Bakemonogatari 10 : Constricted Confidence

September 16, 2009
Read my post while youre at it as well...

Read my post while you're at it as well...

Episode 10 of Bakemonogatari already and it was a good one. In this episode we’ll get to see the conclusion of the Sengoku arc. Curious for more? Read on as usual~The episode begins at Oshino’s place, Araragi faces Oshino while he is telling that Sengoku is getting constricted by a Snake Constrictor. Araragi asks what kind of oddity that is, Oshino tells him a constrictor is born from someone’s spite. Araragi understands what Oshino means, since Sengoku told him that someone from her class cursed her. Oshino wonders if that’s really true, since Snake Constrictors aren’t things an amateur could manage. He asks Araragi why she was cursed, Araragi answers that it was some kind of love affair. A boy that her best friend liked fell in love with Sengoku, she rejected him unknowingly, but her friend ended up resenting her for it.  Sengoku proceeded by reading books about snake curses, she found out a way to lift the curse and performed the ritual. In the end, instead of getting better, the curse got worse. Oshino corrects Araragi, the method was right, but the procedure wasn’t carried out correctly.

After that we get to see yet another new opening sequence~

Araragi arrives home, he’s welcomed back by Sengoku and Kanbaru who asks him how it went. Araragi tells them he got something that’ll lift the curse, but it needs to be carried out at the shrine and preferably this night. Outside, Araragi tells Kanbaru that Sengoku is in grave danger. The Snake Constrictor is actually an invisible snake that’s constricting Sengoku’s body and once the snake scales reach her face, she’ll get killed.

Thats one very, very warm welcome

That's one very, very warm welcome

Kanbaru wonders if that doesn’t hurt Sengoku, Araragi thinks that she’s trying to hold the pain in. Kanbaru says that the classmate of Sengoku shouldn’t have gone that far, but Araragi tells her that the curse shouldn’t have activated since it was placed by an amateur. Kanbaru wants to know why the curse was activated then. Araragi explains that the procedure to lift the curse wasn’t carried out correctly and that she was really unlucky…

We get to see Oshino falling down the mountain of desks he piled up in the beginning while he explains that the shrine where Sengoku chopped up the snakes wasn’t special. But, since Shinobu, who seems to be a legendary vampire with royal blood, came to the city, the shrine started to become a gathering place of unwelcome guests. That was also the reason why Kanbaru felt bad once they arrived at the shrine for the first time. In any case, the curse was activated because she was killing snakes at the shrine.

She shouldve put on the flashlight for extra effect

She should've put on the flashlight for extra effect

Kanbaru reasons that it would be dangerous for them to carry out the ritual if the “unwelcome guests” are still there. But Araragi comforts her that it shouldn’t be a problem if the proceed the ritual correctly. Moreover, the place should make its existance stand out.

While walking towards the shrine, Araragi asks Sengoku if the scale marks hurt. Sengoku apologizes for not telling him, but she was able to bare the pain so far. He tells her it’s alright, but she shouldn’t keep it for herself and say it when she’s hurt. Kanbaru agrees with Araragi and they proceed to the shrine.

He likes it when you scream~

He also likes it when you scream~

When walking up the stairs towards the shrine, Araragi tells Sengoku he’s been wondering why she rejected the guy. She answers that she already likes someone and asks Araragi if he still remembers the past. Unfortunately for her, Araragi asnwers that he doesn’t have a good memory, which makes her look down for a moment.

This is disappointment.

This is disappointment.

Araragi is suprised by her reaction and tries to talk his way out by saying he’s suprised she still remember about him. She answers that’s because she didn’t have much friends back then. The snake girl continues by saying she was good friends with Lala-chan (Araragi’s sister), but then she went to a different school. Yet she still cherishes the memories of them all playing together and since she’s an only child…

Now were all thinking : why does this never happen for real...

Now we're all thinking : why does this never happen for real...

After the commercial (which never came), they arrive at the final floor. Araragi asks if Kanbaru feels okay this time, she comforts him that she’s feeling fine since she came prepared this time. A moment later Sengoku reveals her outfit, which Kanbaru picked out for her and since he asks for an outfit that would reveal her scales, Kanbaru picked a special occasion one…

Building up excitement~

Building up excitement~

Kanbaru teases Araragi by saying she only picked that one since that’s one of his fetishes. Araragi snaps and tells her not to do that, which makes Kanbaru conclude that it really is one of his fetishes.

Araragi sets up a small blanket in the center and makes Sengoku hold a small charm. He tells her she needs to pray…

To the god of Loliness...

To the god of Loliness...

Those who dont... shame on you!

Those who don't... shame on you!

How many times do I have to faint here?!

How many times do I have to faint here?!

Sengoku proceeds with praying that she wanted Araragi to look at her…

Then we suddenly see a flashback of Sengoku’s memory. In this part, Araragi’s voice was replaced with black messages on a white background. Araragi asks Sengoku some questions. From Sengoku’s reactions to them, we can see she’s clearly in love with him or really idolizes him, whichever you think. Eventually she asks…

Go to uncle Okazaki Tomoya for that!

Go to uncle Okazaki Tomoya for that!

After the flashback, the charm Sengoku’s holding starts glowing, the scales on her body start disappearing as well. Araragi and Kanbaru are relieved that the marks are disappearing, Kanbaru tells Araragi he owes Oshino once again. Araragi disagrees with her, he tells her that they already prevented a massive war between the “unwelcome guests” by placing an ofuda on the shrine and says the charm Sengoku’s holding was a thank you gift for that.

The ritual seems to take long, Kanbaru asks if they can’t remove the snake in one go to help Sengoku, Araragi explains that it’s possible, but Oshino told him he’d rather not want to do that. A snake getting removed would either constrict itself to the one who has taken it off or go back to the original owner, the one who placed the curse.

Ive never seen a chicken constricting a loli though...

I've never seen a chicken strangling a loli though...

In a flashback, Oshino also  tells  Araragi that he won’t always be in the city for him. Araragi shouldn’t get involved with oddities on purpose. Araragi responds by saying he can’t just ignore them either. Then Oshino says…

yeah, well change the title to ef - a tale of Araragi~

yeah, we'll change the title to ef - a tale of Araragi~

Oshino softens his words by saying that’s probably impossible for Araragi, then tells him he shouldn’t worry to much about him leaving either. Since they’re like brothers now, he won’t just disappear without telling Araragi, but he should think carefully about his future. Araragi asks if he’s an irresponsible person for wanting to help others, then states that he can’t become like Oshino since he’s one tenth of a vampire. He is an oddity himself, so he can’t become someone who exorcises them. Oshino looks at Araragi and says…

yeah, just take Sengoku

yeah, go for the Sengoku route!

Kanbaru wakes Araragi up from his flashback and points at Sengoku. She seems to be in pain, screaming and crawling around. Araragi gulps and notices something he didn’t notice before. He tells Kanbaru that if they would’ve been able to see the snakes, they would’ve noticed immediately… There isn’t just one snake, there’s two of them.

Get your cameras ready!

Get your cameras ready!

Sengoku drops the charm and faints. Araragi starts running over and tells Kanbaru to stay away. Araragi’s thoughts figure out that not only her friend cursed Sengoku, but also the rejected boy started hating Sengoku. Both laid a curse on her.

Araragi arrives and immediately grabs onto the scale mark in Sengoku’s neck. He starts pulling the snake off, which succeeds, but then gets bitten himself by the snake. The oddity starts pulling him away by grabbing onto his leg and breaking it. Araragi screams, but manages to kick the snake away using his other foot. Araragi gets up and uses the flashlight to look for the snake. However, he gets attacked from behind, making him drop the flashlight. When he gets back up a second time, he notices that the snake, even though invisible, leaves marks and makes noises in the grass. But suddenly, Araragi drops on his knees and loses a lot of blood. The snake approaches, but thanks to Kanbaru who punches Araragi away in the blink of an eye, the snake misses and flees. Kanbaru tells Araragi to stay calm, that way the poison won’t spread. She tells him that snakes are violent, but they’re also cowards. Araragi shouts that if they don’t stop the snake, it’ll go back to one who cursed her. Kanbaru immediatley responds with telling him that he shouldn’t forget whom he is supposed to save here.


*wild snake appeared*


*use poisonous bite*


*target was poisoned*


*use antidote*


*target was caught*

The snake was gone, Araragi apologizes to Kanbaru for making her do that. After a while Sengoku gets up with the support of Kanbaru, she thanks Araragi for saving her. But in his thoughts, Araragi doesn’t want her to do that, he doesn’t have the right to be thanked since…


The end.


Thoughts :

This episode proves us once again that this series is a unique masterpiece. The setting, the style, the story, once again Bakemonogatari amazed me. Okay, not as spectacular as the previous arcs, but this one had a really nice, bittersweet ending to it.

Some side notes :

The next episode is named Tsubasa Cat, we can assume this’ll tackle up the Class Rep arc. Oshino already mentioned some things afterall.

Shinobu’s part in this series is a lot bigger than we’ve seen so far. Oshino tells us she’s from the Royal Vampire family or something of that kind.

And one last note to conclude this episode… Where the hell was Senjougahara?

Oh...here she is

Oh...here she is!

Kyon, at your service!

Extra : Be sure to check out the updated “what are we blogging” page for all the other episodes of Bakemonogatari and other series. Thanks to Derederehina’s efforts.



  1. Sengoku-chan… She’s my favorite now. Though I still like Senjougahara.

    I wonder about Shinobu-chan. She hasn’t blessed us with her magical voice yet. The last one could probably be about her and Araragi since we’re getting Hanekawa on the next episode.

    Great episode. 9/10. Minus one point for the confusing fight scene with the snake.

  2. SENGOKU-!
    ORE DA-!

    and yuki too

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