Spice and Wolf II 10 : Trivial Talk

September 13, 2009

I'd beg to lick those crumbs of your cheek...

Spice and Wolf 10 is up, Horo and Lawrence’s adventure in the city continues… We’ll see the bargirl again yay! There’s also more of Abe and grandpa (Harold)! …Okay the latter didn’t quite catch your attention, but at least there’s more of bargirl!

The episode starts with Horo waking up Lawrance, who’s been having a bad dream… After he wakes up, Horo throws a towel at him and tells him to wipe the sweat of his face.

Yur dating a furry

Yur dating a furry

She explains the hairy towel by saying she needs to leave her scent on him because she’s worried. Lawrence wipes himself clean and tells Horo about the offer Abe made last time. He tells he didn’t agree on anything yet, but the profits are huge.

In a flashback, we see Abe explaining the reason why she wants to make a deal. It seems that the gathering of the higher-ups made an agreement, the furs can be sold… but only by using cash. Lawrence is suprised and reasons that none of the travelling merchants outside the city would dare to take large amounts of cash with them. Abe agrees and tells him that if someone can gather a lot of cash, they can buy up all the furs and make huge profits by selling them at the price they want to themselves. Lawrence thinks about it, he gets some flashes of Horo in front of him and then looks down. Abe reasons that Lawrence doesn’t have many connections in this city, so he wouldn’t be able to gather the money they need. Lawrence however tells Abe he can gather money from other connections outside the city, but Abe interupts him by saying they don’t have the time for that. She explains that the fur will be bought up in no time by the rich so they can escape the city… It is a battle between merchants, a trade war…

dun dun dun duuuuuuuuun~~

dun dun dun duuuuuuuuun~~

Because the offensive side has already prepared everything from the start, Abe wants to use Horo as a way to get in with them. She wants to sell her as a daughter of nobilty, ofcourse they would be fallen nobilty who are having trouble finding their next meal and that would be the reason why they’re selling her. The plan would succeed since Abe really is from a noble bloodline and could sell that title for one or two fake daughters.

The real objective however wouldn’t really be selling her. She knows a company that would lend her funds for a cut of the profit they’d make by selling furs. So they only need Horo as a security one the loan in case worse comes to worst. Abe sits down after explaining everything, then grandpa says his usual pun again. However, with a slight change… “I guess this is my last opportunity to leave on a pilgrimage” and then offers Lawrence his inn in return for the deal.

The flashback ends and Horo answers Lawrence that the offer grandpa made is exactly what Lawrence dream is. She wonders why Lawrence didn’t take the deal, but Lawrence explains that he can’t just do it like that and says that she didn’t even like trading in the city. Horo sighs and drops on the bed…

Weekly Horo service

Weekly Horo service

She explains that she’s dissapointed in Lawrence. Back in the old days, he’d take a deal if he knew the odds were good. He’d even take a deal from a person who tried to trick him, see through it and make a profit from it. She wonders why his offensive spirit turned into a defensive one. Lawrence answers that he can’t do it since pawning her off would be wrong in his opinion. Horo asks if that is the reason why he was sweating so much in his sleep back then, he asks in return if she’s angry about it. She replies that she’s angry that he’d think she’d be angry. (yeah, try to figure that out on your own) She gets up and asks if he still doesn’t get it. He simply replies…

Wrong answer! ...Release the hounds...

Wrong answer! ...Release the hounds...

Horo sighs and explains that she sacrificed herself in the past as a token of gratitude, but this time she’s not doing it out of gratitude. She proceeds with asking if he still is worried about something now. Lawrence nods and says he’s worried that it all might be a trap. She says that she can see through a plot with her skills and then they’ll be able to plan further ahead. Things seems to be settled and Lawrence goes of to get breakfast.

As Lawrence returns from buying bread, he walks past a church and heads into an alley. There he finds some vagabond lying down in some dirt. He offers the man a piece of bread, the man takes and munches it away in no-time. The man asks what Lawrence wants, Lawrence tells him he wants to know more about the church in this city. The man asks for some money before he proceeds telling the story about the church. Lawrence offers him some coins and the man starts telling about how the church doesn’t only pass around charity food, for people like him, but also money. He usually sees carriages arriving at night with shady looking people inside. From the garbage they throw out, he noticed that their dinner wasn’t just some water and bread. Lawrence asks why he doesn’t use that information to get money for himself. The man answers…


Using religion for your own convinence! America should hear about this!

He says that his type can easily live with some bread and 2 coins a day. He wonders what Lawrence is planning but tells him that if he’s gonna get involved with them, he’ll end up having his assets stolen from him. The man continues saying that only one person tried to do business with the church lately and only recently that person screamed out his guts in front of the church being angry. Lawrence asks if that person dealt in stone statues, the man nods and asks if Lawrence knows him. Lawrence shakes off the topic and asks what’s more. The man says that he first thought the person dealt in salt, because his carriage leaked bits of salt when he passed by. Lawrence reasons that salt gets more expensive the further you go from the sea and wonders if Abe really is a salt merchant.


wait... does salt have a smell?

The next scene, Lawrence arrives back at the restaurant he visited some days ago. The bargirl is outside working while he arrives. They start talking about how the higher-ups reached a conclusion. But when Lawrence asks about the church in the city, she immediatly grabs onto his arm and drags him inside.


Nyaa~ part 2

Shes taking him home~

She's taking him home~

She says it is better for him not to get involved with the church here. They have been inviting important people from all around to meetings (just like the vagabond told Lawrence) She tells him that is the church gets their eyes on him, the won’t be able to stay in the city much longer.

Lawrence asks if it’s okay for her to tell all this to him and why she is telling him. She approaches him and says it’s probably the smell of another woman hanging around him that makes him intresting to her. She compares it to a lone sheep that doesn’t look intresting, but when a wolf is around the sheep… other wolves will start wondering what’s so good about that sheep themselves. That is also the reason why she wants to meet his companion once, Lawrence replies that he graciously accepts her invitation.


Smirking girl spotted!

After that, Horo and Lawrence are having their breakfast while being at a bridge. Horo asks what Lawrence found out on his tour around. He answers…


You'd switch to some Egyptian occult religion for things like these...

Since that is a way to get the church in full power over the city. Horo reasons that that would be a good reason for Abe to stop contacts with the church. Lawrence however tells Horo that if he’d be in her place, he’s bear with it since the profit is just too big. He still wonders what the true reason for her leaving the church would be. Horo smirks and asks if he wants her opinion about the whole thing.

As they are walking back Horo wonders about what would happen if the deal failed and she’d be sold. Lawrence tells her that she’d probably be sold off elsewhere. Horo teases him by saying that she hopes her next partner will be a lot smarter than him then. He agrees and tells her that he’d deserve it. In the end Horo reveals that she’s helping him out, because she believes in him.

Back at the inn, both head out and comfront the old man and Abe. Lawrence sitting beside Horo asks what the reason was for Abe to leave the church. She tells that question is reasonable and starts explaining that the bishop in the city is power obsessed and aims for a cathedra to be established in this city and wants to become archbishop. She started getting involved with him and sold statues to him and the churches around. It was a so-called ‘two birds – one stone’ proposal. In the end however, she ended up being cut off since he became more careful about possible hindrances. Lawrence figures that it is a valid reason and wants to arrange a meeting to discuss the details of the deal. They shake hands and then part ways.


The deal is settled!

Outside the inn, Horo mentions that Abe’s hands were shaking when she closed the deal with him. Lawrence thinks she must’ve been nervous, Horo responds that she hopes it’s just that. A moment later, Abe leaves the inn and the three of them head out in the city…


Epic sunset shot! only the sunset is missing...



Well, nothing truely exciting happend in this episode. It was a build-up episode afterall…

More is revealed about Abe, but she has yet to show her true intentions I think. The salt is probably the clue to that. Now I just wonder how this will end…

What else can I say?

Kyon at your service~


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