Chrome Shelled Regios 23 : Desert Daytrip

June 17, 2009


Episode 23 of Chrome Shelled Regios :  stuff happing at Zuellni, stuff happening at Grendan and stuff happening in between…


oh buggah...

The episode starts with the Filth Monster being shot by Zuellni’s Kei-ra cannon. The monster splits up into two seperate halves, but unfortunately the monster still seems to be alive. The President immediatly calls Vanse and tells him to reload the cannon for a second attack. Furthermore, he asks the members of the 17th platoon to retrieve Nina before they fire the cannon once more. Since Nina has the Haikizoku inside her, she is needed to move the city, which stopped after she escaped from it.


Security these days...

Harley asks the president what they’ll do with Nina once they get her back, he replies by saying they’ll have to remove the Haikizoku as soon as they can to prevent Zuellni from rampaging. Shena interupts him by saying that might turn her into the same as Dinn, but the President tells her that the safety of the city comes first.



Quite out of the blue if you ask me, but not less amusing was the sudden attack of Sharnid on the president. Most possibly that was his reply for Felli’s question whether the president wants them to kill Nina, which he replied by giving them 2 hours to rescue her.

/insert Matrix 360° cam view

</insert Matrix 360° cam view>

But he stops his attack just in front of the President’s face.


The Queen having love troubles...

We take a trip to Grendan and see the Queen standing in front of her mansion looking over the scene. One of her subordinates arrives on the balcony and reports that some people are trying to break into the Sacred House. The Queen seems rather annoyed by this and commands to let Barmelin take care of the intruders. Back at Zuellni, Savaris OTK’s one of the extras and steals a motorcycle to go back to Grendan.


Decent clothing?

In the depts of Grendan we get to see Barmelin stumbling her way towards the intruders…


Bondage coming up?

She suddenly notices a person and assumes that he’s the intruder, yet the mysterious man replies by saying he isn’t the intruder. Even more, he’s facing off the Masked Wolf Gang we saw waaay back when they were inside Zuellni. As the conversation continues between them, it seems that they have destroyed his city and killed his father and brother. A fight between the gang and the Dixerio starts.


Where did you come from again?

At the control room the Queen tells Lintence what’s going on and that there are only 6 heavens blades needed to stay in Grendan. Lintence is kinda suprised since that’s less than half, but the Queen waves his complaints away.

On their way to exit Zuellni, Sharnid and Shena are together inside an elevator, Sharnid starts talking by saying they might die on this mission and proposes that she stay in Zuellni instead. Shena answers by asking if he’s serious about it, Sharnid suddenly moves in front of her and moves close asking if he had ever lied to her. Sharnid’s move was a move in vain though, she places her finger to seal his lips and walks out of the elevator telling she’s also part of the mission and the platoon.

Shena moe?

Shena moe?

At the exit, the rest of the platoon is preparing to move out as Felli suddenly appears and joins them.



Meanwhile the President is talking over the phone with Vanse again. Vanse asks him why he sounds tired, the President replies by wondering about the fact if he should be happy that people are maturing or not. By this we get to see a flashback with the President asking Felli why she wants to join the mission, since there’s too much noise (because of the cannon) she would only get in the way. Felli stands her ground and wants to join whether he likes it or not, as he refuses once more, she leaves, while threatening the President.



At the secured area Leerin is reminiscing the time when she and Layfon were younger. As she suddenly hears about Layfon and platoon 17 going out, she want to hand over the box to Layfon. Naruki, however, stops her telling her no one in Zuellni can secure her safety unlike Grendan, but Leerin then mentions that Gorneo might be able to help her bring over the box.


Shouldn't you be watching your pots instead then?

We move over to Grendan once again where the man and Barmelin are fighting against the Masked Wolf Gang. Outside, other members of the Grendan squad are fighting against the masked man. They reveal quite some mysterious information, which we’ll (hopefully) understand in the next episode.

After the usual eyecatch we move into the Sacred Room where the Queen is wondering about “Saya’s” motives, when Savaris suddenly enters the room as well. On the question why he’s in the Sacred Room and no longer in Zuellni, Savaris replies that he already has taken care of Leerin’s transport and that in order to fulfill the second part of his mission (get the Haikizoku) he needs his heaven’s blade and came to pick it up.


Saya = Ceiling cat?

In the desert, Layfon finds Nina who’s under the control of the Golden Goat Haikizoku. Nina takes out her Dite and immediately starts attacking Layfon. Layfon gets blown away by the high level of Kei coming from Nina, luckily for him, the Filth Monster distracts Nina’s final attack and Layfon is able to kick her away and pull off the mask which controlled her.


Well hello thar pretty face~


The catchphrase didn't have the wanted effect...


Masks belong in Venice! Get it off!

Felli contacts Layfon as he secured Nina. The Filth Monster are recovering and they have to escape as soon as possible and meet back at the meeting point. On their way back Nina and Layfon talk about their reasons to become strong and to fight. Nina wanted to become stronger to protect the city, but she is afraid of what’ll happen to her since she’s the one carrying the Haikizoku within her. Layfon tells Nina he had intentionaly given up on fighting, but started fighting again to repay for his sins. He also reveals his past to her where he used to fight underground matches and tells her he hasn’t repaid for all his sins yet. Nina replies by telling him he shoudn’t put the reason to fight on anyone else than himself. While they reach the meeting point, someone is watching over them for above…


Well at least he has goggles now...

At the meeting point, Layfon hands over Nina to Sharnid and moves back to the Filth Monsters. Felli gives him full support…



While the heaven’s blades are fighting against the monster, Leerin and Naruki ride the train in search for Gorneo. And as Layfon also wants to join the fight, he gets stopped by Felli’s petal telling him they were attacked and Nina was taken away from them.


That's what happens without Fonfon hax.

At the very end, we get to see Leerin meeting Gorneo giving him the Psyharden katana Dite and asking him to bring it to Layfon.


Gorneo, the part-time mailman


Thoughts :

I don’t have much to say about this episode, rarely, but it’s true. The fight between Nina and Layton was over waaaay to soon and the plot is going in overdrive if you ask me, but for those who are used to these kind of series won’t be suprised by this. The SharnidxShena scene is actually the only thing that I can call amusing in this episode, though I should also mention Felli’s attack on the President leaving him with a serious :O!

Anyway next up is the final episode, I wonder if they’ll put every piece of the puzzle in place and give the viewer a satisfying feeling at the end.

See you next time!



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  1. Frankly I think that’s abustolely good stuff.

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