Bakemonogatari 7 : Monkey Business

August 26, 2009
I guess you all know what this means...

I guess you all know what this means...

Yeah it’s been a while, all-time blogging doesn’t fit me that well afterall. But since we’re at it now let’s not waste any time and get to work. Bakemonogatari 7!

Last time Araragi got a nice beating from a mysterious person. Senjougahara found him and he tells her he’s been careless and hit a post with his bike. Senjougahara is ‘impressed’ since his carelessness also seemed to have made a nice hole in some wall. She tells him to keep lying down for a while and enjoy the sight, while a train passes next to them.

Misty wont be happy when she hears about this

Misty won't be happy when she hears about this

It is implyed our main character sees heavens gates...

It is implyed our main character sees heaven's gates...

After the opening we see Araragi at Kanbaru’s place. They open some doors and…play with some books.

Cleaning never has been this much fun!

Cleaning never has been this much fun!

Then they start talking, Kanbaru apologizes for what happened the night before. Araragi already assumed she was the culprit anyway, same with Kanbaru as she says he wouldn’t have visited her in the first place if it wasn’t the case. Araragi said it was guesswork and he used her ‘figure’ to identify her. She replies by saying men do recognize women by their hips. Araragi facefaults and then asks where she got her superhuman strength. Kanbaru holds her arm while asking if he believes everything he sees. Araragi answers he doesn’t believe anything he doesn’t see, so he believes everything he does see. They talk about Kanbaru’s relationship with Senjougahara and their combination nickname ‘Valhalla’ which she came up with herself. Then she removes the bandage from her arm and shows what she’s been hiding before…

Thats a nice paw

That's a nice paw

Araragi immediatly replies by saying it looks like a monkey’s paw. Kanbaru is seemingly impressed and tells him about the William W. Jacobs story of the monkey paw (those who watched xxxholic might know it even better, those who didn’t : watch it!)  Araragi asks if he can touch her arm, Kanbaru is fine with it and so Araragi proceeds to touch the arm. Kanbaru makes a moaning noise when Araragi finally touched the arm, making him back away at once. Araragi, embarrassed like a little tsundere, shouts that she shouldn’t make such noises, which she replies with a pouting…

Youre a furry too

You're a furry too

She tells him that she usually has control over the arm, but at some times the arm moves on its own will. That’s why she admits that she was the one that hit him the night before, but she doesn’t recall it happening. It was like a dream or an illusion to her. Araragi names it ‘a trance’, a state of being in which you can’t control your mind and body and do things on your own. (in the Shaft animation we get to see an arm with Senjougahara’s reflexions and it slowly transforms into a monkey paw)

Kanbaru now thinks of Araragi as a wonderful person since he didn’t run away after she showed him her arm. Araragi admits that he was suprised and glad she said the toughest part first and now he won’t be suprised anymore by what’s going to follow. She tells him that’s true, you have to get rid of the hardest parts first before getting to the easy stuff. Though… the next thing she admits is… well, just enjoy it yourself?





Araragi panics and thinks beyond common sense once more, he rethinks Senjougahara’s words of never having broken up with ‘a guy’, Kanbaru stops Araragi’s ranting though telling him she hasn’t been involved with her in that way. She saw Senjougahara as a perfect senpai, she had pride in seeing her like that, she was even willing to die for her back then. But after Senjougahara’s illness, things changed. Senjougahara quit the track team and became cold towards everyone. At first she thought it was just a rumor, but eventually it was true and so she made up her mind and decided it was her time to save Senjougahara. She thought she could save her by being close to her again, but Senjougahara rejected her and never got close to her again. Because… that was Senjougahara’s wish.

One day, she saw Senjougahara and Araragi in the classroom happily talking. Senjougahara had a smile (rather a smirk) on her face that Kanbaru never had seen before. She tells Araragi that he did what she was never able to do. And so… she became jealous, even after reconsidering she was still jealous. And that’s why she wished on the paw to be together with Senjougahara again.

Kuze couldnt agree more

Ask Mizuki for help

After the break, Kanbaru asks about the person we all know as Oshino-san. He tells her they could better go see him now since the sun is setting. She agrees since she has full control over the arm when the sun is up. Before they enter the building she asks him what caught his eye in Senjougahara. Araragi wonders why she suddenly asks such a thing. She approaches him and tells him that if he only wants her for her body, she might be able to take Senjougahara’s place. She even wants to look more girly and grow longer hair.


Nope, there's no one behind her.

She then goes on ranting about BL (Boy’s Love) and mixes some seme and uke love in the blender which makes Araragi go cocktail. Then he remembers that the books in her room were all about… oh well the yaoi stuff.



Then the conversation goes on the wrong track, she asks whether he likes trunks or boxers and eventually it ends up with her saying she might not wear panties under her gymshorts. Araragi calls her an exhibitionist, which she replies that she’s just a sports type girl.

After that Araragi tells her that she’ll never be able to take in Senjougahara’s place. No one can become a replacement for someone else. No matter how much you like her or look up to her.

Then they finally go up the building, they pass by Shinobu which Kanbaru thinks of as a ‘damn cute child’. But Araragi tells her it’s best not to get involved with her.

Im gonna take you home~

I'm gonna take you home~

They meet up with Oshino, he uses the same line as in episode 1 to greet Araragi and his new girl. Araragi complains and then tells him he saw Shinobu downstairs, he wonders why she looked so down. Oshino tells her she’s been like that since he bought a box of donuts and ate one more than her.

After introducing Kanbaru as ‘Bondage Torture’ and Araragi giving Oshino Senjougahara’s money, they finally get to business. Kanbaru shows her arm and tells him about the monkey paw, but before she can tell she get interrupted by him. He replies that he has never seen a monkey paw bind to its owner. The arm is an arm that once belonged to a mummy and attached to Kanbaru, draining her life force and now became a ‘Rainy Devil’. It’s a Devil’s arm, it can make any wish come true, but…

Think twice before you do that

That's one hell of a devil's pact.

Not to mention that Kanbaru has only 3 wishes… it’s a devil afterall


Thoughts :

Nice cliffhanger I have to say.

Poor Kanbaru though, instead of 5 wishes she only gets 3 before her soul is sold. Devils sure like playing around~

Kanbaru is the typical boyish character, I have to say I wasn’t suprised to hear her admitting she was lesbian. I had a good laugh with Araragi’s reaction though. Another clue to Shinobu’s mysterious being as well in this episode. I hope we can enjoy Aya Hirano’s voice soon.

Not much Senjougahara service in this episode… let’s solve it with a nice shot~

At your service, see you some other time~!

At your service, see you some other time~!


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