Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season Episode 22 – Cafe Catastrophe

September 1, 2009

April Fools ended 2 days ago, Nagi.

April Fool's ended 2 days ago, Nagi!

Hayate, Nagi and Ayumu work for the Cafe Donguri because of a need for part-time jobs. Nagi and Ayumu face each other and Hayate tries to keep everything in order. Maria appears later on to spy on them and see how they’re doing but ends up being in a weird situation with a mangaka.

This episode focuses on Nagi and Ayumu’s rivalry once again. It also emphasizes how Nagi has improved throughout the course of the series into a better person.

Expect more Ayumu and Maria fanservice.

Last time, we witnessed how Nagi met Tama and the promise Nagi made to Tama. The attention was also focused on Tama and Shiranui, who were mistakenly shipped away to the city. Before any of them gets hurt, Hayate rescues them and passes Tama off to the crowd as an “ugly costume”.

The episode starts at the Sanzenin estate. Nagi was fiddling with her PSP and then suddenly asks Maria out of the blue concerning “What exactly is money?” Maria is a bit surprised that Nagi is now asking something philosophical today. Nagi reasons that by observing Hayate, who was simply spending his life working to pay off his debt may not be such a bad life at all. Maria understands that this is another whimsical thought of people who has so much money.

Maria explains to Nagi that people have different levels of importance and understanding of money. Nagi shifts her attention to calling Hayate in. As Hayate comes in, he is asked by Nagi about when his birthday is. Hayate responds. His birthday is on November 11th. Nagi then continues to ask him what he wants for his birthday. Hayate is a bit shocked, he did not expect that at all.

Nagi says it’s fine. Just say whatever comes to his mind as a present. Hayate tells her that he wants a wrist watch. The reasoning behind this is because he wants the present to be something that he could carry around all the time. Both of them blush at this statement. Nagi then declares that she will give Hayate a present but it won’t be just a regular wrist watch. It will be a wrist watch that she bought through her pay from part-time jobs!

Oh, the usual reaction~

Oh, the usual reaction~

The scene shifts to Cafe Donguri. Kaga Hokuto, the master of the cafe featured on episode 18, was having a bit of trouble. Hinagiku was there and Kaga was disappointed that Hina won’t be able to come and work at the Cafe even part-time. Hina explains that she can’t because she’s busy with Student Council work at the time. Kaga wants to have at least one capable person in the Cafe. Hina then points out that there aren’t much customers anyway so Kaga can just hire some high school student. Kaga continues saying that he wants a capable person until he remembers that he did see another capable person before.

At the mansion, Hayate’s phone rings. It seems Kaga wants Hayate to work for the Cafe again as an accountant. Hayate apologizes because he’s working as a butler so he can’t really do part-time jobs. Maria then asks for the phone and Hayate hands it over. Maria introduces herself as the other person who helped the other day. She suddenly recommends Hayate and Nagi for the part-time job. Of course, this recommendation was accepted quickly. Hayate asks Maria why she did it and Maria explains that Nagi had thrown all reason aside for the job. Maria wants to see Nagi do her best in challenging herself.

At the Cafe, Kaga inspects Nagi. He is worried that Nagi may not be able to handle customer service because of her stature and probably her social skills. Nagi grows a bit worried and looks at Hayate. She remembers her own speech and resolve and tells them that she was the one who brought the idea up and she said so herself that she’ll do it, so she has to keep her word. Kaga gives Nagi directions to the back of the Cafe, to the dressing room where she can get changed.

Nagi walks to the back and wonders why she has to go to a room to change if the only uniform is an apron. As she opens the door, she finds…

An Ayumu fanservice scene!

An Ayumu fanservice scene!

Ayumu and Nagi are both shocked to see each other there. Nagi starts to say that Ayumu was lured in because of the name of the Cafe (Cafe Donguri = Cafe Acorn), calling her a hamster again. Ayumu then retaliates by asking if Nagi was lost again which is why she ended up there. They continue to bicker and Hayate overhears this. He goes to check on Nagi and he, too, finds Ayumu…

H-scene event has been triggered.

H-scene event has been triggered.

Later, they were gathered by Kaga in the cafe area. He entrusts the Cafe to Hayate as he has to go to his boss for her important day. Hayate becomes worried because it’s their first day at work and the two beside him doesn’t have much experience but Kaga assures him that no one really goes there during early hours, just some regular customers. Hayate wonders about that because last time, he seemed to have pulled in some “bad luck” and hot-blooded, noisy men. Before he could protest, Kaga goes off.

Goodbye, Cafe Donguri...

And on that day, Cafe Donguri had to close down...

Nagi and Ayumu continue their bickering. Nagi seems to think that Ayumu is there to pay off after eating without paying and Ayumu corrects her by saying that all of her money was spent during the trip to Shimoda (How? Didn’t you use your bike all the way there? Or did you use the money for the return trip?). Ayumu makes a comeback by saying that can Nagi actually serve customers? She’s a rich girl after all. After taunting each other, they focus their attention to Hayate and demands him to teach them the ways of customer service.

After the implied explanation timeskip, Hayate says that they can open the shop now. The first customer arrives and Ayumu decides to take the first move. She smiles and greets the customer… in a wrong way. She says “Irassharemashita” (translated to “Thank you with coming”) instead of “Irasshaimasen” (the correct form of “Welcome” or “Thank you for coming”). Nagi teases Ayumu because of it and Ayumu claims, while a bit teary-eyed, that it was just because of her nervousness.

Nagi now takes the second move. She claims that she’ll show Ayumu how it’s done. She walks towards the customer with a glass of water with ice. She greets the customer politely and asks what he wants. Surprisingly, it was a normal customer who wants a house blend. Nagi keeps a nice smile on her face as she walks back to Hayate and Ayumu. Even more surprisingly is that Nagi actually did it correctly. Hayate seems impressed and Ayumu is flustered. Nagi adds that Hayate explained it very clearly earlier so naturally, someone as smart as her would get it quickly.

Ayumu can’t lose. She’ll appears useless if she gives in and mainly because she’s older than Nagi. She claims that it was because Hayate saw her in such an embarrassing situation. Their eyes suddenly meet…

It must have burnt into his eyes.

According to Miyamae Kanako, you do not need cameras to capture these moments, you must only etch it into your memories.

The species known as Tsundere can detect sudden impulses in the hormones of their prey.

The species known as Tsundere can detect sudden impulses in the hormones of their prey.

The more aggressive ones usually resort to any violent action that would make their prey acknowledge their presence.

The more aggressive ones usually resort to any violent action that would make their prey acknowledge their presence.

The prey is also usually left in a comedic stature and would not retaliate.

The prey is also usually left in a comedic stature and would not retaliate.

Part B. Hayate and Ayumu are still a bit embarrassed to look at each other. Nagi becomes a bit annoyed that Hayate is being all “deredere” around Ayumu. She approaches a customer and does the same act she did earlier, except she sounds a bit annoyed. The customer asks for a house blend and then she notices several pieces of paper on the table. They were manga drafts and she backs away. She identifies him as Ashibashi Gouji, a famous manga author.

Famous mangaka, Ashibashi Gouji. Apparently associated with The Melancholy of Whatever Anyway and Lost Faith Sensei.

Famous mangaka, Ashibashi Gouji. Apparently associated with "The Melancholy of Whatever Anyway" and "Lost Faith Sensei".

She begins to spout things about how “The Melancholy of Whatever Anyway” which was animated by “Kyoubashi Animation” was a big hit (of course, this is a reference to The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya animated by Kyoto Animation) and the battle manga called “Lost Faith Teacher” (which is our Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei).

It’s a celebrity and now Ayumu knows. Nagi continues saying that there were rumors that he lives around that area and so that rumor is true. They observe while he closes his eyes to think. Nagi figures out he may be focusing on how to give the climax to the battle manga. They both stare and then suddenly, the manga artist blurts out… “I wish I was dead…”

Ayumu feels like the manga artist is in distress. Nagi says most manga artists have a death wish anyway. She gets excited after seeing a professional author’s rough sketch. Her favorite character Yamato is supposed to make a miraculous comeback. The author then says aloud what would happen. It was about a job application. Sure, he can fire beams from a sword but it won’t help in job-hunting. The other characters in the manga feel terrible, being unemployed at that day and age.

The author wonders if people would accept that kind of comeback and Nagi snaps. She yells at the author that it would never work. Ayumu restrains Nagi and apologizes as Nagi’s new there.

This is why mangaka should just stay at home when drawing.

"Somebody needs a huuuug~"

The author completely goes in despair mode. He couldn’t take the battle manga business anymore. His protagonists and antagonists are so popular among the fans that he can’t kill them and he just keeps inflating their powers. As Ayumu tries a bit to console him by saying they can’t really help as they’re amateurs, Nagi serves the author a coffee. She begins to make stereotypical food manga speeches and the mangaka takes it and thanks Nagi.

Meanwhile, outside. Maria is hiding behind a post.

Maria, glasses only work for Clark Kent...

Maria, glasses only work for Clark Kent...

Maria couldn’t keep herself from checking on Hayate and Nagi’s condition. She figures that if she goes in looking like that, they would still notice that it was her. The SPs behind her suggest a different disguise.

The disposable extras have arrived!

The disposable extras have arrived!

Sooner or later, Maria would be very comfortable in cosplaying... just like Mikuru...

Sooner or later, Maria would be very comfortable in cosplaying... just like Mikuru...

The SPs seem very pleased with their handiwork. They put Maria in a sexy disguise and a nurse cap. Back inside, the Cafe. Nagi exclaims that the store is gonna be out of business. It’s been two hours since they opened and there were only two customers. Ayumu then says that she never imagined that she’ll be working with Hayate and sees this as a chance. Nagi walks off to wash her hands.

After getting hit by a steel tub on the face by Nagi because of imagining Ayumu naked, Ayumu says that she thought she had discovered Nagi’s cute side while in Shimoda. Hayate then says that Nagi has improved thanks to the trip to Shimoda. She can easily perform customer service without being totally nervous. As Nagi returns from the bathroom, a customer arrives.

It was Maria and they lead her to a seat. Maria thinks they didn’t recognize her but at the counter, they’re all sure it was Maria. Ayumu mistakenly thinks that cosplay is Maria’s thing. Nagi tells them to feign innocence for now and just act normally.

Ashibashi-sensei, the mangaka, returns to thank Nagi for he may actually be able to survive this week. He was happily chatting with Nagi and Nagi was very pleased to hear that she’ll be getting an autograph. Maria is overjoyed that Nagi is slowly being guided to the correct path. Suddenly, Ashibashi-sensei notices Maria sitting on a chair.

Who wouldnt notice a nurse in a cafe?

Who wouldn't notice a nurse in a cafe?

Maria notices this and looks away. Ashibashi quickly falls in love with Maria and asks her hand for marriage. Nagi instructs Hayate to help Maria but keep on pretending that they don’t know it’s her. Hayate restricts Ashibashi but the mangaka struggles. He says he has found his perfect woman in Maria. Hayate is then forced to tell Ashibashi that a girl that cute cannot possibly exist so it’s definitely a man!

Dot dot doooot...

Dot dot doooot...

Ashibashi-sensei thanks Hayate. He almost ended up in the wrong path. He was fully convinced that Maria is a man. He walks off as he need to have manuscript to take care of.

As long as you are Hayate, you are NEVER safe!

As long as you are Hayate, you are NEVER safe!

Maria snapped at Hayate. Nagi and Ayumu talk in the meantime about Hayate’s lack of sense of tact. Ayumu kind of senses something. Hayate may be in love with Maria but the discards that thought immediately.

By the end of the episode, we learn that the ending of Ashibashi-sensei’s manga concerned the hero defeating the main she-man boss. The anime are set to have two more seasons and his popularity continues to rise.

Hayate’s been reading too much MARIA+Holic. Ahahahaha~ Get it? Maria and Maria+Holic? The manga about the trap named Mariya? Ahaha… haha… ha…

On a serious note, this episode lets us know that through everything that happened in this season, Nagi is actually developing in character. She’s improving as she stated back in episode 19.

Well, the next episode is going to be about… Wataru and Haru-san? Oh my… guys in this show are so scarce they have multiple shippings.

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!


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