The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya S2 09 – Endless Eight (8)

August 6, 2009



Well, well. The Haruhi franchise sure likes to leave its fans hanging: Eight whole episodes of original animated content, depicting the same events over and over again (with a few variants). However, fortunately for us fans, this seemingly endless loop ends here.

So, anyways, surely you all know the drill by now! You’ve watched it happen seven times already! (This is nothing compared to Yuki, of course)

Somethings wrong... again.

Something's wrong... again.

So, Kyon receives a phone call from Haruhi, and the whole gang gathers, equipped with their swimwear.

I-its the swimsuits from Lone Island Syndrome!

I-it's the swimsuits from Lone Island Syndrome!

Then after swimming, they play around for a bit more, their “summer menu” consists of events such as bug catching, part-time working, and hanging out at O-bon festivals.

yukata POWER

yukata POWER

So, things happen, and we eventually arrive at the turning point. The one that has exhausted its impact over the course of time: Kyon receives a phone call from a sobbing Mikuru in the middle of the night.

The future is NOW; so why cant you contact them?

It's the last loop already; so why can't you contact them?

As it turns out, Kyon and the rest of the universe are trapped in an endless time loop formed from Haruhi’s subconscious desire for a neverending summer vacation. As Yuki calmly states, the past two weeks or so have been repeated a total of 15,532 times, with different variants. (Which is more or less what we experienced over the last two months?)

Lets go home.

"Goodbye, Kyon-kun."

And so, time passes, and the moment of truth arrives. Just as Haruhi dismisses the crew, Kyon awakens his True Powers.

W-wait! Senpai! Where are you going!?

"W-wait! Senpai! Where are you going!?"

"Those times we spent together... Were they all lies?!"

"Those times we spent together... Were they all lies?!"

I finally understand!! These feelings are...!!

"I finally understand!! These feelings are...!!"

Suddenly, something happened. Something that had not happened in the previous 15,531 instances of this scenario.



I love you! Please go out with me!!

"I love you! Please go out with me!!"

At the eleventh hour, Kyon stands up and shouts out to Haruhi: he had just remembered that he had not yet finished his summer homework;  and then he invites Itsuki, Yuki, and Mikuru over to his house for a last-minute-homework party.

...! *yandere awakening*

"...!" *yandere *

...!!   *really complicated emotions that may lead to questioning of subjects sexuality*

"...!!" *complicated emotions that may lead to questioning of sexuality*

......! *Imouto-chara(?)-type jealousy*

"......!" *imouto-chara(?)-type jealousy*

The rest of them catch on quickly, and accept this sudden turn of events.

....... *tsundere blush*

"......." *tsundere blush*

S-stupid Kyon!! W-w-what are you saying!!?

"S-stupid Kyon!! W-w-what are you saying!!?"

Haruhi, who had already finished all of her assignments, was starting to feel left out, so she uses her authority as chief to force Kyon to let her go with them.

September 1st. The world is saved.

September 1st. The world is saved.

At long last, Haruhi is satisfied; the flow of time reverts to it natural form, the world is saved, and the sun rises on the morning of September the First. The episode closes with Kyon and Itsuki peacefully enjoying a game of poker while discussing the many particularities of their recent journey.

Well, now that this arc is finally over, we only have five episodes left for this season. Probably just enough for the Disappearance arc to finish. But was it really necessary to drag this relatively unimportant chapter out across the span of eight whole episodes? I think not. (I was really looking forward to seeing Yuki being all vulnerable during the snowy mountain case.)

Also, five new character image song CDs have been scheduled for release on 9/30; one for every SOS-dan member. I sure hope that they’ll include songs for the heroines’ alter personae. (deredereYuki, Loli Haruhi, and Asahina large)



  1. Oh noes, IT’S THE END OF DENWA! What am I gonna do now without my Endless Eight episode every Thursday night, huh?!

    • i dunno, maybe you can watch disappearance episodes

      yeah, like, five months later. (i get the feeling that they’re going to troll us again)

      • I bet the disappereance episodes have *cough* disappeared *cough*

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