Higashi no Eden Episode 10 – Reason…

June 17, 2009

Yeah! NEETs know how to par-tay!

Yeah! NEETs know how to par-tay!

In this episode, we learn why Akira erased his memories, Mr. Outside’s true identity, Mononobe’s plan and our first glimpse of Juiz.

Last time, Itazu fixed Kondou Yuusei’s (Selecao Number IV) phone in order to dig through the old history files. He was marked and taken out in the process by Mononobe and Yuuki, both also Selecao members. Mononobe contacts Akira.

As the train was about to leave, Saki and Micchon get on it. Akira says he’ll have to stay because an urgent business came up. Micchon wonders why but Saki doesn’t know. Saki then checks her phone and sees all the messages that Ohsugi has been sending her over the past few hours. It was all about Akira and his fake names and how he may be linked to the disappearances of the 20,000 NEETs.

Back in the train station, a man shows off his Noblesse phone and Akira asks him if he’s the one who called. The man introduces himself; Mononobe Daiju, Selecao Number I. In their conversation, Mononobe concludes that Akira hasn’t retrieved his memories nor read the old history files. Mononobe tells Akira that he is set to go to Harima in order to win the game. He then invites Akira to come and win the game together. It seems he has found a way in order to win the game without killing off the other Selecao members. In return, he will reveal the reason why Akira had his memories erased and the truth behind the ridiculous game.

Akira receives a call again. This time, it was Saki. She asks him what happened and he tells her that something came up. Before he could hang up, Saki suddenly tells him not to. She tells him that she knew that his phone was special because she overheard the conversation between him and Shiratori Kuroha (Selecao Number XI, the Johnny Clipper) when he forgot to hang up after almost hitting a tanker truck. She also saw how Kuroha used the phone in order to escape the hotel in style after the whole Ohsugi-missing incident. She wants to know if Akira has any connection with the Selecao, who she thinks is a terrorist group who caused “Careless Monday”. Akira, of course, does not know if he does have any more connection to the Careless Monday incident. He tells her that if she wants to, she can listen to the next conversation coming by not hanging up because he is going to talk with someone who knows the truth. He says that if he does turn out to be a bad guy, then she needs to forget about him. He keeps his phone in his pocket and runs off to follow Mononobe.

After the OP, we switch scenes to Ohsugi and the others. They find the pile of cellphones from before and they conclude that it is from the missing NEETs. Hirasawa looks at the Eden database again and sees the profile for Akira, the one that says that he used several aliases in the cities hit by the missiles. Ohsugi starts being a jealous bastard again and continues making Akira look bad, hoping that the people who disappeared aren’t buried around there somewhere. O-nee cuts in and says that she talked with Micchon. They learn that Akira didn’t get on the train and that she told them to head straight to Toyosu (which is where Ohsugi found the proof). Hirasawa’s phone gets alerted of a huge file being transferred from Itazu’s place to their Eden database. It seems Itazu has sent the history files of the Selecao to Eden.

Micchon receives the same notification in the train. She asks what happened with Akira and Saki doesn’t reply. With Akira, he and Mononobe gets on a helicopter. When they start to talk, Micchon hears it from Saki’s phone. They now both listen to Akira and Mononobe. We learn from Mononobe that Takizawa Akira is also just an alias but he doesn’t reveal Akira’s real name. When Akira asks why, Mononobe changes the subject to the ATO Company. He tells Akira that the true identity of Mr. Outside is the owner of that company, Ato Saizo. Saizo was one of the people behind Japan’s restoration after the second World War. Akira wonders how Mononobe figured it out but while he was pronouncing the names “Outside” and “Ato Saizo”, he realizes something.

It is 4kids evil spreading! Everyone panic!

It is 4kids' evil spreading! Everyone panic!

Mononobe explains that Ato Saizo is the only person capable of sending out twelve people, each with 10,000,000 yen, and let them run on their own with the cause of saving Japan and becoming a Messiah because of his influence and power. He was proud of being someone who raised Japan. But then he must have realized that from another perspective, it could be even better, so he chose a selection of 12 people and started the game to see if he was right. Though, during the early times of the game, he was diagnosed with a terminal cancer and Mononobe thinks that he might have already died.

Mononobe tells Akira that he must be disappointed now that he won’t have a chance to beat up Mr. Outside. Akira then asks what Mononobe plans to do in order to win and he answers that… he will become Mr. Outside. Mononobe also wishes to take Juiz with him to gain total control of the game.

They arrive at their destination place, the Ato Harima Neuro Science Institute. He tells Akira that after realizing who Mr. Outside was, he kept a close distance between the company and him. Soon afterwards, he gained the title of Executive in ATO. He also informs Akira that along with him, he has already identified 9 of the Selecao and that two are already working with him. Inside, Akira meets the guy who caused Careless Monday, Selecao Number X, Yuuki Ryou. Saki and Micchon gets shocked. Mononobe calls Juiz and asks for a champagne for their victory party, as they will become the winners of the game soon.

Akira wonders what kind of person Juiz is. He was thinking that Juiz was a group of girls in a control room but he heard the Juiz that Mononobe was talking to is the same Juiz who talks to him. He wanted to thank Juiz for all the important things he asked of her. To his surprise, Mononobe reveals that the thing they’re standing on right now is actually Juiz.

My... what a large red... is that an eye?

My... what a large red... is that an eye?

Wow, you can all stand on top of Juiz! What a strong woman.

Wow, you can all stand on top of Juiz! What a strong woman.

Yuuki doesn’t like the idea of telling Akira the details. Mononobe tells him that they are not different from Akira, they are also Selecao members, special people selected to improve Japan and that even if Akira disagrees with their ideas, he can’t do anything about it as Juiz will be taken under control. He then starts to reveal his recreation of the post-World War II era: they are going to send 60 missiles heading to Japan this time. By doing that, they’ll be the Messiah.

Akira doesn’t get any of this. What kind of Messiah attacks their own country? Mononobe reveals that Yuuki got his Noblesse phone after his parents collapsed from work. Yuuki tells Akira that the government are not really giving them equality. He complains about how things run in the present age. He was earning only a very small amount of money. Even the NEETs made fun of him. So his missiles were his message to them and the government to take action. Mononobe seems to agree with this. He says that by eliminating the old people who still hold onto their old ways and the slackers, their plan would become much faster. Akira asks what the other Selecao, Tsuji Jintarou, has to say…

Thats a new entry for the SelecaoDex

That's a new entry for the SelecaoDex

Well, he doesn’t care, as long as the game ends fast. It also seems he still has 10,000,000 yen in his balance.

Yuuki tells Akira not to interfere this time. He insists that Mononobe tell Akira why Akira had to wipe his memories and if Akira still intervenes, then he has nothing more to say. Mononobe finally tells Akira the truth: it seems Akira was betrayed by the people he helped… and the people who helped him.

Back in the mall where Akira lives, Hirasawa and the others are looking at a laptop which they used to enter Eden’s database. They see the files sent to them by Itazu and they figure that it may be from Akira’s phone. Because Number X’s entry was highlighted, they checked it out and saw the orders for sending out missiles. They then believe that Number X is Akira.

The building shakes a bit and they hear a loud crash from outside. They all went to out to check what it was. They all see a large cargo ship with countless containers on it. The containers open at the same time and several naked men came out to the cold winter night and they all rush, seemingly, in rage to the mall. Scooby and friends Hirasawa and his merry gang run away from the zombies NEETs inside the mall… does that sound pretty familiar?

Back at the Institute, Akira says that now he feels like he’s in despair. Saki falls on her knees inside the train and breaks down in tears. She says that she is no better than the people who stabbed Akira in the back. After that, it seems Akira had left Mononobe and company. Yuuki is feeling uneasy letting Akira run away freely because they haven’t taken control of Juiz. Mononobe tells him that Akira won’t be able to do anything significant. Haha, don’t underestimate main-characterism. There is only 8 hours left before the missiles will be launched.

A woman comes in with a tray of a bottle and several glasses. The bottle was empty and Mononobe wonders why. The woman tells them that the winner will not be decided tonight, so they don’t have to celebrate.

Guess who?

Guess who?

The woman also says that she hopes they will follow the game according to Mr. Outside’s rules. She leaves and Mononobe checks on his phone and sees a new entry. Selecao Number XII has started to move and their first order is to have Juiz transferred to a hidden location. Mononobe becomes shocked. He thinks Number XII may be the Supporter or Mr. Outside himself!

And Akira goes off, hitching a ride on a late-night cargo train…

Poor guy...

Poor guy...

As second-to-the-last episode, things are already getting really good. Akira finally discovers a lot more about his identity and the game he’s playing.

Now I really wonder what happens next. Not all Selecao members have been revealed. Number XI is by herself. Number XII is probably the Supporter. After finding about the truth, what does Akira plan to do? Wipe his memories again?

I hope some NEET kills Ohsugi in their fit of rage.

Looking forward to the final episode! This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!


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  1. NEET powah~
    I wonder if those 3 are now locked out of the game…
    Btw…is it just me or has everyone forgotten about Pantsu already? XD

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