactic Ending 1, GETTO!

Yeah... we know...

Yeah... we know...

Looks like Ayumu isn’t that surprised. Hina looked so serious and assumed that Hina was going to say:



Hina becomes a bit flustered and asks Ayumu what kind of reaction is that. She betrayed her. Ayumu then tells her that it may be the case but she had this feeling after visiting Shimoda. She feared that if she confessed to Hayate, they would never meet again. But she realized that they’re not separated by death. She can see him whenever she wants to. She doesn’t know if Hayate would ever look at her but she will do everything to make him look at her eventually.

Now Ayumu asks Hina if she plans to confess to Hayate after hearing about Ayumu’s side… and Hina’s response was…

Now THAT... is just too cute...

Now THAT... is just too cute...

Ayumu doesn’t think romance is about winning or losing. Anyway, if it’s like that then it’s a race. Will Ayumu sweep Hayate off his feet first or… will he ask Hina out instead? Both competitors agree to a friendly, clean race.

Meanwhile, Hayate reaches Nagi’s place in the rooftop. Hayate asks why Nagi wanted to be alone and Nagi explains that seeing Sakuya’s happy family made her a bit lonely. Hayate tells her that there are some hopeless parents like his. Nagi agrees. Hayate then adds that if it’s staying like a family, then she has both him and Maria with her. Nagi turns around again and says that sometime in the near future, Maria would leave after falling in love. Her mother already left her. The previous butler promised her that he will stay by her side but also disappeared.

Hayate thinks as he stares at Nagi. What can he possibly say to a sad little girl? He tries to think of something to cheer her up. He then decides on a thing and calls out to Nagi, making her turn around to see…

Anti-climactic Ending 2, GETTO!!

Anti-climactic Ending 2, GETTO!!

Hayate used Frost Joke!

Hayate used Frost Joke!

Well, he gets a well-deserved beating for it.

Well, he gets a well-deserved beating for it.

Since he’s so hopeless, Nagi declares that she will keep him by her side. Hayate promises never to leave Nagi’s side. Sakuya whacks Hayate’s back and congratulates him. Even though they saw that trick earlier, it was funnier the second time. Maria was also there and was about to lecture Nagi when she suddenly hugs her.



As usual, Maria doesnt have a clue~ Nyoro~n~

As usual, Maria doesn't have a clue~ Nyoro~n~

Sakuya then unleashes her super birthday fireworks.

Come on, Hayate. Hug your "imouto"!

Hina and Ayumu also see the fireworks and they deduce it must be some celebration by a very rich person like Nagi.

Kasumi Aika and Haru-san also watch the fireworks. Haru-san comments on how rich people can really do anything they want. Aika agrees but then coughs and notes to herself that there also a lot of other things that money can’t buy while staring at a pendant that looks exactly like the one Sanzenin Mikado handed over to Hayate.

Plot device detected!!

Plot device detected!!

Even Wataru, Isumi and Saki watch from inside.

Ayumu, Hina, Hayate and Nagi narrate that even though they’re looking up from different places… they are all looking at the same sky.



A fitting conclusion to a wonderful series!

Well, season two is coming to a close. Even though there’s still one more episode, you can be given the impression that this is the last one. This episode is really one of its finest ones.

Hina’s moe-moe panic mode in the ferris wheel is just too cute. It’s really nice how Shizuka Itou portrays her. Ayumu’s reaction on Hina’s confession was also priceless. She was completely expecting something very different. Their moments in the ferris wheel is very, very nice. I’d say that was really the highlight of the episode.

Kasumi Aika seems to have a story of her own. The mystery girl keeps popping up on Hayate’s flashbacks as early as Episode 10, only labeling her as A-tan.

Sakuya and her complex is also a bit funny, especially cute when she started to say “Hayate-oniichan”. The ending is also nice and pretty cute, with everyone looking up at the same sky.

I also found out that I was right. Sakuya’s father is voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi (also Nonohara Kaede of the same anime and most notable for being Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

Finally, we get to hear about Hayate’s older brother in the anime. This thing has only been mentioned in the manga before. It’s odd how almost every character’s background was explored except Hayate’s. Will we hear from it next season? Will there be a next season?

Overall seasonal/series review will be done next time. The final episode of Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season. It’s about… Nagi with a fever? Nagi also promises new characters in the preview.

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!

EDIT: For more series, check the new updated version of our What are we blogging page!


One comment

  1. I died three times in this episode…
    First time : Ayumu dragging Hina to the Ferris Wheel
    Second time : Sakuya calling Hayate “onii-chan”
    Third time : Hina moe-moe after she confessed…

    Damn this episode was so good, it’ll stay on my mind for a while XD
    Best episode after Legendary episode 13!

    Good job Chief! :3

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