Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season Episode 13 – Fighting Feelings

July 1, 2009

The main focus of this episode.

The main focus of this episode.

As the power of bokutou Masamune grows, Hinagiku’s emotions flow uncontrollably and spills her heart out to Hayate in the middle of their duel. She receives the best birthday present and reveals her past that is very similar to Hayate’s. A 100% Hayate x Hinagiku-friendly episode and one unforgettable episode.

Last time, Hayate was the target of a doll craftsman’s curse, forcing him to cross-dress for a good amount of time. One easy way to dispel it is to defeat the master of the highest point of the area: the Hakuou Gakuin’s Student Council President, Katsura Hinagiku. One thing led to another as Nagi gets kidnapped by Segawa Kotetsu. Hayate had to rescue her but ended up forgetting that he is to meet Hina at the clock tower. He hurries back to school when no one is around anymore and he finds Hina sleeping in the room.

A silent campus in the middle of the night. Only one boy and one girl inside one room. A special birthday celebration is about to begin.

We take a look back a few hours after the birthday party. Hina was waiting at the clock tower for Hayate. The appointed time was 9:00pm but it was already 10:00pm.

The clock is innocent!

The clock is innocent!

As the clock is being almost crushed by Hina’s deadly grip, another hour passes. Hina begins to think that Hayate may have decided not to show up because he hates her. After arguing with the clock again, she remembers the first time she and Hayate met…

Because Im Butlerman!

"Because I'm Butlerman!"

Hina wonders if Hayate even remembers the first time they met. Don’t worry, Ayumu also wondered that but Hayate never forgot. She falls asleep and dreams about her past. She was with Yukiji and upon asking where their parents were, Yukiji stays silent. Chibi Hina goes off to run and look for their parents.

Aww~ Isnt that cute? Shes looking for her parents who abandoned them for some particular reason~

Aww~ Isn't that cute? She's looking for her parents who abandoned them for some particular reason~

Her dream is cut off by an approaching Hayate, who had just arrived at that time, calling out to her. She realizes that Hayate is now there and looks at the time. She finds out it was already 11:30pm. Hayate nervously laughs and gets almost hit by Hina’s bokutou Masamune in response. Hayate apologizes and Hina misinterprets it as Hayate looking for an opportunity to catch her off-guard and attack. He denies it and admits that he forgot about their meeting… of course, this really pisses off Hina. Bokutou Masamune starts to take a purple glow. Hina tells Hayate to get his weapon but he says he’s fine. He’ll just concede but Hina isn’t fine with it and attacks.

*insert 4000 each beside them*

*insert 4000 each beside them*

Meanwhile, Isumi and the Priest from the Sonia arc were drinking tea at the Saginomiya Estate. They discuss about Hayate and Hinagiku’s duel. The Priest wonders why Isumi had chosen to make it a weapon fight and she thinks that the winner of the match would be easily decided with weapons as someone who drops theirs will lose automatically. As the Priest asks who will win if they ever had a serious fight, as the curse had already been dispelled so there’s no reason for Hina to lose on purpose, Isumi tells him that Hayate will be at a great disadvantage. One is because Hayate isn’t good with fighting girls, also shown when he never attacked Hina once in the Butler Tournament and merely snatched her necktie to make it an automatic victory. And the second reason is… Hina is still in possession of Bokutou Masamune.

Wooden sword Masamune... Hinas signature weapon.

Wooden sword Masamune... Hina's signature weapon.

The Bokutou Masamune, as explained by Isumi, is a “Hougu” (treasure tool) of the Saginomiya clan. This reminds me a bit of Shakugan no Shana, as they also used such a term for their magical objects (ex. the Reiji Maigo is a Hougu). The wooden sword amplifies the user’s strength by great degrees… but of course, there is an equivalent exchange: the user’s emotional level is also amplified.

As their duel continues, Hina swings the now-empowered sword with great strength. Hayate has no other choice but to jump away and avoid a direct hit. As he wonders what to do, as unlike the Butler Tournament, there is no conditional victory option, the embodiment of an angel who is also his finishing move, appears beside Hayate. It was Obi-wan… well, actually, a squirrel who thinks he’s Obi-wan. He persuades Hayate to do his “B-Dash Attack”, presumably, his finishing move featured during the Sonia arc he called “Hayate no Gotoku”.

Next thing we know, the final boss is actually Hayates FATHER!!!

Next thing we know, the final boss is actually Hayate's FATHER!!!

Like what a pettanko would say: Bigger doesnt always mean better!

Like what a pettanko would say: "Bigger doesn't always mean better!"

Hina had closed in the distance between her and Hayate and slashes, barely missing Hayate but she does hit the squirrel and sends it flying away, though only Hayate can see him.

Hes explaining what the card hes playing does!

He's explaining what the card he's playing does!

And with that, Hayate’s finishing move was sealed off. Hayate backs away, apologizing more for not showing up. Hina begins to tell him that he doesn’t how much she had to go through the days before her birthday. Hayate apologizes again and blames it on the things he had to do. Hina continues attacking as she reminds him of his promise about his gift. She also tells him that she knows that she’s not cute nor very feminine. She realizes that she cannot control herself anymore. Hayate braces for impact but… Hina suddenly stops before she hits Hayate. He sees tiny water droplets fall on the floor…

Gah... shes crying! Hayate has doomed humanity!

Gah... she's crying! Hayate has doomed humanity!

Her tears drop and soon, Bokutou Masamune also falls. She leans on Hayate and tells him that he should put more effort into remembering her most important day. Hayate apologizes once more…

Meanwhile, Nagi senses a disturbance in the force.

And yes, that was a pun on Star Wars...

And yes, that was a pun on Star Wars...

…and she talks about the difference between the chronological order of the DVD and the broadcast order on TV… With that, we go to Part B.

As Part B starts, we are brought back in time once again to several days before the incident. Nagi feels pretty uneasy that Hina might fall in love with Hayate if he gives her a present. Hayate doesn’t think so while panicking and he asks Maria to support his opinion.

In 5,000,000 out of 5,000,000 million... what are the chances?!

In 5,000,000% out of 5,000,000% ... what are the chances?!

…and Maria says that it cannot possibly happen.

Back to the future… or present. Hayate serves tea to Hina, who is now sitting on a chair, still inside the room. Hina can’t believe she not only cried in front of Hayate, but also leaned against him.

This is usually the aftermath of a tsundere going into full deredere mode.

This is usually the aftermath of a tsundere going into full deredere mode.

Hina fears she might lose this battle… although she doesn’t really know what kind of battle this has turned into. She brings up the topic of her birthday gift. She pulls out the watch that Nagi gave her and asks Hayate if he has something to beat it. Hayate gives her a small pouch of a homemade cookies. He tells her that he has nothing grand to offer her like her rich friends so he purposely went for something simple yet something he made himself. He also reminds her that his family is filthy poor.

That is a cookie being represented as a cake in Hayates past to emphasize his familys poverty, by the way.

That is a cookie being represented as a cake in Hayate's past to emphasize his family's poverty, by the way.

Hayate wonders if he lost (as Hina randomly proclaimed it as a battle). Hina then assures him that he didn’t lose and thanks him for the gift. She tells him that she also experienced having a cookie instead of a cake and a small hairpin as a gift for her birthday. Hayate becomes surprised because the Katsura family are wealthy on their own standards. Hina reveals that the Katsura family… are not her real biological family. Her real parents, before her sixth birthday, sold her (and her sister, Yukiji) for 80 million yen.

Through some shady business, Yukiji was able to pay off their debt.

It involves guns, the military and coffee beans.

It involves foreigners, guns and coffee beans.

After they were freed from their debt, Yukiji got them adopted by the Katsura family. Mr. Katsura was apparently Yukiji’s grade school teacher and was always worried about them. Hayate was surprised that Hinagiku had such a past. She believes that there may be a reason why both of them, she and Hayate, were left by their parents. She also tells him that she loves her current mother… but she also loves her biological mother.

Hayate suddenly holds her hand and asks her to go to the terrace with him. He assures her that he will hold onto her tightly, one hand to her hand and another to her shoulder. Hina slowly opens her eyes.

A magnificent view of the Tokyo horizon.

A magnificent view of the Tokyo horizon.

Yes... I had a really fun time taking these screenshots~

Yes... I had a really fun time taking these screenshots~

Before her was a magnificent view of the night sky and the city. She becomes amazed at what she was missing the whole time she was always up the clock tower. Hayate tells her that it was the same view that she showed him during the first time they met. He does remember the first time they met. He also adds that they may have deep wounds in their hearts caused by the past, but where they stand now in the present isn’t so much of a bad place. Hina finally realizes something…

I salute to the Priest! Mission accomplished.

I salute to the Priest! Mission accomplished.


*sigh*~ Now if only those Japanese text would move away...

She was thinking that if she came to love her, she was afraid that like her real parents, he will leave her. She tells him about how stupid she was, having to brood over and becoming afraid. Hayate asks her if she’s still afraid and she tells him that she is… but she doesn’t feel bad about it anymore.

The next morning, Hayate and Nagi were walking down the path to school. Nagi seems to be more afraid now that Hina might fall in love with Hayate but Hayate tells her that it’s impossible. On cue, Hina runs past them and greets them cheerfully. It may or may not be surprising but… she reverts back to using the first name basis in referring to Hayate, which she stopped using after Hayate led her to a hanging bridge.

The sudden change in style and effect emphasizes this change.

The sudden change in style and effect emphasizes this change.

You dont need to be psychic to notice that one of the contenders has gained an edge.

You don't need to be psychic to notice that one of the contenders has gained an edge.

And finally, Hina became true to her feelings. Admitting that she loves Hayate in her mind.

…but what about her fear of heights?

Miki, you need to caress her and hold her or else she cant do it.

Miki, you need to caress her and hold her or else she can't do it.

Nope, she hasn’t gotten over with it…

Unlike the previous episodes where this is normally the part where we hear “H-I-N-A HINAGIKU HAI HAI~”, we see a Hayate no Gotoku Special Omake.

Ten no Koe explains what happened to Segawa Kotetsu after Nagi’s KO kick finish last episode. He got arrested, apparently.

You see Izumi, you cant get out of kidnapping that easily unless your show is about childrens card games.

You see Izumi, you can't get out of kidnapping that easily unless your show is about children's card games.

Hayate feels glad that Kotetsu got sent to jail. Actually, he’s REALLY happy.

Though because it was Kotetsu’s first offense and because Nagi was forgiving, his sentence wasn’t that heavy. Hayate wishes Kotetsu had been imprisoned for life instead. It seems he was quite upset about running around the school in a very embarrassing outfit due to that so he’s really ticked off.

After doing some community service and paying some penalties, he was still allowed to return to Hakuou Gakuin as a student. Hayate isn’t really happy anymore. Kotetsu suddenly pops out of nowhere and claims that he is now out of jail by law.

I guess we get to keep our Hayate x Kotetsu yaoi.

"Yeah, that's what she said..."

I guess we get to keep our Hayate x Kotetsu yaoi.

I guess we get to keep our Hayate x Kotetsu yaoi.

Hayate beats him up shortly after. More importantly, HINA STEALS THE LAST WORDS!

The end of an amazing episode, an amazing arc overall. This has to be one of the most epic Hina episodes ever made. As a Hina fan, I feel like I reached Nirvana.

What’s more is that Hina became completely true to her feelings. So the problem? Didn’t she promise to “cheer on” Ayumu? You see, this is why you should keep your hands away from these kinds of things. The mediator in a love relationship has the HIGHEST percentage of being a rival. Almost every anime that has a mediator in love relationships ALWAYS fall in love with (one of the) main characters.

I’d say I really enjoyed at how romantic this episode turned out to be. It surpassed my expectations by several levels. Is it just me or are they really going more on the romantic path?

Well, the next episode is the start of the new arc: “Saginomiya-ke no Ichizoku”! There was a new song being featured in the next episode preview. Do my best! by Shizuka Itou. The last one featured was again from Shizuka Itou: Honjitsu, Mankai Watashi-Iro! which was also the current ED being used.

Contrary to popular belief, the comedic quality hasn’t changed drastically in the succession of 2nd Season. It just now focuses more on characters, not someone getting kidnapped then rescued/overthrowing Nagi as the sucessor of the Sanzenin Estate.

This is the happy, happy Bunny Chief, over and out! Spread the good work that is Hayate no Gotoku! today to your friends… if you have one!



  1. Very nice summary, thanks :)

    *Bookmarks the Blog*

  2. I have a feeling that…… Kotetsu……will be ….a………RAPIST

  3. I’m a HAYAxHINA FAN~ In fact, I am planning to create a Hayate and Hinagiku fiction story in the FanFiction website but I don’t know when I would exactly publish it though. One thing is for sure that I have loads of ideas I want to put in that story of mine~ :D

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