Naruto Chapter 451 – Hunting Season

June 13, 2009

So does everyone else.

So does everyone else.

Last time was all parties and a shocking new Hokage. Now we get the new Hokage’s first move and a hell lotta flashbacks… like always.

So the chapter starts off with the Konoha-nin working together to rebuild their village destroyed by the Akatsuki. Even though Yamato can automatically summon large houses back into tip-top shape using his Mokuton ninjutsu, he grows tired easily though the villagers are still impressed. Who wouldn’t? With Yamato, there will be no such thing as homeless people anymore. Imagine if he was as strong as the Shodaime.

Anyway, Naruto and Sakura are discussing about Tsunade’s condition, who is still in a comatosed state. They were suddenly greeted by two familiar faces.

Its Tazuna and Inari!

It's Tazuna and Inari!

Yes, those two are from the Zabuza arc of the Naruto anime and manga. It seems Inari became a carpenter and dropped by to say hi. Tazuna was… well, still old. They were still thankful about how they saved the Land of Waves back then so now it’s their turn to help. After all, they built a large bridge back then.

After that, Kakashi arrives. It seems he knew that Tazuna and Inari would be there. Tazuna then looks for Sasuke. They don’t know about Sasuke becoming a Missing-nin because they were just some arc-exclusive characters with no real importance. As Kakashi was trying to think up of an explanation that doesn’t involve saying the truth frankly, Naruto cuts in and tells them that he and Sasuke had a fight so he left the village for a while. He promises to bring him back.

They cut to Sasuke, who is apparently heading to Konoha with his team Hebi (now known as Taka).

Naruto remembers the time when he and Sasuke fought in the Valley of the End. He says he now understands how Sasuke felt. Sasuke told him back then that Naruto had always been alone so he doesn’t understand the feeling of losing people you cherished. With Jiraiya gone, Naruto had understood Sasuke “pain”, as told by Nagato. Now, he’s decided that he wants to fight Sasuke one more time, now that he understands him better.

They cut to Sasuke again, remembering his family, then Itachi’s last words and finally, the day he promised that he will accept Itachi’s will.

Every time Itachi smiles, a puppy dies.

Every time Itachi smiles, a puppy dies.

The three people sent by the Raikage have reached Konoha and they all wonder why it was in rubble and no guards were patrolling the area. One guard explains that it is because of Akatsuki and that even the guards are helping in rebuilding the village.

Who is this? Aniesu?

Who is this? Aniesu?

Oh, how right you are!

Oh, how right you are!

They learn of Tsunade’s condition. But it is an emergency and they need to hear from the one in charge while the Hokage is down. Danzo arrives and explains that he is now the new Hokage.

Kiba rushes over to where Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi are. He tells them of the news that Danzo is the new Hokage and his first move is…

Sasuke Hunting Season! Take your best rifles with you!

Sasuke Hunting Season! Take your best rifles with you!

Meh. Not much action.

Least we get to see Tazuna and Inari again after thousands of years.

The events concerning Pain was actually quite helpful for Naruto’s character development. That was good.

Don’t have much to say anymore.

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!


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