Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season Episode 12 – Birthday Bash

June 25, 2009
Whats a birthday episode without a surprise birthday party!

What's a birthday episode without a surprise birthday party!

Okay, I have to apologize for the delay. Normally, this would have been done about 4 days ago but my Internet connection wasn’t cooperating so I had to wait until it got fixed yesterday. I’d also like to apologize about my mistake in the last episode. The guy who confessed to Hermione Hayate is none other than the Segawa family butler, Kotetsu, not the teacher Kaoru. I’m a bit color-blind so I ended up being confused…also I don’t really remember what Kaoru looked like (only his hairstyle) so I assumed it was him.

Its a conspiracy!

It's a conspiracy!

Anyway, enough apologizing and stuff. Here’s your silly butler show review, which is what you really came here for.

This episode is about one man’s struggle for love, another’s struggle for a curse, a girl’s amazing birthday party + singing and of course, Hermione service!

Last time, as recapped by Ten no Koe, the Narrator, Hayate had been afflicted by a curse from a dollmaker and his clothes change according to the dollmaker’s taste, which is all cute girl costumes. In order to get rid of the curse, he has to defeat the master of the highest point of the place, which is none other than the Student Council President, Katsura Hinagiku. But now he’s in a pinch, a big one, as Kaoru Kotetsu stops him in his way and confesses his love!

And so… we continue where we stopped last time, Kotetsu pours his heart out to Hayate as he confesses. Hayate resists and tells him that he is being troubled. To make matters worse, Izumi catches up.

Izumis cute mode is still on.

Izumi's cute mode is still on.

Well, she clears up the misunderstanding quick. She reveals that “Hermione-san” is actually Ayasaki Hayate, a boy and even shows Kotetsu the school ID belonging to Hayate.

Its better that you know sooner...

It's better that you know sooner...

Hayate snatches his ID back and asks why Izumi has it but gets no proper response. Kotetsu becomes enraged that another woman has betrayed him. Izumi explains to the viewers about Kotetsu’s personality: Strong but quickly jumps into conclusions and is some kind of train otaku. Like any character carrying a wooden sword (whether it be a proper shinai or a bokutou), he pulls it out from his back and swings at Hayate. Hayate manages to escape through an open window and Kotetsu gives chase.

Meanwhile, less than thousands of miles away, Nagi, Maria and the SP’s were looking around the “Hinamatsuri Matsuri”. Hina finds them and comments that it’s rare to see Nagi in a place where there are lots of people. Nagi then tells Hina to stop treating her like a hikikomori. She adds that she was only there because she was informed of Hina’s birthday party. Hina doesn’t know about the party. Nagi says she was told by the student council people about it. She hands Hina her present. Hina opens it and finds the expensive watch inside. Hina thanks Nagi for the gift.

Shake it~ and dont break it~

Shake it~ and don't break it~

After that, Nagi pulls off a Wataru and leaves with her hands inside her pocket and her eyes closed. She is done there as she has already gave Hina the gift. Maria and the SP’s follow. As they leave the premises, Nagi wonders what happened to Hayate. Maria thinks he may have become lost with Isumi. A voice from the trees asks them if they know Ayasaki Hayate. Nagi then claims that she is Hayate’s master. Without any warning, Kotetsu jumps out of nowhere and quickly abducts Nagi.

Nagi and Mokuba are in a competition of who gets kidnapped more often.

Nagi and Mokuba are in a competition of who gets kidnapped more often.

In another place, Sakuya enjoys the shooting stand in the Hinamatsuri event. She admires how lively and fun Hakuou Gakuin’s atmosphere is. She starts to think that maybe life in there with Nagi and the others would not be that bad after all. Wataru starts to become quiet. After all, it was Sakuya who surrendered her slot in Hakuou Gakuin to him, so he could enter there. Wataru then speaks up and tells Sakuya that he’ll treat her to various things in the Hinamatsuri event and Sakuya becomes happy.

Back with Maria, the SP’s scramble around and about, looking for Nagi. Maria then implies how unreliable they are at times like this. The SP’s then say that it’s a rule that SP’s cannot stand against official butlers. Though I’ve had to admit, they were pretty cool and funny in the last part of the battle with the superintendent arc, with all the Gurren Lagann references in season one. Maria then says she’ll do something about it instead. She calls Nagi through her cellphone. Nagi picks up and it seems that she is not harmed in any way. Kotetsu demands that he see Hayate, as he is in love with him, even after he knew that he is a boy.

Maybe Bush should have asked the Sanzenin to take care of Osama instead.

Maybe Bush should have asked the Sanzenin to take care of Osama instead.

Nagi tells Maria not to call Hayate anymore as the guy is only confused. The SP’s become relieved that Nagi is safe. Maria threatens them that she will dock off their pay if they don’t move and they all scramble again to find Nagi.

In some other place, Hayate wakes up. It seems he fell off a cliff and became unconscious for a while. He discovers something else when he woke up…

More Hermione fanservice~

More Hermione fanservice~

Hayate freaks out after seeing his costume changed into a more embarrassing outfit.

The dollmaker who put the curse on Hayate, Zepetto, suddenly appears in front of Hayate. He claims that he could not hold back anymore after seeing Hayate in that outfit and decided to finally show up. Of course, his name is a reference to Gepetto, the wood craftsman who made Pinocchio.

The doll craftsman, Zepetto.

The doll craftsman, Zepetto.

Hayate in Berserker Mode.

Hayate in Berserker Mode.

As Hayate was about to re-enact what the EVA Unit 01 did to Kaworu Nagisa, his phone rings. He is told that Nagi has been kidnapped!

Part B, Hina makes her way towards one of the school buildings. She is suddenly greeted by lots of people. It seems the party was real and it was made for her birthday. Hina wonders why and Miki explains that they wanted to give Hina a more grand party because all she does in her birthday is simple things. Yukiji appears after that and says that it’s a nice change. She hands Hina a birthday present. Hina becomes surprised that Yukiji gave her a present and opens it.

What did you expect?

What did you expect?

Hina says it may be a bother making such a grand party but Miki says that she’s the daughter of a politician so she’s used to hosting parties. The only problem is, according to Miki, if only the party would then be for Hina and Hayate alone… She changes the subject to what Hayate gave her as a present. Hina then says that Hayate hasn’t gave her anything yet… but then she remembers the time when Hayate promised her a present when he stayed at her house and then when Isumi handed her a letter of challenge from Hayate. She links it together and thinks it may be Hayate’s way of wanting them to be alone. She quickly shifts into deredere mode.

As she thinks, Risa then announces that the star of the party, the Student Council President, is going to present a song to everyone.

Meanwhile, Hayate was talking to Maria about Nagi. He asks where Nagi is and she replies that, according to the bugs she placed on Nagi and Hayate, running through the crowded place is the fastest route. Zepetto then reminds him that he is wearing another cute outfit. Hayate then comes to a resolve. It is not what his clothes which is embarrassing but his heart. He has been focusing on himself lately that his master got abducted. He may wear a maid outfit but his soul is always a butler.

With the power of quick-costume-change, Hina gets pushed into the stage to sing like an idol. Risa starts the music despite Hina’s protests. The song? You guessed it right, A Cruel Ange’s Thesis!

Hina has been made pure win.

Hina has been made pure win.

The song’s TV version plays and Hina actually sings it all. Accompanied by some of the TV version’s animation, Hayate runs through the busy crowd in his costume. As the song finishes, Hayate reaches the place. Hina then exacts her revenge upon the Student Council trio and says that they will now sing “Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo”. While the trio were singing, Hina talks with her mother. Her mom wonders where Hayate is and Hina remembers about the written challenge. She tells her mom to go home first and she’ll just follow later. She still has a score to settle.

Back in some unspecified place inside Hakuou, Nagi lectures Kotetsu about some of the basic butler skills. He complains how Nagi is pointing out every mistake he makes as a kidnapper and Nagi says that she has pointed out each and every one of her kidnappers their mistakes.

Nagi asks what Kotetsu intends to do. He explains that Hayate has betrayed his feelings by playing with his heart and dressing up as a cute girl. Nagi then turns serious and explains that the reason why girls never take him seriously is because he only cares about physical appearance. He must always look elsewhere… no, not there! The heart!

Hayate bursts in to rescue Nagi. Kotetsu says he can have her back. She has opened his eyes. He was foolish to snap the moment he learned that Hayate is a guy. He then makes a final move.

Second time Hayate earns a real confession...

There is also one in California...

…which earns him a super kick from Nagi. Nagi exclaims that Hayate is hers and hers alone. She knocks her kidnapper down in one hit. She tells Hayate to come along with her to go home but Hayate says his curse hasn’t been lifted yet. Nagi shifts her attention to the floating Zepetto and threatens him. He gets scared and escapes, dispelling the curse on Hayate.

Aaaand hes back to his usual outfit.

Aaaand he's back to his usual outfit.

They return to the Sanzenin Estate. Hayate falls on his bed, tired of the whole day running around and such. The time is almost 11:30pm. He idly lies flat on his bed. He slowly opens his eyes again. He feels something is wrong… that he forgot something. Hina’s image pops up in his mind.

He hurries to the Clock Tower, dressed back in his butler uniform. He opens the Student Council’s door, expecting no one to be there. He proceeds inside. The only source of light in the room is the moon outside. He notices the girl sleeping in the couch. She wakes up and and notices the boy in front of her. The lively festival has already ended. No one else is at school anymore.

Sometimes, chances only come once...

Sometimes, chances only come once...

Curse you, cliffhaaaaaaaangeeeeeeeeerrrrrssssss!!

Curse you, cliffhaaaaaaaangeeeeeeeeerrrrrssssss!!

Now, this… is just awesome.

The Hinagiku Birthday arc is coming to a close and it’s been really good. This is what I was looking for last time, a Hina birthday party. The Cruel Angel Thesis song really made it all win!

Hina singing and Hayate’s cosplaying are probably the highlights of this episode. That’s the most entertaining stage performance scene I’ve ever seen since Seto no Hanayome and Macross Frontier.

At long last, we are given plenty of Hina when Hayate shifted to J.C. Staff. So far, so good. Of course, one thing you’ll notice is the art shift. then the colors of some outfits (Like Maria’s) or the colors of some important places (Like Hakuou’s Clock Tower). In any case, I hope to see more. I wonder if they’ll make it as long as the first one. I doubt it a bit.

Next time, Hayate vs Hinagiku… and tears?! Hina-chan crying?! That could wipe out the entire human race! The end of the Hina Birthday arc!

Expect the Shangri-La review a bit later.

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!


One comment

  1. hehe fun episode and Hina’s outfit was win indeed, though I don’t like the song much… never been a fan of it anyway xD (nor a neon genesis one)
    Maybe they should’ve used a gundam song instead since the comparison was just too obvious 8D

    Also yay for the Nagi hax!
    The butler one… I thought it was the gundam boy too actually… xD

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