Welcome Akio and Ryu!

September 9, 2009

Welcome to our new crew!

Welcome to our new crew!

Today I’m rejoiced to announce that our blog will be strengthened with 2 new crew members!

Akio, whom you might know from douzoanime and Ryu, a new member who joined the community! Akio will be in charge of Umineko no Naku Koro ni, the popular horror mystery series which is airing now and probably some more anime/manga. Ryu will provide us with the newest Yu-Gi-Oh GX and Tsubasa Chronicles  manga issues!

For further info about our new crew, check the about us page!

Welcome Akio and Ryu!



  1. Whee~ Here I am, thanks for the invitation guys :3
    As Kyon said, I’ll be mostly posting about Umineko and perhaps about other anime/manga I finish here and there. Yoroshiku ne? -winks-

  2. Welcome, Ryu and Akio. Hope you guys can help me fill the calendar in the right corner of the screen with blue numbers.

    I’m actually quite surprised that Akio decided to join in. I thought he liked going solo because of his blogs (RRB in the past and douzoanime recently).

    Also, good luck to Ryu in his first blog. Don’t worry, we all had no experiences in blogging when we started back in June 2nd. You’ll get used to it.

    Let’s make this a lively, blue-colored calendar–I mean, blog!

  3. DON’T TRUST HIM! He is an undercover KGB-CIA double-agent

  4. Yo-su!

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