Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 74 – Synchro of Synchros

September 4, 2009

Dark Glass in his D-Wheel.

Dark Glass in his D-Wheel.

A very happy, happy birthday to our co-writer here in Ah Whatever Anime Blog, Lelouch~ May you have a whatever birthday and stuff!

This episode is about Dark Glass, whom I like referring to as Shades. He Duels Yusei and teaches him about Accel Synchro, a new type of Synchro Summoning that can somehow combat Machine Emperor Wisel’s Synchro Monster absorption effect. Ruka also speaks for like, 2 scenes in this episode despite being onscreen for a while! +1 Silent Moe?


Last time, Yusei tried to Duel without using Synchro Monsters against Jack but failed. Jack called it off because Yusei is being pathetic. Later on that episode, they attend the WRGP party with Crow, Rua, Ruka and Aki. Soon, some fat biker guy named Bokuru comes in and causes chaos. Aki’s Black Rose Dragon easily takes care of him but he speeds off, making Security eat his dust until Machine Emperor Wisel ended his joyride.

Key Card of the Week, Drill Warrior.

Key Card of the Week, Drill Warrior.

In the midst of that chaos, the shades dude who kept on randomly appearing last episode stops Yusei in going after Bokuru and the owner of Wisel. Shades tells him that he won’t be able to defeat Wisel just yet. He will teach Yusei an alternate strategy.

After the OP, Yusei and Shades ride off to the highway surrounding the WRGP party building. Everyone else has already left bar Yusei’s friends. Yusei wonders if there really is an alternate strategy. From the building, Yusei’s buddies watch the upcoming Riding Duel.

Aki asks them why they let Yusei go, it might be a trap for all they know. Crow explains that Yusei felt something from the guy, something that only D-Wheelers would know and Aki reminisces that part in episode 72 where Yusei and Sherry appears naked, whilst explaining that they’ve understood each other by playing card games in a dangerously high speed.

Suddenly, Shades starts accelerating. Yusei gets prompted to follow the same speed. They both accelerate fast. Jack becomes confused. Shades is accelerating instead of Dueling. Yusei observes that Shades has perfect handling of his D-Wheel, being able to take on corners at such high speed. Shades goes in to a high speed turn and the background turns purplish.

Shades in his D-Wheel... in CGI mode!!

Shades in his D-Wheel... in CGI mode!!

Yusei takes this challenge but ends up deccelerating. Shades tells him that he won’t defeat Wisel if he’s afraid of such turns  Shades does it again and this time, Yusei completes the high speed turn. Shades is impressed and then tells him that he will now show Yusei a Duel that will defeat Wisel. He activates Speed World 2 and the Riding Duel commences.

Yusei vs Shades! Accel Synchro Tutorial Riding Duel, Acceleration!

Yusei vs Shades! Accel Synchro Tutorial Riding Duel, Acceleration!

Yusei's turn: 4000 LP, 0 SPC
- Summons Trycler in Defense Position.
- Sets 1 card.



The Yliaster guys seem to be watching this Duel from the comfort of their room inside the WRGP building.

Shades' turn: 4000 LP, 1 SPC
- Special Summons a Tuner monster, Tech Genius Strike WA-01 from his hand because only Yusei controls a monster.
- Special Summons Tech Genius Werewolf BW-03 from his hand because a Level 4 or lower monster was Special Summoned to his field.
- Tunes LV 2 Tech Genius Strike WA-01 with Tech Genius Werewolf BW-03 to Synchro Summon Tech Genius Power Gladiator WAX-1000.
- Normal Summons a Tuner monster, Tech Genius Cyber Magician SC-01.
- Activates its effect, which allows it to use a Synchro Material Monster from the controller's hand for a Synchro Summon. He uses Tech Genius Rush Rhino. He tunes LV 1 Tech Genius Cyber Magician SC-01 with LV 4 Tech Genius Rush Rhino to Synchro Summon Tech Genius Wonder Magician.
- Tech Genius Power Gladiator WAX-1000 attacks and destroys Yusei's Trycler. Its piercing effect causes 2000 LP damage to Yusei (Yusei: 2000 LP)
- Because Trycler was destroyed by battle, Yusei Special Summons his Vehicler in Defense Position.
- Tech Genius Wonder Magician attacks and destroys Vehicler.
- Because Vehicler was destroyed by battle, Yusei Special Summons his Uncycler.

Tech Genius Strike WA-01

Tech Genius Strike WA-01

Tech Genius Werewolf BW-03

Tech Genius Werewolf BW-03

Tech Genius Power Gladiator WAX-1000

Tech Genius Power Gladiator WAX-1000

Tech Genius Cyber Magician SC-01

Tech Genius Cyber Magician SC-01

Tech Genius Rush Rhino

Tech Genius Rush Rhino

Tech Genius Wonder Magician

Tech Genius Wonder Magician

Yusei’s friends were actually watching from Jack and Crow’s D-Wheel’s monitors. Ruka speaks for the first time after 3 episodes and being present on-screen for about 1 and a half episode. She expresses her concern for Yusei. Aki, on the other hand, is too busy reminiscing episode 72. It must be her favorite episode due to naked Yusei.

Yusei wonders if this is the strategy Shades is talking about. Having two Synchro Monsters out means that Wisel can only take one of them. But Yusei thinks there’s more to it.

Yusei's turn: 2000 LP, 2 SPC
- Activates Speed Spell - Synchro Defuse. When his Speed Counters are 2 or more, he can take control of an opponent's Synchro Monster.

Crow figures this out. With that card, Yusei is imitating the effect of Machine Emperor Wisel, so he can retrieve his Synchro Monster taken by its effect. As Tech Genius Power Gladiator WAX-1000 is about to be controlled, Shades suddenly accelerates. He informs Yusei that he is about to show him the strategy: ACCEL SYNCHRO!

Everyone’s monitors shine and they all shielded their eyes. Even the Yliaster’s monitors were affected by the light.

Funky things start happening. Shades disappeared after he accelerated. He then pops out of some kinda warp thing beside Yusei with a new monster! Shades introduces it as Tech Genius Blade Gunner MAXX-10000.

Tech Genius Blade Gunner MAXX-10000

Tech Genius Blade Gunner MAXX-10000

He explains that an Accel Synchro Monster is formed by doing a Synchro Summon of two Synchro Monsters, the other one is a Synchro Tuner monster. And he did it during the opponent’s turn!

Continuing Yusei's turn:
- Activates Speed Spell - Angel Baton. When he has 2 or more Speed Counters, he draws 2 cards and discards 1. He discards Quillbolt Hedgehog.
- He summons Drill Synchron.
- He activates Quillbolt Hedgehog's effect in the Graveyard and Special Summons it to the field.
- Tunes LV 3 Drill Synchron with LV 1 Uncycler and LV 2 Quillbolt Hedgehog to Synchro Summon the Key Card of the Week, Drill Warrior.
- Activates its effect, halving its ATK (1200 ATK), it attacks directly (Shades: 2800 LP).
- Sets 1 card.

Drill Warrior

The Key Card of the Week, Drill Warrior, making its appearance.

Shades commends Yusei for his courage. Fear is what hinders one’s potential. He has to bring out everything he has when the enemy approaches.

Shades' turn: 2800 LP, 3 SPC
- Attacks Drill Warrior using Tech Genius Blade Gunner MAXX-10000.
- Yusei responds with Wave Force. When a Synchro Monster on his side of the field is declared an attack target, the opponent's Attack Position monsters are all destroyed.
- Tech Genius Blade Gunner MAXX-10000's effect activates. Shades discards 1 card from his hand to negate an opponent's Trap Card.
- Tech Genius Blade Gunner MAXX-10000 destroys Yusei's Drill Warrior (Yusei: 1100 LP)
- Yusei activates his facedown The Afterglow of a Miracle. He Special Summons Drill Warrior which has been destroyed by battle that turn.

After that turn, the monitors turn back on. It seems no one saw how Shades summoned his Accel Synchro Monster and how Yusei’s LP dropped to 1100 only. Even the Yliaster members did not have a clue what just happened.

Yusei thinks of a strategy to defeat Blade Gunner but his hand cards would only allow him a step short of taking it down with Drill Warrior. He lets his fate ride along with his next draw.

Yusei's turn: 1100 LP, 4 SPC
- Activates Speed Spell - Speed Energy. When he has 2 or more Speed Counters, he raises his monster's ATK by 200 for every SPC he has. Drill Warrior's ATK goes by 800 points (3200 ATK).
- Summons Gauntlet Warrior.
- Activating its effect, by tributing itself, a Warrior-type monster on the field gains 500 additional ATK. Drill Warrior's ATK becomes 3700.
- Drill Warrior attacks Tech Genius Blade Gunner MAXX-10000.
- Shades activates his monster's effect. Tech Genius Blade Gunner MAXX-10000 can remove itself from play during the opponent's turn.
- Drill Warrior continues its attack, directly this time. Shades loses all his LP.
- Yusei wins the Riding Duel.

Shades’ D-Wheel stops like any other D-Wheeler who lost a Duel. Yusei stops next to him and asks him why he had to shield his monster that way. There wouldn’t have been a quick outcome. Shades tells him that he’s not a kind person to just tell Yusei the secrets of Accel Synchro Monsters. Yusei asks him why he showed Accel Synchro in the first place and Shades changes the topic. He says he had fun and leaves, anticipating their next Duel.

In the Yliaster room, the smaller guy thinks it was a waste of time as the winner wasn’t really decided fairly. The large bearded guy then said that it wasn’t a waste of time. It even opened an incomplete door to an alternate possibility for humans, whatever that means. Wisel’s owner is curious about what happened during that bright light.

Yusei promises that he will surpass his own limits while standing on the highway. Remember kids, don’t stand around in a highway.

Synchro Tuner Monster? Accel Synchro Monster? Accel Synchro? I hope this isn’t just some weird concept.

If you’re wondering where the BW-03, SC-01, etc. stuff are coming from, they’re included in the card names. DG is just too lazy to say them out loud.

This episode… has a lot of flashbacks. They almost ate up a lot of time with flashbacks from episodes 66 (Ghost vs Yusei), 72 (Sherry/Enemy vs Yusei) and this episode itself.

A bunch of new cards came flying from Dark Glass. By the way, I like calling him Shades instead of Dark Glass. Dark Glass is just… too weird. Plus Shades is easier to remember and type!

Anyway, Drill Synchron and Drill Warrior were cards made from a sort of art competition made by kids. It was shown in the credits after the ED. From the moment I saw Drill Synchron, I already knew there was going to be a Drill Warrior. It was just too obvious anyway.

Next episode concerns Aki’s first-ever Riidng Duel. Her opponent is… Ushio?

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!


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