Spice and Wolf II 8 : What’s for lunch?

August 31, 2009
Its showtime~

Guess what?

Spice and Wolf 8, last time Lawrence and Horo arrived in a new town further up north. Now it’s time to discover the city and unlock some new characters. Expect some moe bargirl, an old geezer and a…reversed trap?

Like I said, last time the two travelling companions arrived in the city. The town seemed gloomy and dark at first, but now the weather cleared up and they are visiting the town harbor. Aaand like usual they end up at a bar with Horo drinking wine. Lawrence mentions that the town looks peaceful, but Horo tells him that even when wolf packs are fighting over territory, the forsest looks peaceful from a distance. Horo then points to a ship in the distance, the owner of the ship isn’t willing to sell his goods and puts on a high tax to prevent them from being sold.  The opposing man is saying that he should be happy that someone is even willing to take his good, because the Nothern Expedition was cancelled (the same expedition that dropped the prices of armory back in season 1) Horo then mentions that at least 4 other groups are having similar discussions. Horo then talks about how Lawrence can depend on her advice with just a glass of wine as price. Lawrence agrees and playfully bows for Horo.

Have a great break~

Have a great break~

I wonder what shell take as main dish...

I wonder what she'll take as main dish...

A small timeskip later, Horo drops down in bed. She can’t believe she got tired after drinking so little…

Horo LP : 0000

Horo LP : 0000

Lawrence tucks her in and tells her to rest. When he prepares to leave, Horo pulls on his sleeve and put up a pityful face. Lawrence tells her she shouldn’t worry this time, but Horo tells him she doesn’t mean it like that, but… unfortunatly for Horo her intentions didn’t get to the ever-slow-paced Lawrence and he just tells her to rest well again.

Now whats special about this picture?

Hey! It's Lawrence walking down an alley! :D

Lawrence walks into town and enters some little cafe. There’s a girl sitting at the back, Lawrence asks if the cafe is opened. The girl stands up and says she just finished patching up the hole in her skirt.

Look there was a hole in her skirt! ... I bet you werent looking at that eh?

There was a hole in her apron ... but I bet you weren't looking at that eh?

Heres an excuse, say you were looking at her nice... face

Here's an excuse, say you were looking at her nice... face

They start joking a bit about the apron and eventually the girl says that travelling merchants sure take on jokes differently than the town’s people. Lawrence tells her he wants to order some meal, but the girl says that the chef is busy for the moment. And since Lawrence doesn’t have to hurry…

This show really promotes the use of alcohol, please do not be fooled by them.

This show really promotes the use of alcohol, please do not be fooled by them.

When she brings him the wine she mentions that merchants wandering around at this time of the day only have one objective in mind, Lawrence replies by saying he should pay for the wine first.

Thats how much youre worth to me baybii~

Payment for tonight baybii~

He gives her two coins instead of the regular one (as shown before when Lawrence paid for Horo’s wine) The girl takes the signal and then he tells the girl about he saw the merchants in front of the city. She tells him they are waiting to sell fur, since right now the higher ups are discussing whether or not to allow furs being traded within the city and while that’s happening, fur trade is prohibited. The reason of the fuss is again the cancel of the Northern Expedition, so the people who needed/wanted fur are gone now. Lawrence asks if they can’t just sell the goods at the city gates then, but the girl tells him to drink his wine first with a funny guesture.



She then proceeds telling that the people there are quite stingy, but knights and mercenaries on the other hand are more generous. She sometimes receives fancy clothes as a gift from them and those are pretty expensive. Lawrence figures out that those clothes are expensive, but the fur they’re made off is pretty useless on its own and so pretty cheap. If the fur isn’t sold and made into clothes, the city income will drop a lot.



…as she says, but then she mentions that any bargirl in town could tell him that. She walks over to him, leans down and whispers that they’ll probably prevent the merchants from purchasing the furs eventought they know it’ll anger them and the craftsmen quite a bit. Lawrence asks for the source, but the girl simply replies with a ‘saa~’ and then says that patrons will always leave a bar drunk. She then gets close to Lawrence and teases him by saying she’d like him to leave the bar like that as well, Lawrence backs away and replies by saying the drink is already starting to have effect on him. Then the chef calls out that the dish is ready. The girl gets up and asks if Lawrence already has a wife. He replies… “She hasn’t got a hold of my purse yet, …”

aww... no bargirl route this time

aww... no bargirl route this time

Her reply…

Seriously! Give that girl some nekomimi GODDAMMIT!

Seriously! Give that girl some nekomimi DAMNIT!

Lawrence leaves the shop after accepting the package with the meal. He looks outside and notices all the boxes, barrels and other wrappings, he assumes that all of them contain fur and that there’s probably a lot of money involved. He said the last bit out loud when entering the room and Horo immediatly responds by saying he’s not allowed to sell her tail. He answers by saying that he isn’t a hunter. As an example he says that he wouldn’t sell a strawberry growing on the side of the road, he only sells goods he got from someone else. Horo then asks what kind of gossip he heard about this time, he tells her he heard a very intresting story and asks her if she wants to…

Horo LP 4000

Horo LP : 4000

He states that if she can guess what kind of animal and what part of it was used to make the meal he received using only her nose, she can ask anything she wants for dinner. Lawrence then starts wondering what the reason behind the stalling of the merchants would be, meanwhile Horo sniffs around the package. He then asks if Horo isn’t thinking about opening the package, Horo’s tail tells us he was right on the bat. Then he goes back to the main subject and assumes some great political force is pulling the strings behind the scheme. Horo then tells him that guessing under his conditions isn’t going well for her. Lawrence tells her she should mention that from the start and then asks for her answer. Horo smirks and answers…

haha! wanna know the true answer? then look back at the completly meaningless picture 2

Haha! Wanna know the true answer? Then look back at the completly meaningless 5th picture

Lawrence is suprised she knew the answer.  Then Horo tells him that at first when they entered the city, she had an uneasy feeling since she couldn’t place the smell. But now her memories of the smell came back and she figures that the game wasn’t rather to guess the sort of animal but rather…

uguu~ crying Horo~

uguu~ crying Horo~

Lawrence is still suprised and Horo teases him that he shouldn’t take advantage of someone’s goodwill. He replies by saying that she’s actually the one doing that.

Horo already moved close to Lawrence at that moment and hugs him saying she’ll never forget his smell either.

For all the fans~

Time passes and Horo now lying down in bed asks if Lawrence is sure he wants to go on travelling, he could easily use the money they made so far to set up a shop somewhere and relax a bit. Lawrence says that’s true, but before he can say anything else, he notices Horo already fell asleep.

Lawrence walks downstairs to the old hotelowner. Lawrence asked about the roads to the Northern lands.  The old man wonders why Lawrence wants to go to the heathen lands, but then figures that merchants only care about filling their bag with money. Lawrence agrees and says they’ll only throw it away when they die. The old man then asks him why he wants to fill it only to throw it away in the end. Lawrence smartly answers that you don’t ask the same question when you’re cleaning the house too.

They both get a drink and start talking, the man asks if Lawrence is about to leave, but Lawrence quickly respons by saying he’ll stay until the meeting of the higher-ups is finished. The man then says that Lawrence should get another horse for travelling up north, he mentions that he knows someone who might be able to get him one.

After some time the old man says that there are many trends in a man’s life. Lawrence answers that it’s a trend of man to fight fate and when he commits a sin, he should repent for it. The old man smiles and laughs saying he can’t object that.

Growing old isnt troublesome, its being old that is troublesome~ is what a wise man once said

Growing old isn't troublesome, it's being old that is troublesome~ is what a wise man once said

The old man introduces himself after that as Harold Ekrund. Then suddenly the mysterious figure who’s been lurking around the town for a while makes his appearance again.

Everyone would go for that...

The line, the finger, the covered face... I don't know how to comment this in one line!

At the mysterious type’s room, the person asks why Lawrence is wary. Lawrence replies by saying that female merchants are rare and if one would talk to him, he’d be rather cautious. The woman then mentions that it’s been years since someone saw through her cover, Lawrence admits that it was his partner who figured out. The mysterious woman then reveals her face and introduces herself…

Voiced by no one less than Romi Paku~

Voiced by no one less than Romi Paku~

She tells Lawrence that she doesn’t wanna hear his sweet talking, but rather listening to his business requests. Lawrence wonders why she has taken a liking of him, since before they only exchanged short greetings. Fruhl replies that Harold has a good eye for people and she got intrested as well. She then mentions that he wants to meet a person called Rigolo, Lawrence agrees. He tells her he’s intrested in the chronicles of the town. Fruhl is slightly suprised, but Lawrence then says he’s intrested in profit as well, but since it’s dangerous and his companion doesn’t wish for it, he’ll try to keep away from it.

Well see about that~

Looking like a thief

Fruhl then says that Rigolo isn’t just someone who you can just talk with, she tells Lawrence that she has quite a relationship with him and might be able to help him. She holds out her hand out for him, but Lawrence wants another condition for him to agree. He asks her how much it’ll cost to introduce him to Rigolo. Fruhl says she doesn’t want money nor anything, she only wants someone to chat to, since that’s more worth than a gold coin. Lawrence looks back and replies “but it’s worth less than a silver one”. In the end she requests one more thing, she wants to talk to Lawrence’s companion…

To be continued~



I loved the bargirl, she was so much fun to watch and hear! I really want to hear more of her. I’m not sure about her name…but it’ll be mentioned sometime later I guess.

Fruhl is kinda fun too mostly because I had a whole other thought of her as a bad-gu…girl type.

As for the episode, we get to know more about the town where Lawrence and Horo arrived. The fur trade, the merchants outside and even the church might be connected in this story. But for more, we’ll have to wait for next episode~

Kyon at your service~


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