Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season Episode 23 – Secretive Secretary

September 8, 2009

Kasumi Aika and Harukaze Chiharu, a focus of the episode.

Kasumi Aika and Harukaze Chiharu, a focus of the episode.

April 3rd. Aizawa Sakuya’s birthday. The time of the year when supporting characters run amok.

This episode is about Sakuya’s birthday party, introducing the Aizawa family. It also re-introduces Kasumi Aika, Vice-President of the Hakuou Academy Student Council. Harukaze Chiharu is also featured in this episode. Wataru and later on, Hayate, are thrown in the spotlight thanks to Sakuya’s persistence. By the end of the episode, things take a serious turn as Hinagiku finally confronts Ayumu, resolving to tell her the truth… next episode!

Expect more of Sakuya and her family. Haru-san and Aika-san and some Wataru loving.

Last time, Nagi declared that she will find a part-time job to know how it feels to earn money. The money she would earn would then be used for Hayate’s birthday present, which is 7 months in the future. Due to some circumstances, Nagi and Hayate work in Cafe Donguri. To their surprise, Ayumu is also there for work. After a few mishaps with the customers, it is implied that Nagi had developed throughout the series’ course, especially in social interaction with customers.

The episode starts off with Nagi and Hayate walking back to the mansion at sunset, after their first day of work. Hayate then remembers that today is Sakuya’s birthday. Nagi also remembers after that. She plans to go to the Aizawa estate but Hayate notices that she’s tired, after all, this is the first time she has ever worked. Hayate commends Nagi’s hard work and she becomes cheerful.

Why is that phone so far away from Hina? And is that phone even working?!

Why is that phone so far away from Hina? And is that phone even working?!

In Hakuou Academy’s Student Council office, Hinagiku was signing papers. After finishing stamping papers, she rests her head on her desk. Kasumi Aika, the Vice-President, thanks Hina for her hard work.

Hakuou Gakuin Fukukaichou, Kasumi Aika.

Hakuou Gakuin Fukukaichou, Kasumi Aika.

Hina complains a bit that the school depends too much on the Student Council. Aika thinks it’s better that way, so they can take advantage of that…

A hidden side of Hakuou Gakuins Seitokai...

A hidden side of Hakuou Gakuin's Seitokai...

Aika then says that she’s just kidding. She asks where the Secretary, Chiharu, is afterwards. Hina says that Chiharu excused herself to something she must attend to.

In the Aizawa estate, Chiharu was asking Sakuya if the Sanzenin girl and her butler are also invited. Sakuya confirms it, saying that Nagi is her childhood friend after all. Chiharu is in a dilemma. The more they meet, the higher the possibility her identity could be revealed. She doesn’t like it since at school, she has a very strict aura around her, very different from Haru-san the maid they know.

The signature shine when she arranges her glasses appeared most of the time in season 1.

The signature shine when she arranges her glasses appeared most of the time in season 1.

After that, we see a flashback of how it started in the first place. Chiharu’s father’s company went bankrupt. She won’t be able to stay in Hakuou Academy if they don’t find a solution so she goes off to find a part-time job on her own.

Even her family arent safe from her sharp shining effect.

Even her family aren't safe from her sharp shining effect.

As she walks around, she thinks about her possible job. She knows that working is not easy. She suddenly stops after hearing some girls promoting a maid cafe.

The wonderful world of Japan.

The wonderful world of Japan.

She becomes a bit annoyed that the girls are doing it wrong. They’re too embarrassed. She claims in her mind that she can easily exploit that maid uniform. She looks at the poster for the maid cafe and a guy asks her if she wants to work as a maid there. She quickly agrees.

The cool people usually submit faster to cute things.

The "cool" people usually submit faster to cute things.

In the end, an investment group went and her father’s business didn’t die. But she’s already been scouted as Sakuya’s personal maid at that time.

During the party, Hayate calls Sakuya and informs her that Nagi looks like she won’t be able to come. Nagi went and took a nap and promised that she’ll go after that but she still hasn’t woken up. Sakuya figures that Nagi would wake up tomorrow at that rate and tells Hayate not to worry about it. She understands.

Sakuya then turns to Wataru, who is the only childhood friend around since Isumi is lost again as usual. She goes off with him, leaving Haru-san behind.

Chiharu thinks that this is a good turn of events. Nagi and Hayate won’t be able to come so she doesn’t have to worry about meeting an acquaintance that might identify her. She becomes fired up for Sakuya’s sake. A guest then talks to her.

A maids hyper mode~

A maid's hyper mode~



This guest turns out to be Kasumi Aika. Chiharu panics and then realizes that Aika hasn’t recognized her yet. Aika suddenly calls her by her real name and Chiharu feigns innocence by saying she is not the Chiharu that Aika is talking about. Aika then proceeds to say all the facts she knows about Chiharu, making Haru-san flabbergasted.

Meanwhile, Sakuya was leading Wataru in a hallway. Sakuya says that she’s lonely. There are many people in the party but her childhood friends are rejecting her. So she’s counting on Wataru to give her a hilarious time. She opens the door to the main hall and stage is set up with Wataru’s name for a comedy act.

Aika notes that Chiharu’s job is a maid. Chiharu panics as Aika’s eyes turn different, she’ll be bullied! She then asks Aika why Aika is there and Aika explains that the “Ai” in her name is from the Aizawa family, to whom they are very grateful to. In any case, Chiharu wishes for Aika to forget all about it and not tell the Kaichou or anyone at school about it.

Some people prefer the black ones.

Some people prefer the black ones.

Beware the nice ones...

Beware the nice ones...

Back with Wataru, he’s now on the spot in the stage. He feels like running away but that would be betraying Sakuya’s expectations. He has to do something, at least. He starts to move his hands and everyone looks carefully. He does the old illusion of a finger getting cut. The crowd was speechless. Wataru also paused. Soon, the hall was filled with clapping… out of pity for him. Saki seems very impressed though…

Watarus pride has been killed once again.

Wataru's pride has been killed once again.

Afterwards, Nagi and Hayate arrive at the Aizawa estate. As they look for Sakuya, they meet Aika, who is now alone. Aika greets Hayate and thanks him for looking after the Kaichou. After Hayate realizes that it is the Vice-President he is talking to, he apologizes for causing trouble for Hina all the time. Nagi looks for Sakuya and Aika tells them to wait in the waiting room for a while since Sakuya is busy. In reality, Aika is leading them away from Chiharu, who is with Sakuya at that time.

Soon afterwards, Sakuya passed by with Chiharu. Aika calls out to them and asks if she can have a word with Chiharu. Sakuya doesn’t think it’s a problem and proceeds to Wataru’s room. Aika then informs Nagi and Hayate inside the room that Sakuya is heading to Wataru’s waiting room and walks out with Chiharu. Hayate wonders what kind of person Aika is and Nagi explains that according to Hina, Aika is a smart and very kind person. Like how all sensible people would describe their hardworking colleague when they die.

Wataru sulks in his waiting room. Sakuya arrives to greet him and tell him his performance wasn’t all that bad. She clings to Wataru and says that it’s a side of Wataru that she likes the most, being cool. Wataru then tells her to stop clinging like they were kids and gets up. This causes Sakuya to lose balance and pull Wataru down with her, resulting in a very usual embarrassing and easily misunderstandable position.

The most commonly-used misunderstanding position plot device!

The most commonly-used misunderstanding position plot device!

What’s more is that Isumi was there.

Does being lost = Ability to virtually pop out of nowhere?

Does being lost = Ability to virtually pop out of nowhere?

Isumi starts to spout the usual misunderstood remark about the situation and Sakuya tells her to stop uttering those nonsense because Isumi was there the whole time. Isumi heard the whole conversation and then started to criticize Wataru’s joke.

Isumi is very strict about performances, it seems. At least shes honest.

Isumi is very strict about performances, it seems. At least she's honest.

Isumi says it wasn’t that good. Using a finger trick in a large with a big crowd, some people won’t see it. He has to use his whole body. Wataru runs out before Isumi could say if she loved it in embarrassment.

Isumi wonders why Wataru ran away and Sakuya claims that Isumi is a real demon. Nagi and Hayate arrive at the scene. Sakuya thought that Nagi won’t be able to make it and Nagi says that she did plan on sleeping until morning but since it was Sakuya’s birthday, she had to go. She hands Sakuya a gift. Hayate adds that Nagi wasn’t even walking straight earlier but claimed that she had to go no matter what. Nagi tells Hayate to stop, being embarrassed.

Sakuya then turns to Hayate. She claims that since Hayate was there, surely, he prepared a special joke. Maria arrives later and wonders why everyone was looking at Hayate. Suddenly, we are taken to the main hall…

Avenge Wataru-kun!!

Avenge Wataru-kun!!

Hayate was now where Wataru had fallen. Surprisingly, he does well. He appealed to the rich-class and foreign audience by making jokes that they can understand. Nagi and Maria were surprised and impressed at the same time.

Meanwhile, at Cafe Donguri, Ayumu was cleaning the place and Kaga asks her about the first day of work. Ayumu claims that she learned a lot and worked hard. Kaga tells her she doesn’t have to stay late but Ayumu claims that it was more like Hayate was running the place the whole day so it’s the least she can do. She wants to do her best and then fantasizes about Hayate loving her coffee, leading him to confess to her.

Hey, its free to dream, right?

Hey, it's free to dream, right?

Kaga leaves her to daydream (or night-dream) by herself. As Ayumu wipes the tables, she wonders. Working with Hayate, life can be so exciting and unpredictable. Suddenly, the cafe’s door opens and as she tells the person that the shop is closed now…

This is called fate...

THIS is called fate...

Back in the Aizawa estate, Hayate was heading to the kitchen to give Nagi milk tea but ends up lost. A little kid walks over to him and he asks the kid if the kid is also lost.

Aizawa Hinata, Sakuyas younger sister.

Aizawa Hinata, Sakuya's younger sister.

Suddenly, the kid shouts for help. The kid claims that Hayate is a molester and she’ll be kidnapped. As Hayate panics, another kid comes by and whacks the first one in the head with a harisen.

Aizawa Asato, Sakuyas younger brother.

Aizawa Asato, Sakuya's younger brother.

The first kid is called Hinata, while the second kid is called Asato. They argue and Asato tells Hinata to stop causing trouble to the guests.

Sibling fights are always interesting since they always dig up each others dirt.

Sibling fights are always interesting since they always dig up each other's dirt.

Suddenly, a man tells both kids to stop bothering other people.

Yuu Himura. Just kidding. Its Sakuyas unnamed father.

Yuu Himura. Just kidding. It's Sakuya's unnamed father.

The man commends Hayate’s performance earlier. He has never laughed like that before. He then starts to babble things that didn’t have to do with Hayate’s joke and Hayate wonders just who this person is.

Back in Cafe Donguri, Ayumu is surprised to see Hina in such a place and Hina claims that it was her line. Hina warns Ayumu that the cafe is not in its prime so it may even go down tomorrow. Ayumu understands that but claims that it’s much fun working together with Nagi and Hayate. This surprises Hina…

Meanwhile, Sakuya explains that the man Hayate met is her father and the two kids are her siblings. Sakuya’s father greets Nagi and thanks for coming to his daughter’s birthday party. He offers Nagi a wild salmon but Nagi says she doesn’t need a stinky thing.

Next time, offer a tuna.

Next time, offer a tuna.

He then offers a nude talk show. Sakuya snatches the salmon away and whacks her father with it. She tells him to stop offering inappropriate things. Her father then says he’ll ditch the talk show, he’ll just strip. Sakuya, Asato and Hinata all stop him from removing more than his suit.

Yes, thats right. Rub it in Nagis face, you jerks.

Yes, that's right. Rub it in Nagi's face, you insensitive Osaka jerks. Just kidding.

Maria claims that the Aizawa never change. After seeing such a happy family, Nagi walks off. Nagi claims that she’s tired so she’ll go to sleep, but a lonely aura can be seen by Hayate.

Lonely~ Im Miss Lonely~

Lonely~ I'm Miss Lonely~

Hina asks Ayumu if Hayate and Nagi were also working there and Ayumu confirms it. Their meeting was like fate and it was fun. Hina then receives some flashbacks. She remembers the time when she claimed that she will support Ayumu… but in episode 13, she discovered that she is also truly in love with Hayate.

Unforgettable episode...

Unforgettable episode...

She can’t run away anymore. She has to face Ayumu and tell her the truth. She confronts Ayumu and tells her after cleaning, they should go and watch the sakura. She has an important matter to discuss with Ayumu…

Face-off! Next week! Dun dun dunnnnn!!

The night continues... next week!

The returning Hinagiku will face Ayumu next week! In a Sakura Match!

Because I was first a Sakuya fan before being a Hinagiku fan, I’d say this episode is a bit disappointing for her birthday. It mostly revolved around Chiharu and Aika. Then there’s the side story in the end with Ayumu and Hinagiku. Though I did laugh a lot because of the pain Wataru has suffered due to the comedy act and Isumi’s comments.

The Aizawa family seems to have familiar voices. Hinata sounded a lot like Yahagi Sayuri, who voices Segawa Izumi. The father sounded a lot like the guy who voices Kamina, Konishi Katsuyuki. Just a guess.

The sakura season is almost ending… the second season is also almost ending… only 2 more episodes. What will be the exciting finale?!

Next episode, the confrontation of two maidens in love. Hayate’s flashback contains A-tan once again?!

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!


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