Naruto Chapter 453 – Change of Plans

June 27, 2009

You actually had expectations for these people?!

You actually had expectations for these people?!

Tobi alerts Sasuke of what happened to Konohagakure and his failure to secure the Hachibi. Sasuke is forced to divert his attention from destroying the village to killing the five Kages. Meanwhile, Naruto agrees to tell the Kumogakure ninjas what they know about Akatsuki. Also, Gaara returns after about 173 chapters.

Last time, Naruto, Sai and Sakura were confronted by the Kumogakure ninjas after overhearing that they know Sasuke. Danzo tells Sai to look after Naruto carefully and the meeting of the five Kages was made known.

As Taka, Sasuke’s team, race through the forest heading to Konohagakure, they were greeted by Tobi. He used his Sharingan to pinpoint their location and somehow teleport there or something. Sasuke becomes annoyed and tells Tobi that Taka is no longer a part of the Akatsuki. But then Tobi tells them about the Hachibi being a fake one. Taka is surprised.

I expected the Over-The-Top-Anime-Reaction.

I expected the "Over-The-Top-Anime-Reaction".

Tobi tells them that he has other plans for them now. Sasuke charges him with his Chidori but it passes through, just like before. Tobi tells Sasuke that it’s too late now. Konohagakure has been destroyed by Pain.

It doesnt have any effect on foe TOBI...

It doesn't have any effect on foe TOBI...

As they become puzzled over what he means, Zetsu appears beside Tobi and provides explanation. Tobi adds that Danzo is now the new Hokage and Sasuke is shocked. He knows that Danzo is one of the elders in the village who pushed Itachi into assimilating his own clan. Because of all the commotion that Sasuke and Pain caused, the five Kages have begun to move and now they’re holding a meeting. As Zetsu continues the explanation, we cut to Naruto and company.

The Kumogakure ninjas question Team Kakashi. Sakura can’t believe that Sasuke is a part of Akatsuki. As one of the ninjas ask Sakura what Sasuke means to her, she breaks down crying. Naruto asks them if they were sure and they reply that they are, since they saw the mark of the Uchiha and the descriptions matched. Sai tells them to leave Naruto and Sakura alone. After all, as the village has allowed the execution of Sasuke, they can just ask the officials instead. The Kumogakure ninjas tell them that their captain is now in the process of acquiring information through that and they just wanted to learn more. They couldn’t just sit around and do nothing while they fear about their master, the Hachibi’s host, Killerbee’s life.

As they say that Naruto and company wouldn’t understand, Naruto remembers how he wanted to take revenge on Jiraiya’s death. He asks them if Killerbee is a Jinchuriki. They were surprised that Naruto knows about it and he says that he is also one. He says he also knows a lot about Akatsuki as they have already attempted to capture him several times now. He adds that Akatsuki wants hosts to be alive so their master may still be alive. That made their hopes go up and Naruto agrees to tell them what they know about the Akatsuki.

Naruto remembering Jiraiya...

Naruto remembering Jiraiya...

Zetsu was telling Taka of Naruto’s battle with Pain and how he won by just himself. Zetsu adds that he might be stronger than Sasuke now. Sasuke says he doesn’t care about that and that their plans have changed: they’re going after the Kages instead.

Admit it. Youre jealous and pissed off.

Admit it. You're jealous and pissed off.

Zetsu then splits into half and says that he will lead Sasuke’s group to the meeting place of the Kages.

He took the word split-personality literally...

He took the word "split-personality" literally...

Zetsu, the one which stayed with Tobi, feels relieved that it went smoothly. Tobi still can’t believe that Nagato used the Rinne Tensei on the villagers as he had planned to have Nagato use it on him instead. Even if Sasuke becomes more powerful than Nagato, if he can’t be controlled then he is useless. He doesn’t seem to be ready to sync with their statue yet. As Zetsu asks him what he plans on doing now, Tobi tells him that he’s going to make a move now as Naruto is wrecking his plans. He calls it the “Moon Eye’s Plan.”

Tobi will make his move.

Well, finally, dude...

Meanwhile, in Sunagakure, Kankuro, Temari and Gaara are now ready to go to the meeting of the five Kages.

After hundreds of chapters of being absent, the Suna siblings are back.

After hundreds of chapters of being absent, the Suna siblings are back.

Woo, Gaara! He’s back!

I wonder though, how much power was taken away from Gaara after the Ichibi was extracted? Looks like there’s a possibility of Gaara facing Sasuke again.

Tobi looks like he’s gonna make a move now. Finally. I guess the loss of Nagato was quite a huge blow to Akatsuki.

Sasuke’s really a prideful person. I mean, really… going up against all five Kages? What the hell has he accomplished in his latest battles to make him think like he can defeat them?

Let’s see…

vs. Orochimaru, win. The guy was on a damn bed and was struggling with his dying body.
vs. Deidara, win. He blew himself up…
vs. Itachi, win. He had a disease and died in the middle of the battle due to it.
vs. Killerbee, win. He kinda played dead and then escaped.

Quite a nice record you have there, Mr. Uchiha.

It’s just weird to entrust such a grand plan like eliminating all the leaders of the great villages to Sasuke and his mighty gang. I believe that in 3/4 of those battles I mentioned, the other members of Taka weren’t present. What difference would it make? The Hachibi escaped even when there were already four of them battling it. They even got tossed around and severely wounded by it. Heck, if it weren’t for Juugo, Sasuke would not be there anymore due to that injury.

Why, oh why?

This is the Bunny Chief, puzzled over this event, over and out…


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  1. These are some great anime manga scans. I cannot wait to Watch Naruto Openings when I see the next episode.

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