K-ON! 13 – A Winter Day (Extra)

June 27, 2009

They really are the same, are they?

Oh god… The last episode of K-ON! This series really got a good run and I enjoyed every episodes of it.

Well then, let’s start the review.
The episode started with montages of each characters as what they are doing on one winter’s day with a melancholic background music to show how cold and silent winter is.

After the opening, the group are again on their favorite clubroom. It awefully silent until Hirasawa Yui entered the room and without any warning, puts both cold hands on Ritsu’s warm cheeks. Ritsu whoever, took revenge and puts both her hands on Yui’s cheeks. The three just looked at the two comedians as they do they do their tricks.

Yui then, tried playing her guitar though she gave up because it was so cold. She also tried using gloves but then she recognizes that she couldn’t play by using it. Mio called Ritsu as she stare out of infinity. Mio and Yui made her return to reality and started playing with Yui once again.

Yui then asked everyone to have a hotpot on their house. Sadly, everyone got something to do this time.

During their walk home as they talk about Ui’s present during the last christmas. Mugi stopped suddenly and told everyone that she need to go somewhere else. After Mugi left, they discussed why Mugi left and created some theories about her such as having a boyfriend and so.

The group was seperated into two: Azusa is with Yui and Mio with Ritsu.

While Azusa and Yui were walking, Azusa said that she need to buy something before going to the station. Yui asked Azusa what it is and replied that she’s buying some toys. Yui asked if she can tag along but Azusa said she can do it by herself.

On the other party. Mio asked Ritsu but was stopped after Ritsu stopped and looked back to where they came from. Mio asked Ritsu what is wrong, she replied nothing and started changing the topic.

At morning, another quick glances of the members are shown doing different things: Azusa revealed that she was taking care of her classmate’s cat. Mugi was hired by MAXe Burger (M*d*n*l*s). Mio was travelling to the sea using a train. Yui, hibernating as usual. And lastly, Ritsu, reading a letter until her brother called her.

Kawaii Azu-nyan~

The new member of M*d*n*lds. I bet their sales will be doubled

This is how bear hybernates during winter

Is this Itsuko?

Azu-nyan and Azu-nyan #2

While Yui and Ui were shopping, she emailed everyone about what is better: Marshamllow soy milk hotpot or a chocolate curry hotpot? as everyone is having a hard time.

Azusa was the first one to reply, saying to stop emailing her weird things and saying that she’s having trouble with Azu-nyan #2. Yui and Ui rushed to Azusa’s house immediately.

Azusa, who didn’t know anything about cats, was relieved that it was nothing that major. She apologizes to both Yui and Ui about it. Yui just fed Azusa marshmallon.

Then, everyone emailed back at Yui and they revealed about what they are doing.

The group decided to go to MAXe Burger (Mc*o*a*ds), visiting Mugi during her work. Yui discussed on how matured everyone have been and asked not to leave her behind. Yui also said that there’s nothing that have changed with Ritsu, which Ritsu completely against with. Mio then, asked about what Ritsu thought about the new lyrics she placed at her mailbox. Ritsu, who was thinking that it was a love letter until now, snaps and attacks Mio with her furious rage.

Back at their clubroom.

After Mio making a squeal due to her guitar touching her thigh, noticed that Mugi can play the keyboard even though it’s cold. Mugi replied that she have a high body temperature as the group touches her hands.

Yui made comment on Azusa’s hand being tiny, which resulted of Mio being emotional about her being cold-hearted woman with big hands. Yui then, replied to Mio that people with cold hands have warm hearts, resulting Mugi being emotional and placed both palms at the window.

Yui then, replied once again that Mugi’s hands, heart and everything about her is warm. Mugi replied with a smile.

My darling darling please~~

The discussion continious until the end of the background music. And that’s it, that’s the end of K-ON!


The Emperor’s thought:


I guess this is the end of K-ON! eh… whether or not there will be a next season, all I can say is that I’m satisfied to the way it is done until the very end.

As for the episode, I really like how this extra episode was created. It is calm and they added a melanholic presence as what they did on episode 11 (Sorry for not blogging that one… though if anyone suggests to do it then I will ;; ). For those who like watching anime such as Aria and so, I guess we’re the only ones who will know that this is a good episode.

See yah next season, ifever there was one

Anyway, again… thank you Kyoto animation for bringing us such good anime. As for now, toodles~


One comment

  1. Actually I don’t like Aria in particular. I can watch any other slice of life, just NOT Aria. Seriously.

    But yeah, this one was good. I kinda wish the whole thing was like that but whatever, it was still a decent watch.

    The crappy part about this ep is that it took me 6 hours to blog because the captions and the tables kept breaking and I had to resort to crappy layout to make it happen… Crappy K-ON 13… LOL :p

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