Full Metal Alchemist 12 – One is all, All is one

June 24, 2009


What a tiresome week this has become. All bloggers here are busy with their private life (except grandpa J… I think) and I hope all of their problems will be solved before this week ends.

Anyway, nobody needs to know all of that so I guess I shall just start the review.

Summarizing everything from episode 10 to the recent episode: Maes Hughes was killed inside the telephone booth by the ones who destroyed the whole research laboratory 5 (H*m*nc*l*s) after knowing their secret while the Elric Brothers where travelling to Dublith together with Winry. The three then got sidetracked at Rush Valley, the home of automails, due to Edward losing his silver pocket watch. They also met some new people and learned something from them.

After their journey at Rush Valley, Winry promised Edward that she’ll work hard to be a better automail mechanic and returned to their hometown. As for the Elric Brothers, they continued their journey to Dublith.

The episode starts here:

Upon arriving to Dublith, the Elric Brothers went straight to their master’s house. Their master, Izumi Curtis, greeted them with a warm welcome.

Here at FMA, we always get either a hug or a kick in a face as a greeting.

Inside the house, The Elric Brother asked their master about the philosopher’s stone. Izumi replied that she doesn’t know much about it since she wasn’t interested but she met someone who knows a lot of it, which is Hohenheim. Edward’s smile fades after hearing the name. Alphonse then told everyone that Hohenheim is their father, the one Edward was blaming for their mother’s death.

Don't worry Ed, you'll be piloting the EVA-00 once you're tall enough to ride one

Alphonse asked if their father said something about the philosopher’s stone. Izumi just replied that he looked happy because his wish is finally be coming true soon.

After seeing Edward going emotional, she gave him a hit in the head and then went to eat.

That night, Edward and Alphonse discussed about how their master is still the same as before, resulting into a flashback. The flashback shows how they met their master, stopping the flood using alchemy, their stay at an island, nothing to take care of them but themselves and how they learn from all of those sufferings.

The start of Alphonse and Edward's journey to hell

Smiling as she set sails on the deep blue lake; leaving the two kids behind

Maybe this is the real reason why Al doesn't have a body?

After the flashback, Edward wakes up from his mild sleep, realizing that their master can also do alchemy without creating a transmutation circle because she also saw the truth.

So, tomorrow morning, the Elric brothers confronted their master. Before Edward can ask a thing, Izumi materialized a spear and attacked Edward. Edward countered, transmuting the edge of his automail into a blade and slashing the very end of the spear.

Upon doing that, Izumi scolded the two, pointed out that Edward can transmute without the use of a transmutation circle and also his arm and foot are automail while Alphonse is just an empty suit.


Then. Izumi told her story about how she saw the truth. She did the taboo for the sake of bringing back her dead baby but ended up as a failure. Also, due to that, some of her internal organs were taken from her as well.

After hearing their master’s story. She hugged the two, saying that they don’t have to force themselves. The Elric brothers can only reply ‘sorry’ to her repeatedly.

Such precious moments

Again, another flashback started, telling about what they have learned during their stay at the island. On how they understand the principle of alchemy related on life itself.


Lelouch’s Thoughts:

Another flashback episode, but I guess it is essential to have it so the viewers won’t get confused on the latter episodes. It is still much the same as the old one. The only difference I remember is about sending the two again in the same island and some minor details on the flashback (I guess it doesn’t matter anyway).

Other than that, the episode story is fast-paced and compact.

I hope I wont get a much shorter screentime than the one I've got on the first FMA

The next episode features Greed. As for what I’ve been reading, Greed is different from the 1st Anime to the manga so expect that the new episode will be entirely new that the previous Fullmetal Alchemist (I hope so).

Well then, toodles~~


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