K-ON 12 : Miraculous Recovery

June 20, 2009
yes, you in front of that pc screen, you heard DA SENSEI!

yes, you in front of that pc screen she's pointing at you.

Final K-ON! episode, well actually it’s the second-to-last one, but since the last one is “an extra” we’ll treat this one as the ender. The episode starts with Yui dreaming about Mugi and herself eating a bowl of rice when you says that Mugi has giant eyebrows. Mugi in respond pulls them of her face telling Yui that well…

I wonder if the rest of her body is edible as well...

I wonder if the rest of her body is edible as well...

Back to reality (yeah you wish) Ui is holding Yui’s hand and worries about her sick sister. As Ui has to go to school, she leaves her sister behind telling her there’s a lot of food stuffed in the fridge for her.

Thats what we all hope...

That's what we all hope...

In school Ui and Azusa are talking about Yui’s sickness and how there’s only 4 days left before the schoolfestival. Ui tells Azusa she’s do everything to get the disease out of Yui, even removing it …

She didnt drown Ui...

She didn't drown Ui...

A sec later, Ritsu barges smacking the door aside, only to get smacked herself in return by Mio for scaring the underclassmen. Ritsu tells that Yui has some nerve getting sick just before the festival, the others mention that it’s actually Ritsu’s fault for giving her the cold. Well, it was either Ritsu or Sewa-overdrive-sensei making Yui wear a way too short yukata. Giving something like that to Yui always results in something bad, this time as well as she wore it all day and probably got the cold from that as well…

Before I go on…please enjoy the Mugi service from that scene~


Who's your goshujinsama?

I need a fan too... or rather her waving hers at me...

I need a fan too... or rather she waving hers at me...

GAH! too many genres in one shot!

GAH! too many genres in one shot!

After the flashback Mio asks Azusa to start practicing the lead guitar part of the preformance just in case Yui might not make it in time. Asuza is a bit suprised and Ui is rather dissapointed by Mio’s request. When Ui arrives home she sees…well…this…

What has she been doing all day?

What has she been doing all day?

The next day as they band practices for the main event of the year, Yui suddenly enters looking all genki again.

Miraculous recovery!!

Miraculous recovery!!

All members are quite suprised by this and ask about her sickness. Yui forces a cough out which makes them think she actually skipped some days because of laziness. Azuse proposes to practice together again and that’s what they do… but after playing the song once they band notices something strange, since they’re not sure they decide to try it once again. After playing the song once again, all of them are flustered by Yui’s preformance.

I told you...miraculous recovery!

w-what in the world did she do to Mio?!

But when Yui calls Azusa “Azusa-chan” instead of the usual Azunyan~ they start to notice something odd… and it only gets more suspicious when she refers to Ritsu and Mugi in a formal way. Mysterious transfer student Sawa-ultrahyper-sensei immediatly points out that “that” isn’t the real Yui since…

No one foolz around wiz da sensei!!

No one foolz around wiz da sensei!!

“Yui” tries to shake it off but when Azusa asks her true nickname the answer is obvious :

its a Phony.

it's a Phony.

Ui’s true identity has been revealed, but what the members really wanna know is how Ui got so good in it. Ui responds that she just looked at Yui’s practicing books a few times. Ui also confesses that she couldn’t take it when she saw Yui lying in bed being sick. A second later the real Yui makes her appearance…

No Yui beats beats the real one for me!

No Yui beats beats the real one for me



They all get us and walk over to Yui asking her about her health…once again yes… As Yui sneezes, the answer becomes pretty obvious to them, especially Ritsu who got covered in Yui’s boogers. After a while Yui is down in the sofa with Mugi looking over her. Yui asks Azusa to take over her part but Azusa refuses since she wants all of them to preform together or not preform at all. Azusa starts crying after her quote and wants to run off, Mio, however stops her from running away and tells Yui to rest the next couple of days so she will be better again on the day they need to preform.

Isnt that the same as always?

Isn't that the same as always?

In part 2 we move straight on to the day of the schoolfestival.



In the clubroom the members have all gathered except for Yui, Mugi tells them she received a mail in which Yui told her she’d make it for sure. When Mio eventually asks Azusa to take over, Azusa still refuses. Suddenly the door opens, but it’s not the person they expected it to be, it’s Nodoka who’s filling a list. She writes down that the club is ready to preform, Mio wonders why Nodoka is so certain about Yui’s return. We get one hell of a flashback in return from Nodoka’s past.

Oh! Its a bite!

Oh! It's a bite!

Greenpeace will not be happy with this...

Greenpeace will not be happy with this...

Anyway, the flashback is kinda …well let’s just say it completely fits Yui’s personality, it’s weird and cute at the same time. What Nodoka wanted to point out is that Yui never gives up and will do anything to reach her goal, even if it means filling a whole bathtub with lobsters or whatever those things are. Mio’s reaction to it isn’t different from the usual Mio either…

oh really? ever heard about someone called Suzumiya H*****?

Like that was a total shock for you...

After Nodoka’s touching speech, Sawa-chiwassu-sensei enters…

read : not wanted

read : not wanted

Sawa-mahou-sensei tells them she hasn’t been loafing around the last days as the group expected of her. Instead she used her time to make a cold-proof version of the mini-yukata and the moment after that we get to see Yui’s reappearance!

ka-kawaii *holds nose*

ka-kawaii *holds nose*

The group rejoices except for Azusa, well let’s just believe that for now, and she tells Yui that she is the worst for not telling anything to her. Yui subtly solves Azusa’s worries with one of the cutest hugs in history.

Okay guess who my fav pairing is?

Okay guess who my fav pairing is?

scratch up, make it out

scratch "up", make "out"

Buy DVD version to see what happend in between.

Buy DVD version to see what happend in between.

Since they have all gathered now, they can finally get ready for the preformance…but, this would be to easy ofcourse. Yui forgot her Guita at home thinking she left it in the clubroom. Sawa-alwayspreparedforemeregencies-sensei offers Yui another guitar, but as expected from the one-and-only Yui she can’t play any other guitar than her own.

We switch scenes to the moment of the preformance. Ui enters the auditorium just before it starts and watches how the curtains move up. Unfortunatly she doesn’t see her older sister on stage…

Im glad you noticed

I'm glad you noticed

Yui hurried home while the members are giving their live-preformance and we get to see the exact same sequence as in the first episode (only with the guitar is added this time)

Sawa-ultra-sensei saikou!

Made it.

Yui makes it on time, well after the first song ended. The preformance is still going on and she switches places with Sawa-ultrastandin-sensei. As Yui crawls on stage she gets teary eyed and tells the others she’s always causing them trouble, but Ritsu comforts her by saying they all love her and even the crowd loves Yui as they are cheering for her.



After that Yui wipes her tears and worries away and they all give their best on their own Budokan preformance!

and we love you

and we love you

With that and the bis single K-ON has reached its end and yes it was a pleasing one.


Thoughts :

The beginning of this one was really funny, the eyebrow joke really did it for me. As for the rest there were lots of Ui fanbase pleasements and some more funny Yui faces. It wasn’t a spectacular ending, no flashy stuff and not really that original but well seeing this as a random slice-of-life series I’m glad they didn’t stuff it with those things anyway.

The next episode is a bonus one, I guess we’ll just get some more slapstick jokes and funny faces and since I can’t get enough of those I’m looking forward to it again.


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  1. i don’t waaaaaaaaant it to enddddddd ;000000;

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