Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season Episode 11 – Crossdress Curse

June 15, 2009

Is this for real?!

Is this for real?!

The day of the Hinamatsuri, the day of Hinagiku’s birthday, the day a curse is active, and the day… when the scores will be settled!

Last time, Hayate together with Ayumu, Miki, Risa and Izumi went off to buy a present for Hinagiku’s birthday. Hayate also gave Nagi and Maria gifts. This time, it’s Hinagiku’s birthday.

The episode starts with Hayate and Hinagiku, facing each other.

Best opening scene ever.

Flowers make everything seem romantic.

Hayate greets Hina a happy birthday. He hands her the flowers and then tells her that after thinking about it for a while, he has decided that his present is…

Who didnt see that coming?

Who didn't see that coming?

Yeah… that was kinda predictable. Even Ten no Koe thinks so.

Fast forward, Hina makes her way out of school. As she walks, she begins a monologue in her mind about thinking of a certain boy. She couldn’t get the boy out of her mind, even more after she discovered that she and the boy may have had the similar experience with their parents. She feels uneasy and stares off into space because of thinking too much. As she began to wonder if it is what she thinks it is, she brushes the concept that she may be in love with the boy as soon as it came to her.

Mini-Hina, in all her mini glory.

Chibi-Hina, in all her chibi glory.

Suddenly, the boy in her mind arrives, just behind her, along with the boy’s master. Of course, that boy is none other than Hayate. Surprised? I’m sure you’re not.

Hina is always alert for surprise buttsecks.

Hina is always alert for surprise buttsecks.

Hina asks them why they were leaving the school later than usual. Hayate explains it was because Nagi was tutoring him. It seems his grades haven’t been very good lately and he’s in danger of failing and either getting kicked out of school or being held back a year. Hina starts to become annoyed that she’s been thinking about a guy like Hayate. Both Hayate and Nagi feel Hina’s wrath and they back away. Hayate wonders if he has done anything again to make Hina mad. Hina finally tells Hayate that if he fails to advance to the next grade, she will never forgive him. She then leaves the two.

Hayate catches up to Hina after getting permission from Nagi. Hina then begins to ask Hayate how he felt when he was sold by his parents. Hayate tells her that he was upset and that they were such bad parents. Hina then suggests there might have been a reason but Hayate doesn’t think so, because in the end, they still left him. Hina apologizes for asking something weird and continues walking away.

Before Hina could disappear from Hayate’s sight, he starts to think fast. He wants to say something that could cheer her up since she seems to be down. Hayate suddenly cracks out a trivia… Hina doesn’t seem pretty amused that Hayate’s way of cheering people up is through trivias about whales and dolphins.

Some people like it though...

Some people like it though...

Hina starts to think again. Now she thinks that whatever it is about Hayate, it doesn’t matter anymore. She smiles then leaves.

A day before that, March 2nd. Sakuya visited the Saginomiya estate. She wonders why Isumi had set up two Hina dolls for the Hinamatsuri. Isumi tells her that she shouldn’t touch the doll for it is cursed. Especially not break its neck, or else the unluckiest person around will become even more unlucky as a curse will befall upon that person.

Even better: Sakuya does both.

Even better: Sakuya does both.

Back at the Sanzenin mansion, Hayate was admiring a wristwatch on the table. Nagi tells him that it is for Hinagiku’s birthday. If the butler would give a present, the master is obliged to give one too. Nagi tells Hayate that it costed 300,000 yen and he begins to panic. Nagi also reminds Hayate that if it weren’t for her, he would be the unluckiest person in the universe. Actually, he still is.

Disturbingly, he starts to run back to his duties… wearing a maid outfit. Maria and Nagi are shocked! We proceed to Part B!

Hayate saaaaaabisuuuu~

Fandom punch!!

Nagi and Maria spy on Hayate and they wonder what happened to him. They begin to think that it may have been Hayate’s secret hobby that he had let loose now. Both of them don’t mind anyway as he looks really good in it. When Maria pointed it out to Hayate, he suddenly realizes that he is wearing a maid outfit. Isumi and Sakuya arrive at the scene.

Isumi explains the situation. It seems the curse was made by a person from long ago who wanted to crossdress and was beheaded for his scandalous act. The guy had picked Hayate as the holder of the curse and if he doesn’t do anything about it until the Hinamatsuri ends, he’ll be crossdressing for the rest of his life. All girls don’t really mind, once again. Hayate asks what he has to do and Isumi reveals that he has to defeat the master of the highest building around.

Of course, the highest point is Hakuou Gakuin’s clock tower… and the master is none other than the Student Council President, Katsura Hinagiku!

As they talk, Hina was still pondering about Hayate. What if, hypothetically speaking, in a 1 out of a gajizillion percent chance, that she is IN LOVE WITH HAYATE? Suddenly, the Priest appears. He starts to give Hina some counseling as she can see him. As a priest, he tells her to close her eyes, think for a while, and be true to her heart, because it will clear her mind and the answer will be found.

Back in the mansion grounds, they all become relieved that it’s Hina that Hayate has to defeat. If they explain the situation properly, Hina would be kind enough to lose to Hayate on purpose. Hayate wants the battle to be at night, so there’ll be less people in the school but Maria says the Hinamatsuri continues all night long. Hayate has no choice but to disguise himself while at school grounds and challenge Hina in the clock tower.

Sakuya then wonders about something that most of us have also probably asked…

I also want to know...

I also want to know...

Sakuya chases Hayate and pulls on the skirt but he resists. He threatens Sakuya that if she continues, he’ll… well, he was on the verge of tears and Sakuya stops teasing him. After that, Maria and Hayate proceed back inside the mansion. Maria seems to think that all that talk was just an act to cover up Hayate’s secret taste. Hayate becomes more worried that Maria now sees him as a person who enjoys crossdressing.

Meanwhile, Hina digs down through her memories to find exactly what’s been bothering her. She suddenly stops at the point when Hayate lured her into a hanging bridge in the athletic meet to allow Nagi to win the race because Hina froze up after realizing that she was going to battle Hayate in a high place. Hina concludes that what’s been bothering her mind was none other than that! That match was null and void and it needed conclusion. It wasn’t really the conclusion the Priest was expecting…

With great timing, Isumi arrives and hands Hina a letter. Isumi tells her that it was hard to explain in speech so she wrote the details down. Hina reads it and misunderstands the letter as a letter of challenge. Hina accepts the challenge of the Sanzenin butler. Isumi says it wasn’t supposed to be that and Hina should lose on purpose as a request but she kept on fidgeting instead so Hina did not understand.

Back to March 3rd, during the Hinamatsuri celebration at school. Hayate, Wataru and Sakuya wait for 9pm, which is the official time of the duel. Wataru asks where Isumi was and Sakuya says she got lost again. Wataru also mentions that this night is the last night students would be able to make fun memories, which is why there are many people. It’s the last event before the final exams. Izumi suddenly pops up and notices Hayate.

The more you say that, the more people will want to find out.

The more you say that, the more people will want to find out.

Cute Izumi is cute~

Izumi's senses are tingling!

Hayate manages to escape Izumi and ends up inside one of the school buildings. He gets hit by Kaoru-sensei and his cape gets removed, exposing his maid outfit inside.

Kaoru, its a traaaap!!

Kaoru, it's a traaaap!!

Kaoru doesn’t realize that it was, in fact, a boy. He apologizes and falls in love with Hayate. When asked for the “girl’s” name, Hayate introduces himself as the name he used to introduce himself to Klaus in her angel outfit back in the first season: Ayasaki Hermione.

Indeed it is. Right, Harry?

Indeed it is. Right, Harry?

He asks Hermione to dance with him but Hermione strongly declines. Kaoru then does the impossible and confesses his love! This is one of those rare moments when one character confesses to another!! (Ayumu is an example)

7:30pm, Hina proceeds to the place of her destined battle with Hayate. She believes that once this is over, she will stop thinking about him. How will this end up? We’ll see… next time!

Even though I expected a more romantic or Hina-birthday-centered episode, this one is still good. I thought it would finally reveal Hina’s past but it seems that would have to be on hold again. At least we get to see a glimpse of it.

I’m a bit disappointed and laughing at the same time.

Next time, Hinagiku has cashed in her rematch clause! Hayate vs Hinagiku again!

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!


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  1. Such a funny episode for some perticular reasons XD
    Yay for the HinagikuxHayate shots :D
    Also…Izumi was cute there…too cute…

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