Bakemonogatari 9 : Sneaky Snakes

September 9, 2009
Hes talking you!

He's talking to you!

Bakemonogatari 9 is up! Another character gets introduced as Araragi and Kanbaru carry out Oshino’s dirty work!

The episode starts with Araragi and Kanbaru walking up a hill with several torii. Araragi narrates how he met a certain girl named Sengoku Nadeko more than 6 years ago. That is why he didn’t recognize her the first time he met her again. Meanwhile, we get to see how Kanbaru clings to Araragi’s arm like a girl in love. A moment later, a girl runs downstairs past them. The last thing he mentions is that if he recognized her immediatly at that moment, the story about to be told would’ve never ended up ‘that’ way.

Happy Kanbaru~

Happy Kanbaru~

Less happy Araragi~

Less happy Araragi~

New character unlocked!


Kanbaru doesn’t believe that they’d run into a girl that cute on a place like this. Araragi tells her they should just continue climbing and that Kanbaru should be careful since there are a lot of snakes on the mountain. Kanbaru asks why exactly they need to climb this mountain. Araragi explains that Oshino gave him a job, he needs to put an ofuda (some kind of talisman) on an abandoned shrine at the top. Kanbaru reasons that Oshino should be able to do it himself, since he has a lot of free time after all, but Araragi tells her that he needs to pay Oshino back for what he has done for him in the past.

As they pass by torii number 4, Kanbaru asks if Senjougahara said anything to him about today. Araragi gives a negative response and asks Kanbaru if she told her something. She replies with saying that Senjougahara told her to do her best to act cute aaaaand if he would give her any trouble, she should tell everything to Senjougahara. Then they will think of what punishment is the best, bury him in the mountains or make him sink in the sea.

They pass by torii number 5, Araragi mentions that Senjougahara’s birthday is coming up and wonders what kind of party they should have. Since it’s gonna be the first time together, he thought something lively would be good. Kanbaru however disagrees with him and thinks that Senjougahara would rather prefer something with him and her alone. This must’ve been quite a hard thing for her to say, knowing what happened in the previous episodes.

After they pass the sixth torii, they enter a cave. Araragi asks if Kanbaru is still having trouble with her arm. She says it’s getting better now and that Oshino told her it’ll heal when she’s about twenty. Araragi reasons that she’ll be able to play basketball again when she turns twenty and smiles. Kanbaru agrees, but whether she means that or not remains unknown.

A while later, they arrived at the abandoned shrine, which is completly torn down. Araragi starts walking to the shrine, but then notices Kanbaru isn’t feeling well. Kanbaru tells him she’s tired and wants to eat the bento she brought with her. Araragi tells her to find a spot to eat while he goes off to place the ofuda. Suddenly, a strong wind blows and Araragi gets a flashback of the girl that passed by them a while ago. He wonders where he has seen her before and thinks that he might have known her through his sisters. He then stops in front of one of the buildings, thinking it is the altar and sticks the ofuda on one of the doors.

No wonder it was abandoned..did you see how many stairs you needed to climb?!

No wonder it was abandoned..did you see how many stairs you needed to climb?!

Araragi starts walking back, but Kanbaru is nowhere to be seen. He starts searching for her and calls out her name. He eventually finds her standing in front of a tree with sevaral cords around it. (Trees and rocks are thought to posses mystic powers in Shinto religion, and thus, they are considered as holy, sealing them or marking them with special cords) He places his hand on her shoulder making Kanbaru scream out of suprise. Kanbaru sweats a lot and Araragi asks if she wants to lie down for a while. She refuses and then points to the tree, Araragi looks and his eyes widen… The tree was covered with blood of snakes that were cut apart and pinned onto the tree. Araragi suddenly gets another flashback of the girl and says…

Who wants a piece of that?

Who wants a piece of that?

no it was obviously Orochimaru.

No, it was obviously Orochimaru.

The following scene shows Tsubasa and Araragi inside a bookstore. Tsubasa tells him that she’s kinda suprised that he asked her to help him pick reference books. Araragi tells her that he started thinking about his future and wanted to find some books about what he could do. He also mentions that he’s been talking to Senjougahara about it. Tsubasa replies by saying that Senjougahara is probably aiming for the local university and has a recommendation already.

All girls in this show seem to have a creepy smile...

All girls in this show seem to have a creepy smile...

After a while Tsubasa asks Araragi what they did after they found the snake corpse. Araragi tells her they just dug a hole and buried it there, just in case. But when they took a look around, they found that the whole place was filled with snake corpses. So they left right away and ate their lunch at a nearby park. He then asks if Tsubasa knew that there was a shrine at that place. She nods and answers “the Kita-Shirahebi Shrine” (hebi = snake) It seems to be a place where they worshipped a snake god. Araragi then figures that the snake killings must’ve been some kind of ritual and wonders if he should tell Oshino about it. Tsubasa tells him it must’ve been tough for Kanbaru and on that moment the doors of the bookstore open…



Tsubasa tells Araragi if it really is a good thing for him and Kanbaru being close together. Araragi says he has no choice since Senjougahara told him that she won’t allow him to be rude to her and that he has to help her out as well. Tsubasa then places her hands on Araragi’s cheek and says…


Yeah the lip zoom is always a bad sign...

Dokidoki wakuwaku~

Dokidoki wakuwaku~


Don't put a 'right~' after that!

…is what she says as she backs away. To make sure you get it, they didn’t. Araragi is suprised and Tsubasa tells him that he is too kind to everyone and that has to be disturbing to Senjougahara. She explains that Senjougahara is in a tough situation, she has him as her boyfriend, but Kanbaru as her dear junior. Eventually she tells him that he should try to resist the temptations around him. He agrees and says he’ll remember those words.

While walking downstairs, Araragi asks where Tsubasa will go to college, but she tells him…


She's going to space!

She tells him that she wants to go on a journey around the world and asks Araragi to keep it a secret. Araragi sighs, but he can’t relax for long when he notices Tsubasa having a headache. Tsubasa’s eyes are covered by a shadow when she tells Araragi that she’s fine and won’t go home, but she’ll leave the store for now.

more runniiiiiing~~

more runniiiiiing~~

When Araragi is about to leave as well, he suddenly notices Songoku staring at some books. After she leaves, Araragi takes a look at the books she was looking at.


Snake Curses and Suwa Grand Shrine

After that, he buys the reference books and runs out the store. He calls Kanbaru to help him out with something… The following scene, Araragi and Kanbaru meet up at the path which leads to the mountain again. Araragi tells Kanbaru he now realized who the girl from before was and he wants Kanbaru to join him since it would be awkward when a guy starts talking to a young girl out of the blue like that.

At the shrine, we get to see Sengoku again. She is holding a pin while strangling a snake. When she was about to pin down the snake, Araragi arrives and shouts that she has to stop. She lets go of the pin and the snake and says…


Snake rape?


Holy... it's another loli?!

The following scene is a flashback of Sengoku playing in a room, she tells that she doesn’t have much friends except ‘Bara-chan’. Bara-chan has an older brother called Koyomi. There the flashback ends.


it's defenitly a loli...

Now they are at Araragi’s room. Kanbaru is all excited and starts looking for erohon~. Some pulling and funny faces are the result of that.

He likes bananas.

He likes bananas.


This is adressed to you, who are reading this.



Another result is that Sengoku starts laughing, she asks Araragi and Kanbaru to turn around a bit.  When she asks them to turn around again, both are shocked to see a half-naked loli sitting on Araragi’s bed.

where did her bandage go?

where did her bandage go?

Pin Pon~

Pin Pon~

HOLY...its those guys!

Ah...bandage is back


HOLY! It's those guyz!

Both wonder why she is actually doing that, but then Araragi notices that Sengoku has scales on her body…


a snake, a snake! oh~ it's a snake!

Sengoku asks if Araragi feels dirty when looking at her body. He replies with a “mature” response to not embarrass her any further, but then Kanbaru tells him that in this kind of situation a ‘no’ is even more painful. Araragi rephrases and tells her that he’s feeling a bit dirty. Sengoku starts crying either way and tells them…


Welcome to life...



Sengoku gets introduced in this episode and wow… she’s cute. The whole snake story is intresting, but I guess we’ll have to wait longer until we get a clue what everything’s about.

There’s also another intresting thing mentioned in this episode, when Tsubasa gets a headache she mentions she doesn’t wanna go home. Probably something going on there.

Lastly, Kanbaru gets in the spotlight in this episode and I have to say that I like her more now. The whole porn magazines scene was faaabulously funny. The pun with the reaction guys was probably the best part for me. Though that was the only time Kanbaru was shown with her bandage.

And on a small note for all of you perverts… I lined up some embarrassing Sengoku pictures, make sure to watch them!





Shoujo ni~

Shoujo ni~...te what are you saying?!

Embarrassed loli :3

Embarrassed grown-up loli :3

Kyon, at your fanservice~


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