Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 73 – Party Crashers

August 28, 2009

Atlas Kick!!

Atlas Kick!!

Jack vs Yusei! What a refreshing concept! The twist? Yusei is banned from using Synchro Monsters because of Machine Emperor Wisel’s threat. Well, it doesn’t really take too long. Jack gets upset that Yusei is losing so he decides to stop. It’s also the opening night for the WRGP. A party was held with all the participants to the exciting Riding Duel Group fight. Also, Yliaster’s motives are a bit stated. There’s also the purple shades guy from the OP as well.

Expect some comedy Jack, formal-clothed Ruka, Aki and Rua. And formal attire Ushio.

Last time, we met Sherry Leblanc, one of the mysterious D-Wheelers only shown in the OP before. She tells Yusei that she wants him on her team because she wants to win the WRGP, which is apparently organized by Yliaster, who is after her life. Of course, Yliaster is the new enemy of the protagonist. As their battle raged on, the guys who first abducted Yusei shows up and interferes in the match, until they were beaten up senseless by Mizoguchi, Sherry’s partner. At the end of the episode, Aki makes a resolve that she would try Riding Duels and Yusei is left with an important question: “For what reason are you fighting?”

At the start of the episode, it seems like Yusei is having a Riding Duel against some… unknown extra. He looks like he’s in a pinch…

Continuing the guy's turn:
- Presumably due to Tiger Dragon's effect, he is able to destroy Yusei's facedown Scrap-Iron Scarecrow and Urgent Tuning.
- Tiger Dragon attacks Speed Warrior. Yusei's LP drops from 1800 to 300.
- Sets 1 card.

Yusei realizes he’s in a pinch. His opponent’s LP are 2400. The opponent’s monster has 2400 ATK. His field only has Max Warrior. He knows his only chance is for a Synchro Summon.

Yusei's turn: 300 LP, 6 SPC
- Summons Debris Dragon.
- Through its effect, he Special Summons Sonic Chick from the Graveyard.
- Tunes LV 4 Debris Dragon with LV 3 Max Warrior and LV 1 Sonic Chick to Synchro Summon his ace monster, Stardust Dragon.

Suddenly, the unknown extra he’s Dueling transforms into Ghost, and his Tiger Dragon disappears and turns into Machine Emperor Wisel. Using its effect, Wisel binds Stardust Dragon in order to absorb it. Another freaky thing happened. Now Sherry is floating in front of Yusei’s D-Wheel.

Hey, check it out. Im floating in front of you.

"Hey, check it out. I'm floating in front of you."

She repeats her speech about how she is fighting on the edge of this world of speed and how by teaming up with her, he’ll surely find his new motive. Finally, Wisel absorbs Stardust Dragon and Yusei screams, telling him to stop. He wakes up. It was obviously a dream.

Yusei fanservice part 2!

Yusei fanservice part 2!

Key Card of the Week: Sword Master.

Key Card of the Week: Sword Master.

After the OP, Yusei has challenged Jack to a Duel. It seems he’s worried about Ghost and Machine Emperor Wisel. During their last Duel, Stardust Dragon was absorbed and he had to depend on Majestic Star Dragon to defeat Ghost. He’s not sure if he can win again next time so he wants to find out if there are any other ways he could defeat Wisel without having to Synchro Summon.

Jack accepts this challenge. He warns Yusei, he will not go easy on him. Crow then decides that he’s gonna watch as well.

They all go to the highway on their D-Wheels. Yusei and Jack set Speed World 2 for their Riding Duel. As the lane gets selected and authorized. The other guy from the OP with the shades appear to watch from somewhere.

Im in your highways, watching your Riding Duels.

"I'm in your highways, watching your Riding Duels."

Of course, Yusei realizes that his Deck focuses mainly on powering-up his Synchro Monsters. He needs to find a way to win without resorting to them.

The Duel is on, Field Spell, Speed World 2, set on!

Something we havent seen in a while? Jack vs Yusei! Riding Duel, Acceleration!

Something we haven't seen in a while? Jack vs Yusei! Riding Duel, Acceleration!

Yusei's turn: 4000 LP, 0 SPC
- Summons Shield Wing in Defense Position.
- Sets 1 card.

Jack's turn: 4000 LP, 1 SPC
- Summons Twin-Sword Marauder.
- Attacks Shield Wing using Twin-Sword Marauder.
- Shield Wing's effect prevents it from being destroyed by battle up to twice per turn. But Twin-Sword Marauder's effect deals piercing damage to the opponent. Yusei loses 700 LP (3300 LP).
- Shield Wing's another effect allows it to attack again after it has attacked a Defense Position monster. Yusei takes 700 more damage (2600 LP).
- From his hand, he Special Summons Sword Master, which can only be Special Summoned if a Warrior-type monster is unable to destroy an opponent's monster.
- Sword Master attacks and destroys Shield Wing and also deals piercing damage to Yusei. Yusei loses 300 LP (2300 LP).

The Key Card of the Week, making its appearance!

The Key Card of the Week, making its appearance!

Yusei's turn: 2300 LP, 2 SPC
- Summons Junk Synchron in Defense Position.
- Through its effect, he Special Summons his fallen Shield Wing.
- From his hand, he Special Summons Backup Warrior, which can only be Special Summoned by having two Defense Position monsters on his field.
- Activates his Trap Card, Deceive Synchro. Since there are correct Synchro Material Monsters on his field, he sends Junk Warrior from his Extra Deck to the Graveyard to increase Backup Warrior's ATK by 1150 points, half of Junk Warrior's ATK (3250 ATK)
- Backup Warrior attacks and destroys Jack's Sword Master. Jack's LP goes down to 1950.
- End Phase, Backup Warrior's ATK returns to 2100.

Backup Warrior.

Backup Warrior.

Jack has figured out that instead of making a Synchro Summon, Yusei is now planning to raise his monster’s ATK points instead. But the fatal flaw is that they only last until the End Phase.

Jack's turn: 1950 LP, 3 SPC
- Summons Dark Bug
- Through its effect, he can Special Summon a Tuner monster from his Graveyard. He Special Summons Sword Master.
- Tunes LV 3 Sword Master with LV 1 Dark Bug and LV 3 Twin-Sword Marauder to Synchro Summon his ace monster, Red Dragon Archfiend!
- CGI Red Dragon Archfiend destroys Yusei's Backup Warrior. Yusei's LP drops to 1400.

Dark Bug.

Dark Bug.

Jack suddenly stops his D-Wheel. He’s not interested anymore. He already knew the outcome of the Duel. If Yusei really wants to win, he has to use Synchro Monsters. Crow reminds Jack that Ghost has the Synchro seal. Jack doesn’t care. Even so, he will win. Duels are all about power. He leaves Crow and Yusei.

The guy who was watching disappears after Yusei seemed to have noticed that someone was watching them.

The needlessly-colorful WRGP super duper building.

Look at all those floating screens. What are they supposed to be anyway?

In Part B, we are brought to some kind of a WRGP party in some fancy building. Security were also inside with Ushio, who is wearing a different and formal outfit. The Signers were there minus Jack and plus Rua. Everyone wears their once-a-season outfit except for Yusei and Crow. Several apparently important Riding Duel groups were there.

Spot the non-Signer! Spot the non-Signer among them!

Spot the non-Signer! Spot the non-Signer among them!

Team Unicorn. Oh, I get it. Thats because the leader has a horn-like hair! Hahahaha... not funny, really...

Team Unicorn. Oh, I get it. That's because the leader has a horn-like hair! Hahahaha... not funny, really...


Psst... hold his hand!

Crow finds it odd that Rua and even Aki wanted to come as well. Aki remembers how Yusei and Sherry’s Riding Duel went. She wonders if Sherry was also there. As the camera view moves around, we spot someone else, Carly.

What are you doing? Trying to find some celebrity nip-slips?

What are you doing? Trying to find some celebrity nip-slips?

She’s been taking pictures of stuff for a scoop. She looks for Jack and Crow mentions that Jack hasn’t arrived yet.

The King of Comedy has finally arrived!

The King of Comedy has finally arrived!

Full-body shot! Please prepare for everyones jawdropping action!

Full-body shot! Please prepare for everyone's jawdropping action!

And suddenly, Jack arrives, wearing a sparkly, flashy outfit. Crow goes ballistic after knowing that Jack had used their money again to have that outfit made. Jeager speaks up and provides a speech about how City and Satellite have become one and from then on, Neo Domino City has become a paradise after Daedalus Bridge was completed.

Tsk tsk tsk... not quite, Inspector. Not quite...

"Tsk tsk tsk... not quite, Inspector. Not quite..."

Yusei looks around and gets a flashback of what happened just about 5 minutes ago. He figures out that if he doesn’t use Synchro Monsters, his Deck can’t evolve. He sees that weird guy again. MC pops out of the screen and begins introducing the WRGP rules and stuff. It seems there is only 3 people allowed for each team.

Apparently, theyre not suspicious by wearing that kind of outfit... oh well, Jeager can walk freely looking like that after all...

Apparently, they're not suspicious by wearing that kind of outfit... oh well, Jeager can walk freely looking like that after all...

Jeager makes his way into a VIP longue sort of thing and tells the Yliaster people that everything is set. One of them laughs as all the people who have gathered in their WRGP are being used. Another one asks what use they have for the other Duelists. If they wanted to bring out the potential and power needed, they could just do it themselves. The bearded one replies that they need the WRGP for producing a greater power. Those who have gathered there have potential in creating the absolute power.

Back at the hall, Team Unicorn greets Yusei. They recognize him as the winner of the Fortune Cup. Crow comes in and recognizes Team Unicorn as a dominant team in Riding Duels. They asked who he was and Crow introduces himself as Yusei’s teammate. Yusei suddenly walks off and Crow apologizes for his teammate’s rudeness. He follows Yusei and Yusei tells him off. Crow asks if this is about Ghost again. Crow says it’s not like he doesn’t understand the situation, but Yusei should at least keep that thing away from this kind of event. Yusei apologizes and says he’ll meet them afterwards.

Suddenly, some fat biker guy comes crashing in through the window, Carly identifies him as Bokuru, some rider from the city.

Bokuru, some fat biker from the city...

Bokuru, some fat biker from the city...

Security surroinds him but his D-Wheel is very dangerous. It has freaking spikes on it for Ra’s sake! Everyone scatters. As he heads to a crowd, they disperse and Aki is left alone. Yusei calls out to Aki but she’s prepared. She has her Duel Disk on and summons her Black Rose Dragon as a real monster. Black Rose whips Bokuru’s D-Wheel away effortlessly.



This was seen by Yliaster and they find it interesting that there is a Psychic Duelist among the contestants. Bokuru’s D-Wheel gets up, even due to its bulky size, with ease. He makes a run for it, saying that he’ll remember that day before Security can completely swarm him. The guy who owns Wisel and set up Ghost suddenly stands up from their lounge and says that he’ll deal with it personally.

Yusei and company run into the parking lot to get onto their vehicles and try to catch Bokuru but they are stopped by the mysterious guy with the shades.

In the meantime, Bokuru makes Security eat his dust. He speeds off and builds a significant lead against every Duel Chaser. Suddenly, an unidentified D-Wheel passes by.

The bad guys ride! Its as white as his weird outfit!

The bad guy's ride! It's as white as his weird outfit!

It was the Yliaster member who owns Machine Emperor Wisel. He quickly disposes of Bokuru using his ace monster and makes Bokuru crash and explode.

Back with Yusei and the others, the shades guy tells Yusei they shouldn’t hurry. They won’t be able to make it anymore as Bokuru would have already lost at that time. He seems to know Yusei as well. He tells a shocking statement that Yusei can defeat Wisel using a different method… and the episode ends there…

Dun dun dunnnn!!

Dun dun dunnnn!!

Ruka didn’t have a speaking role in today’s episode even though she appeared onscreen for a while. It’s just like that Fortune Cup episode.

What the hell? They’re Security yet they couldn’t catch up to that guy? What the hell s wrong with the Duel Chasers? Did they cut their budget for D-Wheel parts and used it for Jeager’s make-up?

If I were Yusei, if he wants to defeat Machine Emperor Wisel without having to use Synchro Monsters, I’d purchase a booster pack set of Light of Destruction. That should do the trick.

The Yusei vs Jack Duel was pretty disappointing. It didn’t have any outcome and it was too short. Once again, a Duel did not have a result, just like last week’s Duel. They like Yusei too much so they don’t wanna show him actually lose all of his remaining LP when he’s in a losing situation. Remember his Duel with Kiryu? His D-Wheel got busted even though they both acknowledge that Yusei lost that Duel… still.

Jack proves once again that he’s the King of Comedy. That entrance with the sparkly, flashy outfit is just amazing.

Yliaster’s motives are unclear but… gathering all these people to harness energy… it sounds more like their recycled Goodwin’s plan during the Fortune Cup.

Anyway, the next episode seems to be about the shades dude and he’s willing to teach Yusei that technique by having a Riding Duel with him. Accel Synchro? I hope it’s not going to be stupid or Riding Duel-only.

Well, this is the Bunny Chief, over and out!


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