Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 63 – Absurdity Level 10

June 19, 2009
Tell that to everyone else on this show.

Tell that to everyone else on this show.

The 3-v-1 duel continues. The appearance of the last Earthbound Immortal: Wiraqocha Rasca, Crow gets eliminated, Jack’s resolve, Yusei’s new Junk monster and as the title implies, more and more absurdity. Please have a drink as many times as the word “absurd” appears in this entry!

Last time, they all discovered who the real enemy is: Rex Go(o)dwin! Jack, Yusei and Crow engages Rex in a 3-v-1 battle for the world. They must defeat him before the King of the Underworld arrives at the Divine Ritual monument!

Key Card of the Week: Earthbound Immortal - Wiraqocha Rasca

Key Card of the Week: Earthbound Immortal - Wiraqocha Rasca

The episode starts with Angela (you know, that rival reporter of Carly) reporting about the absurd monument that suddenly just popped up in the city and the giant blue flames and Nazca geoglyph appearing above the city. She connects the happenings to Rex Goodwin, because it is, after all, where his mansion is supposed to be. Then the scene from episode 62 where all the birthmarks have gone to Goodwin gets re-used.

Guh... Id rather not see Goodwins face... why the hell is his absurd upper body being projected in the monument?

Guh... I'd rather not see Goodwin's face... why the hell is his absurd upper body being projected in the monument?

The Duel continues with Crow’s turn that wasn’t properly concluded last time:

Duel status from last time:
Crow - LP: 1800, SPC: 2
Jack - LP: 4000, SPC: 4
Yusei - LP: 4000, SPC: 4
Goodwin - LP: 8800, SPC: 2

Crow's turn:
- Sets two cards

After the OP, we see the King of the Underworld still making its way across the sea. Goodwin then rehearses his ridiculously absurd speech about his motives. Ruka, Rua, Aki, Mikage and Ushio watch from below.

Those poor children now have been mentally-scarred even more.

Those poor children now have been mentally-scarred even more.

And so, Jack being the way he is, he doesn’t care about Goodwin nor bonds, but he will certainly defeat him. He starts his turn.

Jack's turn: (SPC: Crow & Goodwin - 3, Jack & Yusei - 5)
- Sets a card
- Summons Magic Hole Golem in Defense Position
- Through its effect, he halves the attack of Mad Archfiend so it could attack directly.
- Goodwin takes 900 damage (LP: 7900)
- Crow follows up with a Trap Card: Shadow Dance. It inflicts 1000 damage to the opposing player when a monster successfully makes a direct attack.
- Goodwin takes 1000 damage (LP: 6900) and his SPC drops another level (SPC: 2)
- Yusei then activates a Trap of his own, Rising Rush. When a player takes an effect damage, he can Special Summon a Tuner monster from his hand.
- Yusei summons Junk Synchron.

Through some kinda combination attack, Crow, Yusei and Jack seems to have gained a good level of confidence in the Duel. They all know that Jack is just being a part-time tsundere and they know that he also has some bonds that he wants to protect.

Yusei's turn: (SPC: Crow - 4, Jack & Yusei - 6, Goodwin - 3)
- He begins tuning LV 3 Junk Synchron with LV 4 Max Warrior and Synchro Summons his new Junk Synchro Monster, Junk Archer
- Activates its effect: Once per turn, he can remove from play one monster on the field but it will return during the End Phase. He chooses to remove Moonlight Dragon Quilla.
- Goodwin activates his absurdly-powerful trap: Eternal Stone. It allows him to negate an attack when he doesn't have any monsters on his side of the field, and it also gives him 2 Eternal Stone Tokens AND he can add an Earthbound Immortal card to his hand.
- Yusei sets 2 cards.
- End Phase, Moonlight Dragon Quilla returns to the field.

Yuseis new Junk Synchro Monster: Junk Archer

Yusei's new Junk Synchro Monster: Junk Archer

Junk Archer’s first appearance wasn’t that much successful. Crow complains about Goodwin’s hax card.

Fine, fine. We get it. Villains need to use something so imbalanced to gain an edge...

Fine, fine. We get it. Villains need to use something so imbalanced to gain an edge...

Goodwin's turn: (SPC: Crow - 5, Jack & Yusei - 7, Goodwin - 4)
- Tributes the two Eternal Stone Tokens to summon Earthbound Immortal - Wiraqocha Rasca

The Key Card making its appearance.

The Key Card making its appearance.

And so, like with other Earthbound Immortals, before it gets completely summoned, the normal people around the area gets sucked into it unless protected by a Signer’s power. The target this time are the police officers and news crew around the geoglyph. Angela also gets caught up in it and gets sacrificed to the stone heart thing.

Like, OMG, run away and stuff~

Like, OMG, run away and stuff~

Their attention suddenly shifts to the Pudding King. After the strongest Earthbound Immortal was summoned, some kinda winged creatures came out of its body. They start messing around with the main characters. Goodwin explains that they are the Pudding King’s followers. But as one attacks Yusei from behind, a thorny whip hits it and it disappears. It seems Black Rose Dragon and Ancient Fairy Dragon were summoned by Aki and Ruka respectively in order to get rid of these annoying birdbrains.

Who says Black Rose cant be a good character?

Who says Black Rose can't be a good character?

Yay! Screenshots!

Yay! Screenshots!

It seems through the power of the Signers, their dragons could be manifested in the surrounding area. Aki and Ruka keeps the… things from disturbing such an absurd Duel. Rua cheers for Yusei, Mikage cheers for Jack and because Crow needs some cheering too, Ushio does it… now that was kinda random…

Yusei declares that they will break fate through some cheesy concept and not by becoming a huge idiot like Goodwin. Goodwin counters with his repetitive absurd speech about how he wants to become God. OKAY, WE GET IT ALREADY. You don’t have to repeat it a hundred more times. Again, an absurd effect for a villain’s ace monster, Wiraqocha Rasca can turn an opponent’s LP to 1 by just skipping the Battle Phase. This guy makes Dark Armed Dragon look unplayable.

Crow starts to squawks about how people from Satellite will not accept any of this. He says that the more Satellite people get pushed back, the more stronger they get. It was a lesson from the Legendary D-Wheeler. Crow tells Goodwin that because of his silly flying act, they were all inspired to do what they can in order to survive. To seek higher. One of the pudding birds escapes from Black Rose Dragon and hits Crow, possibly hitting him, attempting a Boke-Tsukkomi routine.

Still Goodwin's turn:
- Activates Earthbound Immortal - Wiraqocha Rasca's effect of reducing an opponent's LP to 1 by skipping the Battle Phase.
- Crow responds with a Trap Card: Life Exchange. When a change in LP happens, he can switch the change to himself.
- Crow's LP drops to 1. Life Exchange's second effect activates. He can destroy one monster on the field. Because Wiraqocha Rasca is unaffected by the effects of Trap Cards, he chooses Moonlight Dragon Quilla.

Crow says he won’t let Goodwin hurt Yusei because Yusei is the one carrying all their contrabonds. He then gets hit by Wiraqocha Rasca’s effect and he starts to fly off the Nazca line track. He promises that he will continue the Legendary D-Wheeler’s legend. His D-Wheel gets wings again and now its boosters makes it able to fly!

It beats the Batmobile!

It beats the Batmobile!

He then smashes through Quilla like any normal person playing a card game on a rocket-fitted motorcycle would do.

Yet still Goodwin's turn:
- When Moonlight Dragon Quilla is destroyed, Sun Dragon Inti gets Special Summoned from the Graveyard.
- Crow activates his last card, a Continuous Trap: Blackwing - Anchor. He sacrifices Blackwing - Armor Master for some unknown effect.
- Goodwin sets one card

His absurd act earns him a hard landing on the geoglyph track and he falls off his D-Wheel. Despite having 1 remaining LP, Goodwin says Crow is out of the game because he can’t move anymore. Well, actually and unfortunately, Crow is still alive as he stares at his Continuous Trap Card after falling.

Noooo! The Crow fangirls will weep!

Noooo! The Crow fangirls will weep!

Jack's turn: (SPC: Jack & Yusei - 8, Goodwin - 5)
- Summons Sinister Sprocket
- Starts tuning LV 3 Sinister Sprocket, LV 4 Mad Archfiend and LV 1 Magic Hole Golem to Synchro Summon his ace monster, Red Dragon Archfiend.
- In order to avoid Sun Dragon Inti's effect that destroys a monster that destroys it and inflicts damage to its opponent equal to the destroyed monster's ATK. Jack activates a Trap Card: Half Straight. It halves Red Dragon Archfiend's ATK by half until the Standby Phase of the next turn and if its attack points is lower than the opponent's, Red Dragon Archfiend can attack directly.
- Red Dragon Archfiend attacks but Goodwin activates Sun Dragon Inti's effect: It can lower its attack points to 0. That means Half Straight will be negated as Inti now has lower ATK than Red Dragon's.
- Yusei activates a Trap Card: Forceful Stop. By sending a card on the field to the Graveyard, the Battle Phase ends.

Yusei tells Jack to use his card but Jack remains silent. People, this is why you should read your opponent’s card effects first before doing something. Goodwin starts to tell Jack stuff about not having a reason to fight. That Jack is lonely, just like him. That once before, Jack had thrown his bonds away to take the path of the King. Yusei keeps on butting in their conversation, urging Jack to use his Trap’s effect and that Jack is some kinda goody-goody fellow of the Marshmallow Gang or something.

Still Jack's turn:
- Red Dragon Archfiend continues its attack and Jack doesn't use Yusei's Trap Card. It destroys Inti and deals damage 1500 damage to Goodwin (LP: 5400)
- Through Inti's effect, Jack takes the same amount of damage. (LP: 2500)
- SPC: Jack - 7, Yusei - 8, Goodwin - 4
- Moonlight Dragon Quilla appears again through its effect that when Inti is destroyed, it gets Special Summoned...
- Jack sets one card

Goodwin then commends Jack for his act, that it fits a King perfectly. Then he blabs about becoming God is way cooler and stuff. Jack then corrects him, Jack isn’t a King anymore. He has thrown it away along with the bonds and friends he had. But he learned that he isn’t alone, he had Carly, he now has his friends back and more people around him. He can’t run away from bonds, and the thing that taught him that is one woman’s love.

Yusei's turn: (SPC: Jack - 8, Yusei - 9, Goodwin - 5)
- Yusei tries his earlier trick again with remove + attack directly but Goodwin easily sees through it. Goodwin responds with Destruct Fortune, a Continous Trap Card. It allows him to destroy one monster on his side of the field in order to gain LP equal to its attack. He chooses Quilla and gains 2500 LP (LP: 7900)
- Inti reappears again after Quilla is destroyed.

Because Junk Archer’s effect only gets activated once per turn, he can’t do the same thing with Inti. Yusei… ends his turn there. Then Goodwin does his absurd and annoying speech again, ending the episode before you get the urge to strike your screen with a hammer.

Blah, blah, blah, kami, blah! Blah, blah, atarashii sekai, blah, blah!!

"Blah, blah, blah, kami, blah! Blah, blah, atarashii sekai, blah, blah!!"

Followed by the absurd action from episode 62, it gets taken to new heights in this one. Ramming through monsters with a flying motorcycle or becoming a muscular guy just so you can PLAY A CARD GAME against some punks.

The only thing that I found extremely awesome in this episode was Jack’s speech.

Seriously though, someone has to cut all the “kami” in Goodwin’s dialogue, it’s getting too much repetitive and it makes him look like a total idiot, which he is now. Like that’s the only word he knows. Becoming a God. Also, Yusei has to stop bugging people about using his cards. Let Jack do what we wants as he knows what he’s doing.

Anyway, the last Season 2 episode is coming up and it seems a Season 3 has already been planned. Better get ready for the finale.

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out.



  1. It’s very suprising how they always manage to face Godwin however he’s at their back sometimes…
    Anyway the absurdness of last episode made this one less absurd for me, though I still don’t get why the little crows suddenly appeared… maybe it was just to give AFD and BRD some screentime or a nice pun against Crow.
    As for the new Jibakushin I can only say… it has a nice fur collar
    The next episode’ll be so predictable as the outcome of WWII, Godwin gets beaten and says sorry for being an idiot?
    well that’s what I’m expecting, good job Bunny Chief!
    Damn putting duels in a blog must be one hell of a job

  2. That’s probably the main reason I abandoned Yugioh at some point (besides all the reruns when I was waiting for a new ep and got annoyed). They’re milking the thing WAY too much and they have been going WAY overboard for quite some time. Yugioh should have ended LOOOONG ago. It was pretty fun when it began… Now I believe it’s even worse than DragonBall.

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