Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season Episode 19 – Parody ; Present

August 12, 2009

This weeks featured Duel: 3 v 1, the Three Stooges vs Nagi!

This week's featured Duel: 3 v 1, the Three Stooges vs Nagi!

Spring is the start of new things. Nagi makes a resolve to be a better person but gets lost in Shinjuku after Hayate went to buy a cellphone. Very interesting references come her way. After that, we learn that Sakuya’s birthday is almost here and her friends think up of a good way to make her laugh on her birthday by using Maria.

Expect some Sakuya and less Hina.

Last time, Hayate planned to give Ayumu a White Day gift in exchange for the chocolates he received last Valentine’s Day. He sought help from Hinagiku, who gladly lent him a hand, but inside, she feels a bit sad. After a misunderstanding, Hayate gives the return gift to the wrong person. To make up for it, Hina again helped him by leading him to a cafe that she knows, making him use the ingredients and stuff inside. In the end, Hayate successfully gave Ayumu the return gift… and Hina earned one as well, from Hayate, later that day…

Youre not the only one who wakes up at noon, dont worry.

You're not the only one who wakes up at noon, don't worry.

The episode starts with what seems to be a parody of the opening sequence of every Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei episode. Nagi wakes up, and stares at the clock. It was already past noon and she just woke up. She thinks that Hayate and Maria took her words seriously about letting her sleep as much as she wants during spring break. Actually, both of them were trying to wake her up but she just won’t get up.

The world started spinning on its side...

The world started spinning on its side...

She reflects upon her actions of being a hikkikomori who does nothing but eat, play games, read manga, watch anime and then sleep. She starts to realize it’s not a good lifestyle. She changes her outfit and exclaims that she’ll aim to be a better person today… but she goes to a rough start as she leaves her undressed pajamas on the bed.

Whose idea was it to stack them up so high anyway?

Whose idea was it to stack them up so high anyway?

In the kitchen, Maria and Hayate were arranging things. Maria suddenly alerts him of the falling dishes beside him. He successfully catches all of them safely but Maria claims that she heard a cracking noise. As Hayate places down the plates, he checks on his outfit and finds his cellphone, destroyed… again.

Maria tells Hayate to buy a new cellphone. After all, it’s very inconvenient to not have one these days. Suddenly, Nagi arrives and asks Hayate where he is going. Hayate says he’ll head to Shinjuku. Nagi then tells him that she’ll also come. Maria and Hayate quickly panic and looks at the calendar. It’s still not April so it’s no April Fool’s joke. Nagi becomes annoyed by this and tells them she’s now the new Nagi! Nagi 360 Elite!

Later, Hayate and Nagi arrive at Shinjuku. They observe the very crowded place. Nagi makes a slight reference to Suzumiya Haruhi by saying that with this many people, even if you’re not the heroine of a famous novel, you’ll realize your insignificance. They arrive at the electronics store and Hayate fills up a form for a new phone. Realizing that Nagi is growing bored, he allows her to browse around. He thinks she’s not like Isumi who gets lost after taking his eyes off of her. But he soon realizes his mistake…

Isumi isnt the only one with a record-breaking missing rate.

Never take your eyes off of lolis...

Nagi wanders around the store. She looks around and doesn’t see Hayate anymore. Soon, she reaches the Lost Child Department and reports that her companion is missing but the lady leads her inside the waiting room and broadcasts her name and description in the mall for her guardian. Naturally, Hayate hears this and goes off. Nagi insists that it is a mistake and she isn’t the one lost but she still gets placed inside the waiting room.

Bandit Keiths sons.

Bandit Keith's children.

Inside the waiting room, Nagi sees three oddballs who seem to be troublemakers. They ask her how she got there and Nagi continues insisting that she was brought inside by mistake. They continue annoying her for getting lost at that age and soon, she pulls out a Deck of cards from her pocket. She challenges the three of them to a Duel!

Always bring your Deck of cards with you. You wont know when a challenge will appear!

Always bring your Deck of cards with you. You won't know when a challenge will appear!

Adapting 5Ds VS Screen!

Adapting 5D's' VS Screen!

Brats turn: (Full bar)
- Summons Hanabishi Miki, Segawa Izumi, Asakaze Risa and adds Katsura Hinagiku
- Nagi loses half of her... something... (Half bar)

Quite a powerful combo indeed.

Quite a powerful combo indeed.

Nagi's turn: (Half bar)
- Summons Sanzenin Nagi and Ayasaki Hayate
- Attacks using Ayasaki Hayate
- Brat does a Cosplay Summon, Honorable Student Council President
- Katsura Hinagiku's ATK goes to 8500 points.

Ayasaki Hayate

Ayasaki Hayate

Cosplay Summons are the best...

Cosplay Summons are the best...

The brat thinks he’s won the game but Nagi tells him that her turn isn’t over yet! Time for a comeback!

Continuing Nagi's turn:
- Does a Cosplay Summon herself, Three Thousand Nagi. Making Sanzenin Nagi's ATK go to 7500. When it defeats an opponent, she is allowed another attack as long as the top card of her Deck is a Character Card.
- Activates a Support Character Card, Ojousama wa Boku ga Mamoru. It raises Sanzenin Nagi's ATK by 5000 points. (ATK: 12500)
- She makes their... bar thingy drop to nothing. She then draws, CHARACTER CARD! Attacks again, draw: CHARACTER CARD (Ayumu)! Attack! DRAW, CHARACTER CARD (Maria)! Draw! CHARACTER CAAAAAAAAAAAAAARD!
- *clears throat* Erm, got carried away... anyway, Nagi is the clear victor!

The Key Card of the Week making its appearance: Three Thousand Nagi.

The Key Card of the Week making its appearance: Three Thousand Nagi.

Meanwhile, Hayate goes to the Lost Child Department and finds Nagi actively playing the kids, calling her “Boss” (or Taichou). Nagi embarrassedly denies that she told the kids to call her that. Upon leaving the area, heading back to the mansion after getting Hayate’s new cellphone, Hayate teases Nagi by thanking her and calling her “taichou” as well.

Part B. The day is March 29th. Sakuya comes up to Hayate. For a strange reason, she calls Hayate by his name instead of the usual “shakkin shitsuji”. Anyway, it seems like her brithday is coming up: April 3rd. Hayate reminds her that he doesn’t have any money to buy anything that would make Sakuya happy. Sakuya tells him she doesn’t need anyrhing else but a laugh on her birthday. She expects Hayate to make her laugh.

At the video rental store, Wataru wonders how he’ll be able to make Sakuya laugh. After all, she is the one who did a lot of things for him, to the point where she gave her Hakuou Gakuin slot to Wataru. He ponders for a bit and suddenly cracks a very old joke which stuns Saki…

Lame Joke STUN time: 5.2 seconds on Kijima Saki.

Lame Joke STUN time: 5.2 seconds on Kijima Saki.

After snapping out of it, Saki commends Wataru for his joke, but Wataru knows it was terrible and goes off for a walk.

Butlers and maids have to ensure their master are always encouraged.

Butlers and maids have to ensure their master are always encouraged. Laugh no matter how bad it is...

Back at the Sanzenin estate, Hayate asks Nagi’s help in how to make Sakuya laugh. Nagi then concludes that it is a very tedious task, but realizes that laughter comes from human observation. If a person is funny, surely, the observer would laugh. Using this theory, they stare at Maria…

Who wouldnt stare at such a beautiful maid?

Who wouldn't stare at such a maid?

Feelings their odd stares, she asks them if there’s anything wrong and Nagi and Hayate just lets her do her job. She exits the room and Hayate wonders again, as they can’t just spy on Maria the whole day.

Sunday boxes... one can only wonder what is under the unopened boxes...

Sunday boxes... one can only wonder what is under the unopened boxes...

Nagi suggests using Sunday boxes. Hayate picks the “Sa” box and under it is…

Gautamans ultimate weapon. Sakuyas favorite.

Gautaman's ultimate weapon. Sakuya's favorite.

They wonder what a harisen is doing there. Sakuya comes in and tells them that they have to “jab” it into the “joke”. She’s basically explaining the boke and tsukkomi routine popular in Osaka. Hayate then exclaims that he can’t whack Maria, he’d get killed! Nagi then assure him that Maria would just laugh… if he doesn’t do it too hard. Sakuya also tells him not to worry… if he doesn’t do it too hard.

It is a very dangerous mission. Hayate and Maria clean a room together. In the background, Nagi and Sakuya observe Hayate. Hayate thinks it’ll be very hard, considering that Maria may be a bit slow but she’s an all-around almost perfect human being which is, according to Hayate’s own words, equal to or greater than Hina. He listens to Maria’s continuous humming. Soon, he realizes that the song was from a robot anime from a long time ago…

Hot-blooded Maria!

Hot-blooded Maria!

He now thinks… will be jab or will he not jab? He’s at a very difficult situation. He then asks Maria what song she was humming and she explains that she just heard it when Nagi listened to it all night long. She doesn’t know the name but it became stuck in her head. Hayate feels very relieved now that he did not whack Maria without any thinking. Well, waiting for Maria to crack a joke is like waiting for Pluto to be seen by the naked eye in the night sky. They all think they should just rush in and attack.

Same as before.

Same as before.

Maria spots a piece of broken glass window and when they all heard what she was saying, Hayate rushes in for the kill, but trips over the carpet and ends up in Maria’s chest.

Cursed with (mis)fortune.

Cursed with (mis)fortune.

Of course, Nagi does not like this turn of events.

Of course, Nagi does not like this turn of events.

At least someones happy, so its mission accomplished.

At least someone's happy, so it's mission accomplished.

And Maria did not even have a clue about what transpired behind her back...

And Maria did not even have a clue about what transpired behind her back... Nyoro~n...

After that fiasco, Sakuya thanks Hayate for providing her with a good laugh. She then tells him to also do a good job on her birthday, meaning Hayate has to undergo such treatment again…

Sparkly Sakuya~

Sparkly Sakuya~

Sakuya continues off and sees Wataru, Isumi and Nagi from outside. She peeks and sees that Nagi is telling Wataru and Isumi about comedy. She tells them that if someone makes a joke, they should jab at it. Isumi says she hasn’t made any jokes before and Nagi thinks that is a joke. She alerts Wataru to whack Isumi and hesitates after seeing Isumi’s face…

Heres a short Isumi service before the end of the video!

Here's a short Isumi service before the end of the video!

He stops and Nagi whacks him instead. She then orders Wataru to make a joke this time and he protests that why don’t SHE make a joke and HE’LL whack her. Isumi then comments that Wataru’s punchlines are always off their mark and he becomes depressed. Sakuya laughs outside as the episode ends.

Thats all folks!

"That's all folks!"

What’s with all the Yu-Gi-Oh! parodies lately? Is it because the anime is turning 10?

It’s very refreshing to see a dedicated parody of somethintg in Hayate no Gotoku once in a while. I kinda missed that thing from season 1 with all those countless references that would really make you laugh. Well, as you can see, I deliberately made the first part a bit like my YGO posts.

Notice how they didn’t show the characters being attacked in the Duel scenes. Guess they didn’t want to incite a character debate war…

I think most of you know where Nagi’s card was based on. The parody of Atem using Berserker Soul to continuously attack Haga directly by discarding one card from the top of his Deck as long as it’s a monster card which was discarded.

What’s this? The episode contained very limited amounts of Hina! Oh well, there’s Sakuya anyway!

Anyway, the next episode seems to be about a maid… not only that, Isumi appears as a maid! Shh… be quiet though… that maid sure isn’t Harukaze Chiharu…

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!


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