Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 70 – Incredibly Loli Forest

August 8, 2009

During the taping of episode 70 of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds... the camera crew spotted something that is rumored to be a loli... as seen circled in red on the left part of the screen...

During the taping of episode 70 of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's... the camera crew spotted something that is rumored to be a loli... as seen circled in red on the left part of the screen...

A Ruka/Rua-centered episode. Ruka gets lost in a forest and ends up in a mansion in the middle of it. Rua comes to the rescue but is stopped by the inhabitant of the mansion, who sees him as a bad guy. Yusei arrives to provide assistance. Rua has to Duel and win against it by himself in order to save Ruka.

Last time, the episode was centered around Jack, trying to find a job and eventually facing a loan shark, Garome. He successfully defeats his filler opponent to make him stop fooling around with the poor people. But in the end, Jack never found a job.

The Yu-Gi-Oh! production team had to rent out the Brotherhood's shack from the X-Men series.

The episode starts in a mansion in the middle of a forest. It seems like an old, creepy place, perfect spot for rumors to go around about a ghost living in it. A boy was making his way towards a giant elegant bed, calling out to the person lying down Claire. The room had a collection of dolls. The boy promises the girl that he will protect her from the bad guys no matter what.

Tenpei, Rua and Ruka, starring in Lost: Kids Edition.

Tenpei, Rua and Ruka, starring in "Lost: Kids Edition".

Meanwhile, Tenpei, Rua and Ruka were wandering around the forest. It seems Rua had wanted to explore the mysterious forest, much like how a normal kid would. Rua seems very scared and Tenpei teases him but he denies it. Ruka, not really quite scared, suddenly stops as Rua and Tenpei continue to walk off. She senses something deeper into the forest in a different direction and suddenly, her eyes turn blank. She gets lured into it.

Kuribon pops out as a spirit and Regulus does the same. Regulus warns Ruka not to proceed anymore as he feels a powerful spirit inside the forest. She completely ignores him even after he popped out after 20 episodes just to say those lines. Suddenly, a sort of barrier pushes Regulus and Kuribon away and Ruka goes deeper… disappearing from sight…

Poor Regulus talks one time after 20 episodes only to get completely ignored by Ruka.

Poor Regulus talks one time after 20 episodes only to get completely ignored by Ruka.

After the OP, Crow and Yusei were talking about the forest in which people have been rumored to get spirited away. Yusei suddenly ties the case to the Ghost incident and Crow says he’s thinking too much. Those things are only kids talk. Kids like talking about legends and stuff like that. Crow dismisses himself to get ready for work.

Back in the forest, Ruka is now wandering aimlessly alone. She suddenly stops after stepping on a fallen twig. After regaining consciousness, she now finds herself surrounded by vines, trying to entangle her and fulfilling every lolicon’s dream. Before anyone gets any bright ideas, a bastar–err, kid comes in and uses Heavy Storm to destroy all the tentacle vine trees.

Everything is better with tentacles...

Everything is better with tentacles...

The boy introduces himself as Michel and invites Ruka over to his mansion. He assures her that she’ll be safe there with his younger sister, Claire. Meanwhile, Tenpei runs inside Yusei’s place and seeks help. Luckily, Yusei was inside, tuning up the D-Wheel prototype again. Tenpei tells him that Ruka is missing in the forest and Yusei quickly goes off to find her. He can’t let any damn spirit take his loli away!

Rua continues searching around the scary forest. Despite being scared and hearing ghostly wails, he moves on as his sister is more important. In the meantime, Michel leads Ruka inside the mansion. He claims that he’s been Dueling bad guys to protect his sister, but no one believes him. Ruka then tells him that she believes him, as she can see the Duel Monster Spirit World. Michel seem to have felt it too. He says that Ruka has an interesting power.

Michel, with the haunted mansion in the background.

Michel, with the haunted mansion in the background.

Michel leads Ruka further and inside Claire’s room. He says that Claire has always been scared of the bad guys so he has to protect her. Ruka asks him where their parents were but it seems they left without saying a word. Claire hasn’t spoken at all and so Ruka thinks she’s just sleeping. Their conversation is cut short as Michel feels that someone is coming.

He then tells Ruka to stay inside the room with Claire. He’ll handle the bad guy outside. The bad guy outside turns out to be Rua. He’s there to retrieve Ruka. Michel faces him and Ruka hears Rua’s voice from outside. She shouts from the window and Rua confirms that Ruka really is inside the mansion. As he dashes towards the door, Michel’s power shuts the front doors tight. In order to pass, he needs to Duel Michel first. Ruka tells Claire that her brother is mistaken. He really is: Ruka finds out that Claire is actually a doll!

Claire... or so Michel thinks it is.

Claire... or so Michel thinks it is.

...Uh-oh. Rukas dead...

...Uh-oh. Ruka's dead...

Michel's turn: (4000 LP)
- Michel plays the Continuous Spell, Circle of Life. It disallows players in using Spell Cards unless they discard a Spell Card during their turn.
- He discards Mirror of the Captive in order to activate another Continuous Spell, Circle of Terror. They have to discard a monster card in order to Summon a monster during their turn.
- He discards Sleepy Beauty, as long as it remains in the Graveyard, all Zombie-type monsters on his hand have their levels reduced by 1. Hollow Spirit's level turns from 5 to 4 so he can Normal Summon it without a tribute. He does so.
- Activates Hollow Spirit's effect: When there is a Zombie-type monster in the Graveyard, it inflicts 800 damage to the opponent. Rua's LP drop to 3200.

The effects of Michels Continuous Spell Cards, Circle of Life and Circle of Terror.

The effects of Michel's Continuous Spell Cards, Circle of Life (yellow) and Circle of Terror (pink).

Hollow Spirit

Hollow Spirit

Rua feels like the damage he just took was very real. He wonders if Michel was a Psychic Duelist. Ironically, Ruka is just helplessly watching the match through a window, much like when Rua fought Divine. After Rua drew his card, Michel explains that Mirror of the Captive prevents any monster from attacking while it is in the Graveyard except for Zombie and Machine-type monsters. Rua then smirks, his Deck is safe, it’s filled with Machine-type monsters!

Rua's turn: (3200 LP)
- He discards Morphtronic Datatron in order to summon Morphtronic Scopen. Through Morphtronic Scopen's effect, he Special Summons a level 4 Morphtronic monster, Morphtronic Videon, from his hand.
- He tunes them together in order to Synchro Summon his ace card, Power Tool Dragon!
- Through Power Tool Dragon's effect, he adds an Equip Card to his hand: Break Draw.
- He discards Morphtronic Cord to activate Break Draw, which lets him draw a card whenever the equipped monster destroys a monster by battle.
- Power Tool Dragon destroys Hollow Spirit (Michel: 2900 LP) and Rua draws a card.
- When Hollow Spirit is destroyed, Hollow Ghost is Special Summoned to the field.
- Sets a card.

The Key of the Week makes its appearance: Power Tool Dragon!

The Key Card of the Week makes its appearance: Power Tool Dragon!

Hollow Ghost

Hollow Ghost

During the middle of Rua’s turn, Yusei arrives on his D-Wheel. Rua explains the situation to Yusei and tells him to go on and rescue Ruka as he’s busy playing card games. Michel gains a ghastly aura around him. Yusei smashes through the door with his ride. He then notices a portrait of Michel and a young girl in the wall. Then it’s time for Crow’s Random Storytelling time.

Call the Ghostbusters!

As ghosts become more advanced, can the Ghostbusters learn how to play card games in order to defeat them?

He explains that there was a family living in the forest back then. Only the two siblings remained. The brother had been looking over the sick sister but it was too much. The sister had lost to the sickness. Soon afterwards, the brother had also followed his sister’s path.

Spot the error in that statement!

Michel's turn: (2900 LP)
- Attacks Power Tool Dragon using Hollow Ghost (Rua: 2900 LP). Rua sends Break Draw to the Graveyard in order to save Power Tool Dragon from being destroyed.
- Hollow Ghost's effect activates: When a card is sent to the Graveyard, the opposing player takes 600 damage (Rua: 2300 LP).
- Through Circle of Life and Circle of Terror's effect, Michel sends a Spell Card and a monster card from his hand to the Graveyard and Rua takes 1200 damage (Rua: 1100 LP).

Yusei makes his way around the mansion and sees a door with a dark aura. He opens it and discovers all the people who have been spirited away, trapped in trading cards, floating around a dark room.

PeGaZooS wuz ere!!

PeGaZooS wuz 'ere!!

As Michel ends his turn, he exclaims that he will protect his sister from everyone who wants to hurt her. Rua then explains that he shares the same sentiments. He won’t let anyone hurt Ruka! He figures out that Michel’s power comes from his Circle of Life and Circle of Terror. He has to take care of those first.

Rua's turn: (1100 LP)
- Rua activates his Trap Card that he drew through Break Draw in his last turn: Morphtronic Impact Return. He returns Morphtronic Datatron from his hand to the Deck in order to return Circle of Life and Circle of Terror to Michel's hand.
- But because Rua used a Trap Card that will go to the Graveyard, he takes 600 more damage through Hollow Ghost's effect (Rua: 500 LP).
- Rua activates Power Tool Dragon's effect and takes an Equip Spell Card from his Deck, he receives Power Pickaxe.
- He equips it to Power Tool Dragon. Power Pickaxe's effect activates and he removes a monster from Michel's Graveyard that has a level lower the equipped monster. Rua removes Hollow Spirit and Power Tool Dragon gains half of its ATK points (ATK: 2900) and because Hollow Spirit was removed from the game, Hollow Ghost's ATK drops to 0.
- Power Tool Dragon destroys Hollow Ghost and drops Michel's LP to 0.
- Rua takes the win!

During the battle, Yusei bursts in the room where Ruka is being held and inside was also the real Claire’s spirit, sobbing and looking for his brother. The doll on the bed glows and Ruka discovers a card being held by it.

And now Yusei has a boner.

And now Yusei has a boner.

Hooray for random cards.

Hooray for random cards.

After the Duel, Michel falls to his knees. He becomes frustrated over the fact that he failed to protect his sister. Ruka, now rescued by Yusei, tells Michel that it’s not entirely true. Claire’s spirit appears and goes towards Michel. She pleads for him not to hurt those people anymore. Rua was just doing the same thing Michel is: protecting his sister. Michel says he has failed but Claire tells him that he has protected her enough. They’re already not among the living anymore.

For some reason, it was so much of an important card that they didnt explain what it was nor what it means to them.

It was so much of an important card that they didn't explain what it was nor what it means to them.

Michel apologizes for his actions. Ruka hands over the card she found in the doll’s hands to Michel and he accepts it. Rua promises Michel that he will protect Ruka as Michel did to Claire. Michel and Claire start to ascend to the air and glows… then starts to dissolve into particles of light. Soon afterwards, the mansion also disappears.

It's Yubel's fault.

The house was also a ghost.

The house was also a ghost.

The people who were spirited away return after the mansion disappears.

Alright! The illegal loggings can now proceed smoothly!

Alright! The illegal loggings can now proceed smoothly with the ghosts gone!

Yusei explains that Michel’s will to protect his beloved sister was so strong that his spirit was bound to the house and the people who entered the forest seemed like an enemy. Michel did not realize that he was no longer alive. If Michel was alive, Rua thinks they could have been friends and Ruka says the same. They go off with Yusei as the sun sets.



Rua finally wins on his own without any outside interference!

Kids love these kinds of things. Stories about witches, the thing in the closet or under their bed, a man who takes bad children away, things about the dark and unknown. The fascination over these things that can’t be explained are what drives people to hunt down the mysterious. Although it involves card games, we can’t deny the fact that this kind of thing happens too in other kinds of literary works or even in real life. The story of a spirit, so bound in their responsibility, that they don’t want to accept or not realize that they’re no longer among the living. And that strong sense causes a lot of mischief or rumors.

So let’s talk about the episode.

Those tentacles were a disappointment. I expected better! They didn’t even touch an inch of Ruka’s skin!

Nobody takes Yusei’s loli and gets away with it. As a matter of fact, he almost run down Michel when he entered the mansion of doom.

I actually hoped to see more Morphtronic support in this episode. The closest thing I got was Morphtronic Impact Return. Break Draw is kind of good but uh… it’s not really a specific Morphtronic support card.

Anyway, since the past few episodes were centered around Crow, Jack, Ruka and Rua, the next one shows Aki, looking for a missing Yusei with Mikage. It also seems like one of the new people in the OP appears too next time. Weird, normally the loli is the one getting kidnapped but… the lolicon? That’s new.

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!


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