Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season Episode 18 – Cookie Caper

August 7, 2009

What did you expect as the opening image this time?

What did you expect as the opening image this time?

It’s White Day and Hayate thinks of a return gift for Ayumu even though she said she didn’t want any. Hayate seeks help from Hinagiku, and the latter becomes torn between doing what is right and what she wants. Of course, she does what she thinks is right, as part of Maria’s advice but the struggle in her feelings are evident. More misfortune comes in Hayate’s way as he tries to deliver his return gift for Ayumu.

Last time, Nagi met an alien named “Maya”. Believing she would get a super nice body, Nagi helps Maya back to her spaceship but discovers Hayate heading to the Saginomiya onsen. A quarrel between them starts and it leads to Nagi being taken away by the spaceship to space. Isumi regains her powers through Hayate’s blood and helps him save Nagi. Later that episode, Nagi reveals the story about her mother passing away, and that she resembled Hayate a lot.

The day is March 14th, a month after Valentine’s Day, which means today is White Day. The episode starts with a flashback of episode 16, with Hayate riding a bike with Ayumu in the back, asking if she wanted a return gift for White Day but she declined the offer. But back in the current time… Ayumu is already regretting declining the offer…

What can I say? Toothpaste tastes good when its flavored...

What can I say? Toothpaste tastes good when it's flavored...

At the Sanzenin mansion, Hayate feels that he has to give Ayumu a return present, after all, she cares a lot about him. But the biggest question is what to give her. He then turns to his ojousama for help, asking what she might want and Nagi answers that she wants… a drill. A drill that those huge robots use. Hayate then reminds her that it’s Monday, so there are classes and Nagi says that if she had a drill then maybe she’d have the willpower to go to school. Yeah, it’s desperate. So Hayate decides to seek someone else for help.

My... thats a huge cookie.

My... that's a huge cookie.

Meanwhile, at Hakuou, Hina hands Miki a box. Miki asks her what it was for and Hina reminds her that she gave her a chocolate back in Valentine’s Day, so it’s proper that she give a return gift. Miki then starts to blush and thanks her, turning around and fidgeting.

Awuwuwu~ kawaii Miki~

Awuwuwu~ kawaii Miki~

Gack! Fangirls!

Gack! Fangirls!

As the other girls see this, they all approach Hina and also ask for their return gifts. They all wanted to taste the President’s homemade cookies and Hina promises them that she’ll make some for all of them.

Later, Hina wanders around the shopping district. She wonders why she was handing out cookies in the first place since girls are the ones supposed to be getting them, not giving them away. Then she remembers that she failed to give anyone chocolates back in Valentine’s Day so it’s only natural that she doesn’t receive any return gift. She suddenly spots a cute cookie basket filled with what else but cookies.

Todays main focus... COOKIES!

Today's main focus... COOKIES!

Hina continues admiring the cookies, thinking that any girl who would receive such a thing from a guy would be very happy. Suddenly, Hayate greets her from behind. He thanks Hina for helping out the other day, taking care of Nagi and Maria on the train. Hina says it was nothing but Hayate is very thankful that because of that, he was able to have a long conversation with Ayumu. Hina then remembers what happened during the onsen last episode…

Who can ever forget?

Who can ever forget?

Hina then tells him to take care of Ayumu as she’s a very kind girl. Hayate replies that he actually wanted to ask Hina advice on what to give Ayumu for White Day. After all, Ayumu helped save Nagi from the killers. This somehow hits Hina. She suggests that cookies are standard so why not pick them. Hayate then spots the cute cookie basket that Hina was admiring just a few minutes ago. Hayate asks if that could work. Hina pauses again, then tells him that any girl that would receive those would definitely be happy.

Hayate thanks HIna for the advice and Hina tells him that he shouldn’t tell Ayumu that she helped in picking the present.

Ai rabu yuu~

"Ai rabu yuu~"

Hayate enters the shop to purchase the cookies and HIna leaves. She wonders if Hayate would also be that dedicated if she gave him chocolates back in Valentine’s. She stops and cheers herself up by thinking of giving Ayumu some of her cookies too, as she also received chocolates from her. She dials Ayumu’s number but… Ayumu’s phone is broken thanks to episode 15. The only options are “Hang up” or “Snap”.

She picks the latter…

And so, Hayate walks around carrying the basket. He thinks all he has to do now is to give it to Ayumu with a thankful heart but Ten no Koe gives him something else to think of: “How?”. He doesn’t know HOW to give Ayumu his return gift. He has never done it before. Should he call her out or wait for her somewhere? He begins to grow nervous…

In the background, Ayumu pops out from behind a tree, stalking Hayate. She wonders what Hayate is holding onto. She deduces that it’s a White Day gift for her. As if, she adds to her thought. In any case, she’ll just try greeting him with a simple hello. Hayate then thinks that he should practice first and it will relieve his nervousness. Hayate prepares to practice giving Ayumu his gift and Ayumu prepares to come out of hiding and greet Hayate. 1, 2, 3! They both do it at the same time!

You expected it but... its still funny.

You expected it but... it's still funny.

Unfortunately for Hayate, his misfortune continues. Maria admires the cookies and accepts them. She then continues to wonder why Hayate did not just give it to her inside the mansion and she quickly thinks it’s because he’s shy about it. She happily straddles off, thanking Hayate. He couldn’t tell Maria that it wasn’t for her after all that.

Hayate wonders what he’ll do now. He has ran out of money to buy a new set nor buy ingredients to make new ones. As he turns around, he runs into Ayumu.


You always run into people you least want to run into at certain situations.

Hayate becomes even more nervous. If he backs out, he’s gonna be less of a man. He yells at Ayumu, telling her to wait for him at the park until 6pm. He has something to give her! Ayumu yells back, saying she will be there!! Hayate tells her she to be definitely there!!! Ayumu replies that she will be definitely there!!!!!!!!

Maria returns to the mansion and Nagi asks if she has any snacks with her. Great timing. Maria has the cookies that Hayate gave her so they eat together.

Depressed, Hayate continues pondering while walking. At this rate, he won’t be able to face Hina. As Hayate tempts fate, he does run into a jogging Hina… and his troubles continue…

Part 2. Hayate asks why Hina was there and Hina tells him that it is her usual jogging course. Hayate starts to sweat. If he tells Hina that he lost the White Day present supposedly for Ayumu, he’ll be yelled at again. Like a kid who doesn’t want his mother to find out his bad grades. Hina then jogs off and then stops midway, saying that she’s relieved that Hayate seems like he was able to give the present.

Hina glares at Hayate. She noticed Hayate’s “uwe” sound. Hayate has no other choice but to explain everything… in fast forward! Hina begins lecturing him again as he apologizes. Hayate reveals the problem at hand: he has no money anymore…

Is it just me or does her eyes look serpentine... or whatever the hell that word was...

Is it just me or does her eyes look serpentine... or whatever the hell that word was...

Hina tells him that she won’t lend him any money. She then proceeds to ask him how he doesn’t have any money as he works as a butler. Surely, he’s being paid gallantly. Hayate explains that it is because all of his pay goes to his debt. He does get money but he’s been spending a lot lately. Those things were the milk for Shiranui during the first time they found it, the ingredients for the homemade cookies that became Hina’s birthday gift and the gifts for Maria and Nagi back in episode 10.

Hina says she’ll fix Hayate’s negligence. She tells him to come with her. They arrive at a place called “Cafe Donguri”. Inside, Hina calls out to a person she refers to as “Master”, the master of the cafe. The Master teases Hina for bringing a guy over and she explains that Hayate is just her classmate. Hayate introduces himself and the Master tells him his name is Kaga Hokuto.

Master of Cafe Donguri, Kaga Hokuto

Master of Cafe Donguri, Kaga Hokuto

Hokuto says that he and Hina have known each other for a long time. It seems Hina works at the cafe during break periods. She asks the Master if Hayate could use the ingredients in the cafe and he happily lets them. Hayate says that Hina shouldn’t do all this just for him but Hina corrects him. It’s not for him, it’s for the person who is anticipating his promised gift. Hayate thanks Hina once again for her kindness and she leaves, giving Hayate her support.

Sometimes, helping someone else can also hurt you.

Sometimes, helping someone else can also hurt you.

It’s almost 4pm. The promised time is 6pm. Hayate prepares to make cookies. Hokuto tells him to use whatever he wants to use in the cafe. It’s the time of the day when people don’t usually come in anyway. If people did, they’d only want a cup of coffee. But as Hayate speaks up, several hot-blooded customers come in, looking for sushi, pork cutlets and ramen…

Back at the Sanzenin mansion, Nagi wonders why Hayate would suddenly give Maria cookies as he was the one who gave Maria chocolates during Valentine’s. Maria thinks and now wonders after consuming the cookies. Really. Eat before you ask. Anyways, Nagi can’t help but think that Hayate may be caught up in some weird trouble again.

The cafe is now packed with people, with orders coming in from every direction. Hayate had to help out Hokuto because of the amount of customers today. Hokuto explains that it’s not like that everyday. Strangely, hot-blooded people are swarming for a meal. Hayate works non-stop in the kitchen for the orders and looks at the time. He only has 1 hour left to bake the cookies.

Meanwhile, Ayumu continues waiting for Hayate’s gift. She comments on how greedy people are. She already said she didn’t want anything in return but in the end, she’s waiting for Hayate’s return gift at the park.

Whee~ Random Ayumu screenshot!

Whee~ Random Ayumu screenshot!

Hayate continues to prepare meals. He now begins to become very depressed over the fact that he always screws things up. As he falls into despair, two angels come to the rescue.

Kaichou Apron Mode, on!

Kaichou Apron Mode, on!

Maid Apron Mo--oh, its always on...

Maid Apron Mo--oh, it's always on...

The Tag Team of Maria and Hina, the Hakuou Captains, take over for Hayate. They allow him to go off and give Ayumu his present. It seems Hina had told Maria about Hayate’s problem when she ran into her and Maria told Hina that she was the one who received the cookies. Hayate leaves and Maria starts cracking. Hina becomes amazed at Maria’s working speed.

Ayumu continues waiting at the park. It’s the promised time. She looks around and then Hayate arrives. He made it!

Just like Michael Jordan!

Just like Michael Jordan!

Hayate explains that even though Ayumu said that she didn’t need a return gift, she helped Nagi a lot during her time of need and he also liked the chocolate that she gave him so he hands her the cookies.

This park has seen a lot of love.

This park has seen a lot of love.

Later that day, Hina walks back to her home, exhausted from work. She thinks that what she did is for the best anyway. Ah, she doesn’t care anymore. She wants to head home quick and rest.

Maria returns back to the mansion and Nagi tells her she’s getting hungry. Maria then happily proposes that she’ll cook anything. Nagi then wonders where Hayate is and Maria tells her that he just has something to attend to.

We suddenly get shifted back on Hina’s route. Hayate calls out to her and she turns around. Hayate tells her that he wanted to give Hina something before the date could change.

Sudden turn of events!

Sudden turn of events!

He explains that she’s always looking after him. He’d be happy if Hina would accept his cookies.



Hina walks a few feet away and then pauses, asking him if he’s planning to get away with just a cookie for all she has done for him. Hayate panics and Hina says that she’s just kididng and…

Good deeds are rewarded with good things.

Good deeds are rewarded with good things.

Hina tells him that she’ll give him a Valentine’s chocolate next year but quickly tells him that it’s only an obligation chocolate after he reacted. And they walk off, into the night, together.

The End~

The End~

Aww… such a nice episode. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

We get a new OP and ED. The OP is by KOTOKO called “daily-daily Dream” and the ED is by Kugimiya Rie (CV: Sanzenin Nagi) and Shiraishi Ryouko (CV: Ayasaki Hayate) called “Karakoi ~Dakara Shoujo wa Koi wo Suru~”.

At the first half of the episode, I felt heartbroken seeing Hina like… suffer inside. I thought it was one of those things where the idiot martyr lets her friend gain the advantage. Well, I wasn’t wrong about that. But the outcome was pretty nice. She received something that she rightfully earned for doing what she thinks is right. During the majority of the episodes where she had to decide, she had always picked the situation that would benefit her friend instead.

People are very greedy. But knowing that doesn’t necessarily mean you can avoid it (Ayumu). People are aware they are greedy but they still have greedy thoughts and intentions. Even people who put other people before them always think first about their own situation (Hinagiku). They may think it’s the right thing but when it comes to love, you only hurt yourself. Greed is what motivates people and drives them into despair when everything falls apart (Hayate).

You can argue with those things above but it doesn’t change the fact that everyone is naturally greedy.

In any case, the next episode is about… spring break! Aim to be the King!

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!


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