Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 65 – New Season, New Villains

July 3, 2009

The main(?) cast of Season 3.

The cast of Season 3.

Half a year after the defeat of the Dark Signers, Neo Dominto City and Satellite have become one. The Signers are all living peacefully as normal citizens. But as an odd-shaped meteorite falls near the City, a new threat arrives in the form of people from Yliaster, the new Directors of the Security Management Bureau. A Duelist named Ghost challenges people into Riding Duels on the highway and causes problems after it.

Last time, Yusei, Jack and Crow had defeated Rex Goodwin and destroyed the King of the Underworld. The Signers have all defeated their dark counterparts. But as they think everything is over, they were badly mistaken. A new threat arrives in Neo Domino City six months later…

Key Card of the Week is Wise Core.

Space… Man has yet to discover everything beyond our tiny little planet. Whether there may be intelligent lifeforms out there or just a piece of science fiction, nobody knows. But it isn’t everyday that a rectangular-shaped meteorite falls on Earth and actually survive in one piece.

Anyway, we get a new OP for the new season. The third season/arc’s OP is titled FREEDOM by La-Vie.

New entry number 1.

New entry number 1.

New entry number 2.

New entry number 2.

Ruka and Aki as school girls? Duel Academia? IS THAT DIVINES KID RUKA HAS BROUGHT?!

Ruka and Aki as school girls? Duel Academia? IS THAT DIVINE'S KID RUKA HAS BROUGHT?!

Yliaster, this seasons villains?

Yliaster, this season's villains?

Their respective ace cards.

Their respective ace cards.

From school girls to cheerleaders. I guess theyve been thinking lately.

From school girls to cheerleaders. I guess they've been thinking lately.

As the OP ends, we are brought to the Security Management Bureau Headquarters. Jeager was waiting for the new Director assigned to the Security as Rex Goodwin had died in the war during the Dark Signer Revival arc. He suddenly receives a call and the person on the other line informs him that a giant meteorite fell outside the city.

Jeager! We missed you!

Jeager! We missed you!

The meterorite in question. Completely unfazed by our planets gravitational pull and atmosphere.

The "meterorite" in question. Completely unfazed by our planet's gravitational pull and atmosphere.

At the impact zone, three mysterious and ridiculously-dressed people were standing in front of the rectangular object that fell from space. It seems they know exactly what the thing is. One of them even comments that it is the first one, meaning that there will be more of these things. Another one also remarks about it being “Classid’s cards”. The first one who spoke up referred to the other two as Luchia and Jose, though it wasn’t specified which of the two is which.

Suddenly, Security arrives along with Jeager. He tells the three people to get out as it was a restricted area. They reveal that they will be his new bosses. Jeager suddenly realizes that these people are from Yliaster, the group briefly mentioned in Rudger’s background story back in Season 2. He apologizes and tells the other Security members to take the meteorite away.

The scene shifts to night in the highway as a Duelist is suddenly attacked by a Duel Monster. Shortly after that, Security were gathered. Ushio and Mikage are on the scene to investigate. It seems the Duelist from earlier crashed after dueling. He must have forgot that he’s riding a motorcycle. One of the Security personnel provides them with information on what they know so far. The D-Wheel was crushed badly. They wonder if it was Ghost’s doing. It seems that this wasn’t the first time it happened.

After that, Jack, Yusei and Crow are shown inside some kinda building. Jack was on a test D-Wheel and Yusei is facing a computer. It seems they were developing a new kind of D-Wheel. Crow tells Jack to step on the accelerator but as he accelerates, Yusei notices an irregularity and tells Jack to stop but Jack couldn’t hear because of the noise the accelerator was making. The D-Wheel explodes, causing some people to have a look at what happened.

Jack and Crow argue about whose fault it was that the D-Wheel exploded. Suddenly, an old lady called Zora appears to lecture them. It seems that she is the owner of the compound that they were using. She let them in because she is a good friend of Martha’s. She tells them to leave and Yusei apologizes. As he does though, Zora suddenly changes her attitude and tells them that she’s doing what a parent would do and was just kidding. A Security car arrives outside. They all went out to see and it was Ushio and Mikage. Zora apologizes for the commotion but Ushio assures her that they’ve come on a different purpose.

Inside, Ushio asks them if they were developing a new D-Wheel again. Yusei tells him that they want to win next year’s Grand Prix. Now that Satellite and the City have become one, they wanted to find their place in the new world. Jack asks them what they came there for and Ushio asks them if they know about Ghost. Crow says he does. Ghost is a mysterious Duelist who challenges people to a Riding Duel on the highway and makes them crash.

For convenience and plot purposes, Ushio explains the new procedure in Riding Duels. As the new City, Riding Duels have been allowed on the highway, but on a separate course. The Speed World card has also been upgraded into Speed World 2. Through this change, many Duelists from all over the world had come into the City (yet again) to play card games on the highway. What they’re being puzzled about is how Ghost is able to make the opponent crash, which isn’t supposed to happen in normal Riding Duels. Crow figures out that what Ushio wants is them to lure out Ghost. Yusei doesn’t mind but Crow strongly disagrees. Crow says that they’re busy with the Grand Prix and they can’t waste any more time for their dream. Crow pushes Mikage and Ushio out so they can continue with their experiments.

Speed World 2, being used by Yusei.

Speed World 2, being used by Yusei.

As they drive off, Mikage seems a bit disappointed that they declined the offer so fast. Ushio thinks Crow is right. After all, they all placed their lives at stake and saved them from the Dark Signers half a year ago. Now they’re living as normal citizens. They shouldn’t bother them anymore. Ushio decides to take on Ghost by himself and rides off that night along with some Security people called “Duel Chasers”.

New eyecatch art for the new season.

New eyecatch art for the new season.

Second eyecatch for the new season.

Second eyecatch for the new season.

Part B. Ushio reminisces his first Duel with Yusei. He believes that after meeting with Yusei, his life changed. Now he thinks that he has bothered Yusei enough and wants to show him that he can also protect the City by himself. Suddenly, an unidentified D-Wheel is spotted by Ushio. He is being forced to engage in a Duel. Ushio gladly accepts and activates the new Field Spell, Speed World 2. A new lane is made and they were led in a special highway where Riding Duels may be conducted safely without causing inconvenience to normal vehicles.

New season complete with new VS screen mode.

New season complete with new VS screen mode.

Field Spell: Speed World 2 set by Ushio.

Ushio's turn:
- Summons Samurai Sword Baron.

Ghost's turn: (SPC: Both 1)
- Summons Wise Core in Defense Position.
- Sets 2 cards.

Ushio's turn: (SPC: Both 2)
- Summons Jutte Fighter.
- Begins tuning LV 2 Jutte Fighter with LV 4 Samurai Sword Baron.
- Synchro Summons Goyo Guardian.
- Attacks Wise Core using Goyo Guardian.
- Ghost responds with Negate Attack.
- Activates Speed Spell - Count Up. When he has 2 or more Speed Counters, he can discard 1 card to add 2 more Speed Counters to himself. (Ushio: SPC 4)
- Activates Speed World 2's effect: By using 4 Speed Counters, the opponent takes 800 damage for each Speed Spell on his hand. Ushio has 2 Speed Spells on his hand. Ghost takes 1600 damage. (Ghost: LP 2400) (Ushio: SPC 0)

Because it is very hard to add.

Because it is very hard to add.

Ushio explains that in Speed World 2, players who take damage no longer gets their Speed Counters reduced by 1 for every 1000 damage.

Ghost's turn: (SPC: Ushio - 1, Ghost - 3)
- Activates his second face down card: Spark Breaker. It destroys all monsters on his side of the field. Wise Core gets destroyed.
- Wise Core's effect activates. When it is destroyed by a card effect, it can Special Summon a monster called "Machine Emperor Wisel".
- Suddenly, upon getting Special Summoned, the monster absorbs Ushio's Goyo Guardian and gains its attack power. (ATK: 5300)
- Ushio receives a direct attack and loses the Duel.

Ghosts Ace Monster, obscured by the plot.

Ghost's Ace Monster, obscured by the plot.

Getting home from work, Crow passes by and sees ambulances and a D-Wheel wreckage. He suddenly realizes that the man being carried away on a stretcher was none other than Ushio. Jack and Yusei rush to the hospital and sees Mikage and Crow waiting. Ushio is being taken away by doctors and Yusei asks Ushio what happened. Using the last of his strength, he tells Yusei not to use Synchro Monsters against Ghost. Mikage explains that Ushio didn’t want to cause them any trouble anymore so he decided to take on Ghost himself.

Poor Ushio... taken out at the first episode of season 3.

Tomoya will be enraged...

Back at the compound, Crow blames himself for not lending Ushio a helping hand. Yusei tells him to stop. They now know that Ghost is really bad news. Yusei passes Crow’s helmet to Crow. They’re now riding off to look for this Ghost person. The three of them set out on their D-Wheels to find Ghost and exact revenge for Ushio.

Surely enough, Yusei runs into Ghost. They quickly engage in a Duel.

Here it is again!

Here it is again!

Field Spell: Speed World 2 set by Yusei.

Ghost's turn:
- Summons Wise Core
- Sets 1 card

Yusei's turn: (SPC: Both 1)
- Summons Max Warrior
- Attacks Wise Core using Max Warrior. Max Warrior's effect gives it 400 more ATK points when attacking. (ATK: 2200)
- Ghost activates a Trap Card: Kline's Labyrinth. When the opponent attacks, all Battle Damage becomes 0 and monsters are not destroyed by battle this turn. In addition, the attacking monster's ATK and DEF points are switched until their next turn's End Phase. (ATK: 800)
- Main Phase 2, Yusei Special Summons Rally's Turbo Booster because he had Normal Summoned a monster successfully this turn.
- Uses Turbo Booster's effect and destroys Wise Core.
- Wise Core's effect activates: When destroyed by a card effect, it destroys all monsters on his side of the field and Special Summons 5 monsters. Namely, Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity, Wisel Top, Wisel Attack, Wisel Guard and Wisel Carrier.
- Ghost activates Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity's effect and suddenly, all five pieces were merged together to create one monster: Machine Emperor Wisel.

I form the body!

"I form the body!

I form the arm!

"I form the arm!"

I form... another arm!

"I form... another arm!"

I form the part where the reproductive organ is... oh and the legs!

"I form the part where the reproductive organ is... oh and the legs!"

And I form the head!

"And I form the head!"

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Voltron the Defender of the Universe!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Voltron the Defender of the Universe!

Eek~ Dont touch me~

"Eek~ Don't touch me~"

And the episode ends there

By the way, we also get a new ED called -OZONE- by vistlip.

Where’s the “Nani kanna~ Nani kanna~?” every start?! I want those back!

So we already go rushing into the plot eh? Just like how Season 2 started so fast.

The new interface… well, we get the 1337 VS screen… we also get to see the monster’s level just below the ATK/DEF point. But one thing… I hope they get rid of that Tuning equation… 2+4 is obviously 6. Please do not rub it in our faces…

In 6 months, we see high-tech highways that have these system that creates automatic and specialized paths for Duelists of the Riding variety. Also, do not tell me that in 6 months nobody has ever showed up to replace Rex Goodwin as Director.

Let’s talk about that giant brick which fell near the City. How come not one soul saw a huge flaming object falling near them? One of the Security personnel even claimed that it was “just outside the City”. Only people concerned with the plot had seen this event. Not to mention how this giant object did not shatter into millions of pieces on impact nor actually break down in the atmosphere. Not only that, there wasn’t even any force on the impact. Sure, it was on a giant crater but won’t the impact be felt by the whole city as it fell just a few miles away? Oh well.

Let’s move on to the main characters. Truth be told, I was refreshed to see Jack in a comedy scene between him, Yusei and Crow. But the plot really moves fast and gives them no time for more. No one even mentioned what the other Signers were doing now nor if they still had any connection with them. In any case, has the title of King really become worthless now? Yusei had won the title of King back in season one but season two never really explored it. Jack was the undisputed King before Yusei. Yet they still live like nobodies. They may have chosen to live that way but before that, the King was an icon. A celebrity admired by people yet now, it seems like no one cares… it even seems like said title did not even exist in the first place.

How much lucky can you get anyway? You set out to look for Ghost and he appears to you for the first time. Applying to Ushio and Yusei, thought he may be really targetting Yusei. The theme of Infinity is probably this season’s theme for the villains. I wonder if this’ll have any connection to the Signers as Yliaster was briefly mentioned by Rudger back when he was still a Signer. I also wonder if we’ll be seeing the fifth Signer dragon this season as all Signers are now present.

Anyway, I hope this season doesn’t turn out bad. I liked the new OP with Ruka in a school uniform and a cheerleading outfit. The ED was pretty iffy thanks to that weird art which makes them all look deformed in some way.

Now she looks like a real witch!

Now she looks like a real witch!

Ruka and Rua? More like Plusle and Minun.

Ruka and Rua? More like Plusle and Minun.

Probably intentional due to the upbeat nature of the ED but meh. Well, I still like Last Train more but -OZONE- seems better than Cross Game. I still can’t decide if Start is better or not.

So yeah, this is the Bunny Chief, over and out.



  1. how is the leader of ghost of yugioh 5ds

  2. If you wanna know, you should keep on watching. The next episode answers that question.

  3. I’m still waiting for them to add something wrong.

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