Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 72 – Mizoguchi the combat butler!

August 22, 2009

Promo: Guess which Speed Spell this is and win absolutely nothing!

Promo: Guess which Speed Spell this is and win absolutely nothing!

First of all, a happy birthday to myself (August 21).

Anyway, this episode focuses on Sherry and Yusei’s Duel part 2. We find out about Sherry’s background story and more about Yliaster. We also see Aki finally submitting to taking on Riding Duels in order to know more about Yusei’s heart.

Expect… card games… and… NAKED YUSEI! GAAAAAH!!

Last time, Yusei was kidnapped by a strange group who wanted him to join their Riding Duel group. Aki had set off to find Yusei with Mikage and eventually finds him inside a truck. Unfortunately, the truck goes unstable as the group plans to destroy Yusei’s D-Wheel because he refused to join them and Aki had also boarded the truck. Both of the managed to escape but outside, a mysterious D-Wheeler was waiting for them and challenged Yusei to a Riding Duel. Their battle pauses as Yusei revives his Junk Warrior. The mysterious D-Wheeler introduces herself as Sherry Leblanc and removes her helmet. She tells Yusei that she has come for him too… she won’t allow him to join any other team.

Following her appearance in the series, Sherry Leblanc is now unlocked in the Freedom OP!

Following her appearance in the series, Sherry Leblanc is now unlocked in the Freedom OP!

Key Card of the Week: Fleur de Chevalier.

Key Card of the Week: Fleur de Chevalier.

After the OP, Sherry explains her motives. She wants Yusei to join her team for the WRGP and win. But that’s not what she came there for today, she just wants to introduce herself through a Riding Duel. She puts her helmet back again, this time, letting her hair flow freely. Yusei tells Aki to get off now as it’ll be dangerous from that point but Aki protests. She feels like it is something she must see for herself, Yusei and Sherry’s Riding Duel. Yusei gives in and allows her to stay in the back of his D-Wheel.

The Duel continues with Yusei’s turn.

Yusei's turn: 2300 LP, 5 SPC
- Summons Turbo Synchron.
- Tunes LV 5 Junk Warrior with LV 1 Turbo Synchron and Synchro Summons Turbo Warrior.
- Attacks Fleur de Chevalier with Turbo Warrior, through its effect, Fleur de Chevalier's ATK goes down to 1350. Sherry's LP becomes 2750.
- Sherry activates her For the Founder Trap Card which allows her to send a monster from her side of the field to the Graveyard in order to prevent her monster's destruction from battle. She sends Apprentice Knight away.
- Because Fleur de Chevalier survived the attack, its ATK points go back to normal (ATK: 2700).
- Yusei plays his own Trap Card: Synchro Out.

Aki becomes puzzled. Why would Yusei trade his Turbo Warrior for its Synchro Material monsters knowing that they have lower attack points? Sherry thinks as well. She figures that Yusei’s other facedown is none other than Urgent Tuning in order to tune his monsters again but she knows Yusei hasn’t forgotten that Fleur de Chevalier can negate an opponent’s Spell or Trap Card once per turn. She deduces that Yusei has a bigger combo in mind. Yusei asks her if she is going to use Fleur de Chevalier’s effect on Synchro Out but she allows him to.

Continuing Yusei's turn:
- Fleur de Chevalier's effect doesn't activate and Synchro Out resolves, returning Junk Warrior and Turbo Synchron to the field in exchange for Turbo Warrior.
- Yusei activates his Urgent Tuning but now Sherry activates Fleur de Chevalier's effect and negates and destroys Urgent Tuning.
- Because a Trap Card was destroyed, Sherry activates her facedown to chain to it: Chain Close. Yusei cannot activate any more Spell or Trap Cards for the remainder of the turn.
- Yusei continues his Battle Phase and orders Turbo Synchron to attack Fleur de Chevalier but is not destroyed by battle. His LP drops to 100.
- Through Turbo Synchron's effect, Fleur de Chevalier goes into Defense Position and Yusei is allowed to Special Summon a monster from his hand with an ATK that is equal to or lower than the damage he took. He Special Summons his Junk Collector.
- By removing Junk Collector and a Trap Card from his Graveyard from play, he can activate the Trap Card. Since Spell or Trap Cards cannot be activated, Yusei is using his monster's effect instead.
- He uses Urgent Tuning and Junk Warrior and Turbo Synchron are tuned again for Turbo Warrior.
- Turbo Warrior destroys Fleur de Chevalier.

Junk Collector

Junk Collector

Aki notices that Yusei is having so much fun, very different from the Duels they’ve had. Sherry is also giving it with all her heart. Sherry speaks up and tells Yusei that he may have destroyed Fleur de Chevalier, but he lowered his LP to 100: a very dangerous situation as through Speed World 2’s effect, by having 4 or more Speed Counters, she can inflict 800 points of damage to her opponent for each Speed Spell in her hand.

Right now, Sherry has 4 Speed Counters and no hand cards. Yusei’s fate rides along Sherry’s next draw. If she draws a Speed Spell, it’s over. Sherry says that in this world of speed, Yusei has crossed the safety border. Aki then thinks of the world of speed…

Sherry's turn: 2750 LP, 5 SPC
- Sherry summons Holy Knight's Shield Carrier in Defense Position.
- Using its effect, she removes from play a "Holy Knight" monster in her Graveyard (Spear Holder of the Holy Knights) in order to draw 1 more card.
- She sets 1 card face down.

Holy Knights Shield Carrier

Holy Knight's Shield Carrier

Aki is very relieved that Sherry did not draw a Speed Spell card despite having drawn 2 cards. Looks like Main Characterism is in its full effect. Sherry asks Yusei for what reason does he want to enter the WRGP. Yusei explains that he wants to find his new reason to fight. Sherry then says that Yusei has no reason to enter then. She continues to say that she has a reason herself, and that is revenge.

Sherry begins to tell her background story. She had a very rich and happy family back then.

Loli Sherry and her dad.

Loli Sherry and her dad.

Sherrys mom.

Sherry's mom.

But then one day, her father’s business was being bought out by a rival company and her father didn’t want to sell. Her parents would always hide their troubled faces from her and play with her instead. Maybe that’s why they went bankrupt.

Why does a father hide her daughters teddybear inside his desk drawer?

Why does a father hide her daughter's teddybear inside his desk drawer?

Soon, she finds her mom and dad, murdered along with their servants.

Then no more dad...

Then no more dad...

And no more mom...

And no more mom...



She backs away and bumps into the guy with the D-Wheel who is still unnamed but appeared last time. The guy covers her mouth and takes her away. He protects her from the bullets being fired at them.

Shh... oniichan will be very gentle...

"Shh... oniichan will be very gentle..."

Soon after that, they travelled around the world to escape the clutches of whoever killed her parents. But they kept on pursuing them. They found out that there is another organization involved. That being Yliaster.

Yusei had heard of that group before. Rudger mentioned it to him during their Duel. Aki says that Divine told her about it as Yliaster became Arcadia Movement’s enemy. Soon afterwards, Sherry found out why Yliaster was still pursuing her. Her teddybear had a card inside of it.

Try doing the same to Pedobear...

Try doing the same to Pedobear...

After her flashback, she tells Yusei that she wants his help. She further explains that Yliaster is involved with the WRGP. She wants to win so she can get close to Yliaster, find out their motives and why her parents had to be killed.

Aki then interferes and says that Yusei has a team with his friends Jack and Crow. Aki proceeds to say that Sherry doesn’t know anything about Yusei. Sherry suddenly tells Aki that during her Riding Duel with Yusei, she has understood his feelings, accompanied by a disturbing representation of Yusei and Sherry naked.



Oh... its just Sherry...

Oh... it's just Sherry...

Sherry says that those who do not take part in Riding Duels cannot understand the meaning of their speed. She assures Yusei that by teaming up with her, he will find his lost reason. She adds that it’s not a bad of a proposal.

Yusei then goes on with his turn.

Yusei's turn: 100 LP, 7 SPC
- He activates Speed World 2's effect and removes 7 of his Speed Counters in order to draw an extra card from his Deck.
- Yusei summons Drill Synchron to the field.
- Turbo Warrior attacks Holy Knight's Shield Carrier and destroys it.
- Drill Synchron's effect activates: When a monster of his attacks a Defense Position monster, piercing damage is applied. Sherry's LP drops to 1550. He is also able to draw an extra card when it deals damage through the effect.
- Sherry activates Liberty Release: When a monster on her side of the field is destroyed by battle, all monsters on the field return to their owner's Deck. Turbo Warrior and Drill Synchron are returned.
- Sets 2 cards.

Drill Synchron. I wonder if there will be a Drill Warrior...

Drill Synchron. I wonder if there will be a Drill Warrior...

Aki becomes worried again. Yusei’s field has no monsters. If Sherry draws a monster card or even worse, a Speed Spell card, Yusei will definitely lose.

Sherry's turn: 1550 LP, 7 SPC
- Summons Holy Knight Jeanne.
- Attacks Yusei directly, its effect makes its ATK lose 300 points whenever it declares an attack (ATK: 1600).
- Yusei activates a trap called Synchro Spirits: By removing 1 Synchro Monster from play in his Graveyard, he Special Summons the Synchro Materials used for the tuning. He removes Junk Warrior from play and Special Summons Junk Synchron and Speed Warrior in Defense Position.
- Holy Knight Jeanne destroys Junk Synchron.

Holy Knight Jeanne

Holy Knight Jeanne

Aki starts to believe that Yusei understands Sherry’s feelings now through the wind and the speed of their Riding Duels. She completely gets taken in by the statement that through Riding Duels, one can understand their opponent’s anger, will to fight and sadness with flashes of Yusei vs Ushio, Jack and Kiryu (first time we see him in season 3) and alongside Crow… though how did she see 3 of those Duels?

Welcome to the Dark Side, Aki.

Welcome to the Dark Side, Aki.

Yusei's turn: 100 LP, 2 SPC
- Activates Speed Spell - High Speed Crash. When he has at least 2 Speed Counters, he can destroy one card on his field to destroy another one.

Sherry believes she has won now. If Yusei decides to destroys his set card and take out Holy Knight Jeanne, its effect will activate, allowing Sherry to take a Spell Card from her Graveyard and add it to her hand. She’ll be able to take any Speed Spell and deal 800 damage to Yusei through Speed World 2’s effect.

Continuing Yusei's turn:
- He destroys his set card and... Speed Warrior!
- Yusei chains his set card through, Starlight Road: When a card is activate that destroys 2 or more cards on the field, it negates the card and destroys it, also summoning Stardust Dragon to the field.

Before Yusei could summon Stardust Dragon, a truck suddenly falls from a road which was above them. It was those guys from last episode.

I already forgot about these guys...

I already forgot about these guys...

The truck is going to hit Sherry, who was leading. Aki then borrows Yusei’s Stardust Dragon and summons it through her psychic powers. Stardust Dragon manifests itself as a real monster and takes care of the falling truck. Sherry figures out that Aki is a Psychic Duelist.

Stardust Dragon saves the day again!

Stardust Dragon saves the day again!

Due to outside interference, the Duel was called off.

The date as well.

The date as well.

The Mexican Wrestlers stable run away as their plan was foiled. But waiting for them was the lolicon who took kid Sherry before.

Finally, an excuse to beat up some guys!

"Finally, an excuse to beat up some guys!"

Oh, poopie!

"Oh, poopie!"

Implied violence is still violence...

Implied violence is still violence...

After beating them up in a flash, he rides his D-Wheel and goes to Sherry and company. Sherry identifies him as Mizoguchi, an acquaintance. Mizoguchi tells Yusei that he has a good look on his face. Sherry then informs Yusei that if their Duel continued, Stardust Dragon would have destroyed her Holy Knight Jeanne and Speed Warrior would attack directly, leaving her with only 50 LP. Yusei knows that everything would have decided by Sherry’s next draw. She attempts to draw but stops, saying that the world of speed is endless. She hopes to meet them again, saying that Aki is an interesting girl. She and Mizoguchi leave.


And now everyone is thinking of Sherry x Aki...

See what I mean? Its a REAL blush this time!

See what I mean? It's a REAL blush this time!

Aki may have made her decision… she wants to know what is inside Yusei’s heart with the wind and speed. Yusei gets up from his D-Wheel and remember’s Sherry’s words…

“For what reason are you Dueling?”

Naked Yusei… funniest thing I have ever seen.

And so yes, this episode leads us back on track with Yliaster, as revealed by Sherry. Yliaster is the group behind the WRGP. They seem to want the card inside her teddybear… but what card could it be? It was so important that they kept on following her around the world.

Also, who is Mizoguchi? Sure, he went and saved Sherry from Yliaster but what made him do it? Surely, he has a motive… It wasn’t really explained properly who he is… but maybe… a battle butler?

We now also know that Aki has decided to take on Riding Duels. We better watch out for her D-Wheel and Riding Duel outfit. But what happened to her Deck? Last time we saw her Duel Disk flying off the truck, almost hitting Mikage’s–wait, what the hell happened to Mikage? Shouldn’t she have went to the station to get backup?

Next time is Jack vs Yusei! What a refreshing new concept! But here’s the catch, Yusei cannot use Synchro Monsters in order to prepare for Machine Emperor Wisel’s second appearance!

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!


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