Shangri-La Episode 10 – Kuniko’s Decision

June 25, 2009
Unwanted fanservice?

Unwanted fanservice?

Like I said with my Hayate entry, sorry for the delays. Also, I keep waiting for subs from Gonzo.

Anyway, this episode, like what the title says, focuses on Kuniko’s road to recovery after Momoko is captured and found her friends at the Detention Center dead. This episode also contains some Lady Mikuni, Kunihito and Karin. Boy, they love the letter K in this show.

Last time, Momoko was captured and interrogated by Sayoko of the Moon Palace. Kuniko gets home and then finds out that her friends in the Detention Center have been killed by Ryoko. Emo level? Not really.

Takehiko, after digging like a real man in the last few episodes, along with some people are now busy removing some new species of plants in Duomo. It seems those things sprouted after the military attack early into the series. One of them brings up about Kuniko, who wasn’t there with them. Another one says that they can’t count on her anymore. She’s not willing to be Metal-age’s leader. Takehiko becomes enraged by this and gets up. He tells them he has entrusted all his faith into Nagiko, and Nagiko is the one who selected Kuniko as her successor so his trust also rests with Kuniko. But when someone brought up what happened to Momoko… they all became silent.

Kuniko remembers when she first met Momoko and Mi-ko.

She looks cuter if she kept that hairstyle, dont you think?

She looks cuter if she kept that hairstyle, don't you think?

She approached the two transexuals who have just reached Duomo and were given some food. She wonders if Momoko is a man or a woman and Momoko tells her that he’s an “okama” or a crossdresser. Kuniko further observes Momoko and sees a boomerang attached to her belt. Momoko notices this and tells Kuniko to stand back as she demonstrates how to use it.

Meanwhile, at the Moon Palace grounds, Mi-ko thinks about the boomerang that he stopped last time during the eclipse. He knows that it was undoubtedly Kuniko’s boomerang. Lady Mikuni tells Mi-ko that she wants to see the surface again, even just for a little while. Mi-ko tells her she can’t and she insists, waving around and this causes her earring to drop. She picks it up and Mi-ko attaches it back to Lady Mikuni’s ear.

Lady Mikunis earring, which Momoko also seems to have.

Lady Mikuni's earring, which Momoko also seems to have.

Epic pouting maneuver!

Epic pouting maneuver!

At Sayoko’s side, it seems she’s done torturing Momoko.

Bondage now?

Bondage now?

She asks him once again where he got the earring but he always tells her that he got it from a sale in Gotenbo. Sayoko then says that she’ll have no choice but to question Momoko’s friends instead: the kids with him during the eclipse. Momoko makes an angry face and Sayoko gets excited again. She takes out her magical syringe again and approaches Momoko.

Of course, an episode isn’t complete without even just 1% of it is a scene with Kunihito as he is such an indispensible character. He’s apparently sailing on a ship.

Apparently, hes seasick...

Apparently, he's seasick...

Takehiko finds Kuniko in the Clock Tower. He tells her about what’s happening around town. He also tells her to stop moping around as it won’t help her dead friends and Momoko. Kuniko tells him she wants to eat and leaves. Takehiko feels bad after knowing he said something so rash.

Back at the Moon Palace, Lady Mikuni tells Mi-ko that he’s it. She wants to play hide-and-seek. Mi-ko agrees and Lady Mikuni tells him to count to 100, as long as they get to return after playing. At Sayoko’s lab, she successfully placed some drugs inside Momoko’s body. She asks Momoko several questions in order to know where he really got the earring. But after a few questions, the roles are reversed as Momoko reveals that he knows about Sayoko’s life.

Role reversal in mind games... they always look so cool.

Role reversal in mind games... they always look so cool.

Momoko knows about Sayoko having a child, about 10 years of age. That she works overtime just so they cannot live poor. She raised her daughter up by herself. Sayoko reveals her daughter’s name to be Midori. But as he continues, Sayoko goes ballistic and chokes Momoko… or something… I couldn’t see what she was doing…

Meanwhile, Lady Mikuni makes her way towards the exit. Some guards block her path. She then suddenly asks them questions, and like the others whom she have questioned before that gave untruthful answers, they died. As she reaches the exit, the Anti-Light Shield suddenly becomes deactivated. Lady Mikuni becomes weak and falls unconscious just a few seconds of being exposed to sunlight. Her followers rush to save her, including Mi-ko.

Lady Mikuni = vampire?

Lady Mikuni = vampire?

In another place, Lord Hiruko, creepy as always, screams painfully, like always, and says something about the voice of Amatsumihashira, the pillar of heaven.

Part B. Karin complains to Klaris that Atlas has finally discovered MEDUSA. It seems some Minister leaked their info. Klaris then says that she has dropped Tarsian from the priority list and placed Karin on top. Karin doesn’t know what that means and before she could ask, Klaris leaves. It also seems like a typhoon was formed. The same one from the last episode.

In Ryoko’s office, Shogo and Soichiro report about the typhoon in Marshall Islands. They think it’s a natural shield by MEDUSA against the incoming invaders as they found out someone hacked through the Apollo space satellite. Ryoko doesn’t mind and tells them to proceed as planned. Shogo adds that the construction of Atlas is already 12 percent behind schedule. Ryoko says that the current prime minister is useless. She tells Shogo to make a press conference.

Back in Duomo, Kuniko makes her way inside Momoko’s room. She remembers the time when she was given a sailor uniform by Momoko. She wonders why the skirt is so short.

Dont worry, that only happens in harem and ecchi anime.

Don't worry, that only happens in harem and ecchi anime.

Momoko tells her not to fight then, but Kuniko wonders why she was trained to use the boomerang. Momoko explains that it primarily for self-defense. He wants Kuniko to have a normal life. Things were so hectic around and that’s why he wants her to live like a normal girl. Kuniko turns around and says that she has decided.

In the Moon Palace, Lady Mikuni’s condition has stabilized.

Now showing: The Mummy Returns Yet Again

Now showing: The Mummy Returns Yet Again

Mi-ko blames himself for it but Lady Mikuni says it was her fault. Sayoko stops them and puts the blame on herself, as she still cannot find a cure to Lady Mikuni’s condition. Lady Mikuni then tells her not to worry about it anymore. She also says that she heard a voice in her head when she fell unconscious. “Moon… Acsend to the heavens… and illuminate the night sky.”

A special broadcast catches the attention of everyone in Duomo. It seems the Atlas project has been shifted to the hands of Ryoko!

President Ryoko

President Ryoko

Kuniko remembers her face well. She was the warden at the time of the execution. The people in the press conference were celebrating after learning that Ryoko also planned a full-scale quick emigration of the surface people to Atlas. She guarantees livelihood support for all the people. After that, Sayoko is asking someone through a communication device about what Lady Mikuni heard, but she gets a standby response.

Kuniko returns home to her grandmother and engages on a serious conversation while eating pickled vegetables. She wants to protect everyone… and her solution is…

A new leader for the Metal-age: Hojo Kuniko!

A new leader for the Metal-age: Hojo Kuniko!

She says that she decided on that way before… but she couldn’t bring herself to accept if it was a good or bad decision. After that, Nagiko takes the symbolic sword and hands it over to Kuniko, as proof that she is now the new leader of the Metal-age.

Insert sparkly background here...

Insert sparkly background here...

But soon after she makes contact with the sword… she begins to go into a hypnotized state and utters the words. “Sun… Ascend to the heavens and illuminate the land.” Lady Mikuni and Kunihito’s swords also react to it.

As Ryoko speaks with the officials, the officials learn that MEDUSA is hiding somewhere in the Marshall Islands. One of them questions how they will send an attack force on a territorial land but Soichiro cuts in. He says that their aircraft carrier is now in the Marshall Islands, in standby mode. It seems that the ship Kunihito is in was the ship in question… it was fitted by the stealth armor featured in the Neo-Akihabara episode, camouflaging it as another ship!

What a clever disguise. Disguise a carrier for another carrier.

What a clever disguise. Disguise a carrier for another carrier.

Kunihito orders the ship to remove its camouflage in order to begin Phase 2, attack on MEDUSA!

Noooooo~ Momoko~

And so, Kuniko finally decided to take on the role of Metal-age’s leader. At least she didn’t spend about an entire arc moping around. I hate those kinda things that when the main character loses somebody/something important, they cry about it every episode.

What could Momoko’s words mean to Sayoko? What would Karin do in order to save MEDUSA? How will Kuniko lead the Metal-age? It’s still a long way to go, but I think I’ll follow this one.

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!


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  1. okama doesn’t mean crossdresser, please use she/her for momoko! She is a canon trans lady. Thank you!!!!

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