Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season Episode 20 – Master Maid

August 17, 2009

Perfect for those Isumi fans... and maid fans... or maid Isumi fans!

Perfect for those Isumi fans... and maid fans... or maid Isumi fans!

This episode is all about maids. Maids, maids, maids and lots of maids. Truly a maid-full episode in which it features maids, maid activities, maid fetishes, maid uniforms and maid cafes. We meet Haru-san, who is also a maid, who works for Sakuya Aizawa, who has a friend who wants to get the maid’s spirit, namely Isumi, in an attempt to fulfill the father’s maid desires.

Expect Isumi in a maid outfit, less Hina, Nagi and Maria (appears a lot but generally ignored) and more of Haru-san, Isumi and Linn Regiostar… who is this guy?

Last time, Hayate went off to buy a new phone in Shinjuku… losing Nagi in the middle of the bustling crowd. He finds her later in the Lost Child Department, having gained some subordinates. Later in the episode, they all set out to find a suitable gift for Sakuya’s birthday: laughter.

The episode starts off with the “father” from the Sonia arc, complete name is Linn Regiostar. It appears he wants to finally rest in peace. Hayate congratulates him but he doesn’t need it. He explains that a ghost only lingers among the living if they have a regret. So Hayate naturally asks him what thing he regrets. Linn tells him that he had always wanted to flirt with a maid and so he gets beaten by Hayate. They argue as to why it was unappropriate.

Theres only one person allowed to be in accidental pervert scenes! Who will win this match?

There's only one person allowed to be in "accidental pervert" scenes! Who will win this match?

Hayate says that Maria can’t even see him so that would be out of the question. Linn suddenly gets an idea. He plans to sneak and peek at Maria while she’s changing and Hayate pulls him away, saying that they must consult an expert instead.

Of course, that expert is none other than the Saginomiya family’s best, Isumi. Isumi says that the best way would be for Linn to possess someone and flirt with a maid. Upon asking who would be possessed…

Its pretty obvious now by this point.

It's pretty obvious now by this point.

Hayate then asks, for his peace of mind, what would Linn do to Maria if ever he does agree to have him be possessed…

The wonders of censorship.

The wonders of censorship.

Of course, Linn earns another hit from Hayate. Linn doesn’t seem to have had enough and gets up, saying that he has a better idea…

Ladies and gentlemen, Saginomiya Isumi ~ Ver. Maid

Ladies and gentlemen, Saginomiya Isumi ~ Ver. Maid

Hayate thinks it may be the fastest way. He tells Isumi to just say “Okaerinasaimasen, goshujinsama” and Linn would probably disappear immediately. Linn then shouts at them, telling them it’s not that simple. Sure, she may look good wearing a maid outfit but she’s not a maid at all! She doesn’t have a maid’s spirit! Linn gives up and lies on the floor, saying that he won’t rest in peace until he gets to flirt with a maid.

Hayate advises Isumi to just ignore Linn. But it seems that Isumi has entered her serious mode. In the name of the Saginomiya, she will acquire the maid’s spirit in order to make Linn rest in peace.

Meanwhile, at Hakuou’s Clock Tower. Hina was changing the calendar in her desk as it is now April… she wonders if someone would visit.

A place where no one would be able to hear you scream...

A place where no one would be able to hear you scream...

At the Sanzenin estate, Isumi and Hayate seek Nagi’s help. They ask about the maid’s spirit and so she thinks of something. She hides Isumi inside, what appears to be the same thing the Iron Maiden Jeanne was confined in Shaman King. Nagi makes a call and Wataru comes in after a while. Nagi mentions that Wataru’s been with a maid for a long time so she asks him what the maid’s spirit is.

Iron Maiden Isumi of the H-Laws

Iron Maiden Isumi of the H-Laws

Wataru was shy at first, saying that it’s not really his choice that Saki is always wearing one around. Nagi taunts him, saying that she expected a better answer. Wataru then says that one of the features is when the maid spins, her skirt floats up playfully in the air. He then adds that tiptoe-ing to a hard-to-reach area is also a factor and finally, the posture. A maid has to have a straight back. As he adds more, Nagi stops him as they heard enough. She lets Isumi out of the Iron Maiden and she greets Wataru… and calls him a maniac. Wataru, embarrassed, runs out of the room, calling Nagi a jerk.

After that, they call out Linn. Isumi says she is now ready to make him rest in peace. She takes her stance and starts to spin but she steps on her skirt as she tiptoes, making her trip and drop, face first to the ground.

Clumsiness = moe.

Clumsiness = moe.

Youre one step closer, Isumi!

You're one step closer, Isumi! Now if you can only make a single step...

Well… Linn did see it a bit… good.

After the eyecatch, Wataru was back at his video rental store and was staring at Saki, who was arranging the shelves. Saki notices this and asks if Wataru needed something. He thinks for a bit and then asks her if she can spin once. Saki hesitates and then tells Wataru that she doesn’t want to, as her womanly instincts is telling her that Wataru is thinking of something perverted. Wataru complains and tries correcting her by saying he’s not thinking of anything of the sort but Saki just ignores his protests.

Back at the Sanzenin estate, it’s Sakuya’s turn to teach Isumi about the maid’s spirit. Hayate first thinks that Sakuya would wear a maid outfit and then everyone becomes silent.

After the silence, Sakuya speaks up again. She says that she won’t be wearing one but she knows of a person who was doing a good job in the maid cafe. The Aizawa family has also been running that maid cafe and she saw talent in one of their maids. So she hired her as a real maid during weekends and holidays. Sakuya calls her in, calling her by the name “Haru-san”.

Codename: Haru-san

Codename: Haru-san.

Hayate seems impressed that Haru-san is a maid at that age and as he asks her age… she stops Hayate. Haru-san explains that it is a maid’s grace to keep secrets. Upon seeing this, everyone agrees that she is a good maid and she would show them the way of the maid’s spirit.

They all walk in the hallway and Maria stops to greet them. They all just continue after greeting Maria and asking that they would use a room for the maid exercise… completely ignoring the fact that Maria has been a maid for some time.

As they continue walking, Hayate asks Haru-san why she started working as a maid. She explains that she always wants to support cute and amazing people since she doesn’t have any special abilities unlike Hayate, whom she called “Ayasaki-kun”. Suddenly, Hayate stops and wonders how Haru-san knew his name, Sakuya had just hired her. Linn appears behind Hayate and says that Haru-san seems to be of a completely different level.

Hayate asks him where he has been and Linn explains that he’s been watching Isumi’s fall over and over… and in different angles in a DVD.

What has Hayate and Nagi been saying over and over before every episode back in season 1?!

What have Hayate and Nagi been saying over and over before every episode back in season 1?!

Maria was in the background, posing like what Isumi attempted to do earlier but is kinda ignored by both men. Hayate then turns around and asks what Maria was doing and she just leaves, saying she needs to clean stuff.

Ta-da! Maria!

Ta-da! Maria!

*crickets chirp*

*crickets chirp*



As they were inside the room, Isumi explains that she wants to learn the maid’s spirit, as told by her friend who is a maid maniac (Wataru). She asks an advice on how to avoid stepping on her skirt as she spins. Haru-san gives her the most effective and obvious answer: wear a short skirt.

Saginomiya Isumi ~ Ver. Short Skirt Maid!

Saginomiya Isumi ~ Ver. Short Skirt Maid!

Isumi inquires about the other things she should do. Haru-san explains that she has to do stuff like cleaning, cooking and other household chores but the most important part is…

Breaking the Maids Code: Now you know the secret!

Breaking the Maid's Code: Now you know the secret!

She spills out the beans pretty boldly. She explains that it’s the best way to get customers. Isumi tries faking a smile and Haru-san encourages her while showing her fake smile as well. They smile for a while until Sakuya says she’s had enough, her stomach is gonna explode in suppressing her laughter. A montage of Isumi providing maid service to the fans–I mean, Haru-san follows.



Making tea!~


Dont forget the cutesy act!




And so after that, Isumi and the others face Linn. They bid farewell to him and Isumi was glad that she was able to help Linn rest in peace. Linn then wonders why Isumi said “rest in peace” and then he remembers, he only intended it as an April Fool’s joke!





Isumi gets irritated as Linn continues to commend her work as a maid. Isumi takes out a spell tag and chases him away.

Prepare to be tagged...

Aww, you made her cry...

Now, youre gonna pay~

Now, you're gonna pay~

Haru-san doesn’t really get what’s happening and takes her leave. She tells Hayate to always look after her master while she’s not around. Suddenly, Linn goes to where Hayate is and Hayate gets caught up in Isumi’s line of sight. He runs with Linn and Isumi throws an explosive tag at them. Hayate slams through the window and falls in front of Maria.

No woohoo?

No 'woohoo'?

Hayate tries to use a fake smile but Maria freaks out instead.

Meanwhile, Haru-san was changing her clothes. She finally reveals herself to be Harukaze Chiharu, secretary of the Student Council President, Hinagiku.

Dun dun dun!! Who expected that?!??!??!?!

Dun dun dun!! Who expected that?!??!??!?!

She didn’t know that Sakuya was close to the Sanzenin and Ayasaki who’s been hanging around the President recently. She trusts that they didn’t notice it was her as, after all, she’s not that close with neither Nagi nor Hayate.

On her way home, she meets Hina. Hina asks her if she was heading home and she confirms it. Hina tells her not to be so formal by calling her “Kaichou” as they’re outside school now. They walk together home.

Aww, isnt that sweet? I suddenly recalled a similar scene just two episodes ago...

Aww, isn't that sweet? I suddenly recalled a similar scene just two episodes ago...

Back at the Sanzenin estate, Maria forced Hayate into a maid outfit and made him clean up the mess he made when he slammed through the window as punishment.

A Hayate no Gotoku!! episode about maids is not complete without Hermione!

A Hayate no Gotoku!! episode about maids is not complete without Hermione!

He then complains as he was the only one being punished. Linn appears behind Hayate and congratulates him for being a good maid as well.

Yeah, thats what she said...

"Yeah, that's what she said..."

…and what about our main heroine?

Oh, the usual...

Oh, the usual...

April Fool’s are always amazing.

And so we find out just exactly what makes Harukaze Chiharu so popular among the fans in the manga world. Secretly working as Sakuya’s maid under the name “Haru-san”. This episode proved to be a very dedicated “Maid” episode as everything and almost everyone were maids (Maria, Saki, Isumi, Haru-san and of course, Hayate).

Of course, the funniest point in this episode is that it’s about maids… and when we say maids… we think of none other than Maria-san! Well, the joke is that they didn’t go for the most obvious place to seek maid teachings from! In fact, they completely ignored Maria’s constant appearance.

Truly a maid overload episode. Perfect for those who love maids.

Next time, it’s Shiranui vs Tama, ROUND 2!!

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!



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