Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 62 – Two Gods

June 12, 2009

After getting beat by the Signers, they also bug the new Pretty Cure gang.

After getting beat by the Signers, they also bug the new Pretty Cure gang.

The Signers have triumphed over the Dark Signers each of them had to overcome. The final fight between the Signers and the Dark Signers: the man who owns the Condor and Dragon Head birthmarks against Jack, Yusei and Crow. The truth behind the man who flew across Daedalus Bridge. Rex’s real intentions and more.

Last time, after Divine became Earthbound snack (which was the most entertaining scene and unarguably, something that everyone wanted) and Aki defeating Misty, the final and most powerful Nazca line appeared: the Condor.




Key Card of the Week: Sun Dragon Inti.

Key Card of the Week: Sun Dragon Inti.

Everyone wonders why the geoglyph appeared all of a sudden. Crow then arrives with Jack. They’re now even more puzzled about the appearance of the geoglyph because Aki had just defeated the last Dark Signer. Suddenly, an earthquake happens. Sparkly light comes out of the Old Momentum site and it seems the door to the Underworld has fully opened!

A black, sludge-like thing comes out of the hole and starts to form a large monster, slowly making its way towards the Condor’s geoglyph. Oddly, it has four wings but it preferred walking towards it…

Grimers final stage: King of the Underworld.

Grimer's final stage: King of the Underworld.

Rudger once said that when the door to the Underworld fully opens, the King of the Underworld would appear. It seems that giant thing is the King of the Underworld. They still don’t understand what’s going on. They thought that once it arrives, it’s game over for all of them, but they’re all still alive and not being taken over. Ruka’s birthmark reacts and Kuribon appears before her to warn her about the giant monster.

I havent been getting much screen time lately...

"I haven't been getting much screen time lately..."

It seems Kuribon has provided them information that they should not let the giant monster reach the Condor’s geoglyph in Neo Domino City. The how to stop it and why are, of course, not provided by the hairy mascot. As they begin to wonder more, the Signers’ birthmarks all light up. The Crimson Dragon suddenly appears!

Plot Device Dragon.

Crimson Dragon Express, all aboard!

Through the power of Plot Device Dragon, they get transferred to Rex’s mansion. They find out that the Condor geoglyph is coming from the monument in Rex’s mansion. Rex appears from the monument and congratulates the Signers over their victories against the Dark Signers but he adds that they failed to seal the door to the Underworld. Yusei begins to question Rex. Rex explains that this world is done for as the King of the Underworld has arrived. He also adds that it is heading towards the monument because it is the place for the Divine Ritual. It also seems that Rex used the power of the Crimson Dragon to summon all the Signers to the ritual place.

Rex shows them the arm contained inside the glass vessel. They easily identify it as the final Signer’s birthmark from hundreds of feet above the ground. Actually, how do they hear Rex? Jack remembers the time when Rex stopped one of Bommer’s spiky wheels when it broke through the observation deck just using his arm, revealing it to be an automail or something. Jack then asks Rex if it was his arm but he says it was his brother’s, Rudger. When they ask why he has it, he shows off his ass to taunt them.

Whoops, I mean, show off his Condor birthmark.

Whoops, I mean, show off his Condor birthmark.

After that, he then transformed into the Incredible Rex complete with transformation sequence. It would have been nice if it was a mahou shoujo one. Oh well. They all get surprised that the person who gathered them up, directed them to the Dark Signers to defeat them, was also a Dark Signer himself. He then destroys his automail robot arm thing and takes out Rudger’s Signer arm. He connects it to his arm like it was a part of his body through the power of unexplained darkness. Though, it seems the Signer’s mark is resisting him so it would take some time to control it fully. Rex wants to use the power of the Crimson Dragon and the Wicked God in order to become the Ultimate God.

Apparently, dark power makes you buff and manly, just ask Kagemaru from GX.

Apparently, dark power makes you buff and manly, just ask Kagemaru from GX.

The monument begins to rise higher and they all escape to a safe zone where Rex’s ego won’t reach them. The ritual table suddenly appears in front of Rex, which is of course, shaped ridiculously like what a regular Duel Mat would look like. Think of it like those large Duel Arena Systems back in Duelist Kingdom. And yes, the ritual is none other than a card game. I know you’re not surprised about that anymore anyway. But probably, the most ridiculous thing is that, it needs to be a Riding Duel…

If they defeat Rex, the King of the Underworld will vanish. Now it’s up to them to make that happen! It’s Team Satisfaction (minus Kiryu) against Rex.

When the fate of the world is at risk, who cares about rules?

When the fate of the world is at risk, who cares about rules?

The rules get decided: Three against one. Jack, Yusei and Crow will have 4000 LP each while Rex gets triple of that, 12000 LP. Attacks cannot be made during each of their first turns. They all agree to those rules and rides their D-Wheels. They use the floating Condor’s geoglyph as their race track and they start the Duel.

Like every Riding Duel, Speed World dominates the field. For convenience, I will use their TCG names (or the translations if they don't exist).

Crow's turn: (4000 LP - Speed Counters: Everyone 0)
- Summons Blackwing - Mistral the Silver Shield
- From his hand, Blackwing - Bora the Spear's effect activates and Special Summons it to the field
- Sets one card.

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. It says GOODWIN! LE GASPETH!

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. It says GOODWIN! LE GASPETH!

Jack's turn: (4000 LP - Speed Counters: Everyone 1)
- Summons Mad Archfiend
- Sets a card.

Before he does his turn, he asks Rex about his motives. Rex begins to tell them about Rudger being the owner of the Dragon Head birthmark and how he discarded it due to the power of the Spider birthmark taking over him. He passes on the arm to his brother, Rex, and tells him to gather up the ones called Signers in order to defeat him. He tells him that two Gods are residing inside his body but he chose the evil one. He allows Rex to escape while he still has some sanity left. He then activates the Old Momentum and destroyed part of Neo Domino City, which was turned into the slums called Satellite later on.

It was also revealed that when Rex challenged Rudger to a duel, Rex lost on purpose (he had a Mirror Force, Solemn Judgment and Divine Wrath just to emphasize that). Oh christ… that just made the Dark Signers look more like a bunch of clowns, losing to people who aren’t even Signers… Anyway, when Rex lost, he was fated to die. He reveals his plan to be reborn as a Dark Signer by wishing with all his strength to live once more and along with Rudger’s discarded Signer arm, he will control both Gods and become an Ultimate God. He does get what he wanted. When he was about to die, a condor appears in front of him.

He wants to break the chain of people being forced to be played upon by fate after 5,000 years. He wants to destroy the world through the King of the Underworld’s effect and then recreate it through the Crimson Dragon’s power. Yusei, Jack and Crow becomes fed up of his retarded monologue and finally intervenes. Crow says that the innocent people should not be sacrificed for such a selfish cause. Yusei adds that fate is not something that even God can control. They make their own fate.

Yusei finally continues his turn:

Yusei's turn: (4000 LP - Speed Counters: Everyone 2)
- Summons Max Warrior
- Sets one card

That’s a lot of talk just for that.

Rex's turn: (12000 LP - Speed Counters: Everyone 3)
- He activates an effect from his hand, when there are no monsters on his side of the field and the opponents have at least one, Priest of the Sun can be Special Summoned and does so.
- He then summons a Tuner monster, Red Ant Askator.
- He begins to tune them (LV 3 Red Ant Askator + LV 5 Priest of the Sun) and Synchro Summons Sun Dragon Inti.
- Removes Red Ant Askator in his Graveyard from play to Special Summon Stone Statue of the Lamenting God.
- Pays 1000 LP (Rex: LP 11000) to Special Summon Dark Tuner - Black Goddess Witaka
- Dark Tuner - Black Goddess Witaka's effect allows it to copy a Synchro Monster on the field's level. It gets Sun Dragon Inti's LV 8.
- Performs Dark Tuning (LV 8 Dark Tuner - Black Goddess Witaka + LV 2 Stone Statue of the Lamenting God) and Synchro Summons Moon Dragon Quilla.
- Sets 2 cards.
- End Phase, Moon Dragon Quilla destroys itself through its own effect.

The card of the week makes its appearance.

The card of the week makes its appearance.

And its Dark Synchro counterpart, Moon Dragon Quilla.

And its Dark Synchro counterpart, Moon Dragon Quilla.

Crow says he doesn’t know anything about dreaming of becoming God or anything like as he isn’t a Signer or anything like that but he will break through fate, just like the legendary D-Wheeler. Rex then tells him that because of that silly act that everyone talked about, the legendary D-Wheeler had lost his arm. Crow wonders what Rex was talking about but then continues his turn.

Crow's turn: (4000 LP - Speed Counters: Everyone 4)
- Activates Speed Spell - Tune-Up 123 and he rolls a dice. If the result is 1-2, target monster gains +1 level. 3-4 gives +2 while 5-6 gives +3. He rolls a 2 so Blackwing - Mistral the Silver Shield's level becomes 3 instead of 2.
- Tunes his monsters (LV 3 Blackwing - Mistral the Silver Shield + LV 4 Blackwing - Bora the Spear) to Special Summon Blackwing Armor Master.
- Activates the effect of Blackwing - Elphin the Raven from his hand: When there is another Blackwing monster present in his field, he can Normal Summon it without any tributes and does so.
- Blackwing Armor Master attacks Sun Dragon Inti but due to Blackwing Armor Master's effect, Crow takes no battle damage and it is not destroyed by battle. It gives Sun Dragon Inti a Wedge Counter.
- Removes the Wedge Counter from Sun Dragon Inti, dropping its ATK and DEF to 0.
- Blackwing - Elphin the Raven attacks and destroys Sun Dragon Inti (Rex: LP 8800, Speed Counter drops to 2)
- Sun Dragon Inti's effect activates: The monster who destroys it in battle is also destroyed and the controller takes damage equal to the destroyed monster's ATK. (Crow: LP 1800, Speed Counter drops to 2)
- In addition, when Sun Dragon Inti is destroyed, Moon Dragon Quilla can be Special Summoned from the Graveyard.

Wherever you go, Engrish will follow.

Wherever you go, Engrish will follow.

Rex tells them that the legendary D-Wheeler failed to go up against fate, that he should not battle God. But that was because he was an ordinary human. If one wants to destroy fate, then one must overcome being a human and transform into a God. They all figure out that Rex was the legendary D-Wheeler who flew off Daedalus Bridge. Crow doesn’t believe it and says that Rex will not taint their legend. Suddenly, like when summoning the Savior Dragon, Yusei, Jack, Aki and Ruka’s birthmarks disappeared and all of them were transferred to Rex, probably because he has now gained control of the Dragon Head birthmark. Now Rex has the Condor and Dragon birthmarks!

Rex with all the birthmarks.

Rex with all the birthmarks.

Pretty cool episode. This one is very exciting. The concept of 3v1 was not that interesting but the fast-paced action makes it all worthwhile.

Some light was shed upon some hidden secrets like Rudger and Rex’s duel, Rex’s real plan, the identity of the legendary D-Wheeler. This seems like the true Season 2 final battle.

Next episode, the strongest Jibakushin will make its appearance, Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca! Looking forward to episode 63!

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!



  1. I couldn’t help but laugh with this episode…
    I mean they really screwed it up good this time

    God of the underworld Muk = epic fail
    A giant Inca temple rising in the middle of the city for no apparent reaason = el oo el
    And don’t get me started about Godwin…
    His reason to turn into a dark signer was just lame…
    not to mention his change in appearance. I liked the cool type Godwin since it made him more convincing.
    Now he’s just… another muscled macho like his brother, quite a dissapointment to me I have to say.
    Also the birthmark thing…it’s kinda losing it effect. Those things were cool to me because they seemed special and rare, now Rex is just playing with them (by collected all 5 yay~)
    And well I guess I shouldn’t talk about the fact that if you wanna become god…why should you duel 3 little punks in the first place?
    oh that gets me to the 3 on 1, I don’t really think it’s that intresting, especially if every character is gonna start up a giant dialogue like Yusei did. I prefer the usual 1vs1 or tag duels I guess xD

    Positive things about this episode?
    well…it has a high LOL level on how they screwed up. Really, I liked YGO 5D’s so far since it had more mature themes like crime, but this one just threw the whole plot (starting from the tournament) down the drain…
    I hope it goes back to the basics in season 3…

    Anyway, very nice job chief even putting the duel in there ^^

  2. “…The concept of 3v1 was not that interesting but the fast-paced action makes it all worthwhile.”

    Indeed. Jack alone can beat the shit out of Go(o)dwin!
    Yousay– errr Yusei is just there for the fangirls

  3. lol that’s messed up big time :P

  4. Personally, i laughed a lot, but i think the episodes are always good. Will wait for the next ones.

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