Shangri-La Episode 9 – Meetings and Separations

June 10, 2009

Armed with just a whip and very, very dangerous!

Armed with just a whip and very, very dangerous!

The Sun and Moon cross paths. Momoko gets caught. MEDUSA smartens up. Kuniko learns the harsh fate of her friends in the Detention Center and Klaris is still very poor.

With the help of every other inmate, Kuniko escaped the Detention Center last time through the power of friendship and science (how she told them her very elaborate plan is unknown). As she, Momoko and Tomoka were about to return to Duomo, they stumble upon Lady Mikuni’s banquet… and Takehiko kept on digging.

We start off with Takehiko’s gang, still digging. Some of the men looks up at the sky and notices that an eclipse was happening outside. After the OP sequence, we return to where we left off last time. Lady Mikuni is playing with her subordinates. She almost trips because of the blindfold but luckily, Mi-ko is there to break her fall. Lady Mikuni continues the game after identifying Mi-ko and Mi-ko’s punishment is to lie down. Mi-ko does so and Lady Mikuni lies on top of her like a bed. Lady Mikuni asks if they would see a shooting star today. Mi-ko tells her that it would be nice if a lot of them would fall but she says she only needs one wish: that is, to be able to walk on the surface without having to worry about the sun. Mi-ko becomes touched by this and hugs Lady Mikuni.

Meanwhile, Sayoko is monitoring the area for any kinds of irregularities.

Do I look cool now?

"Do I look cool now?"

And she suddenly spots on Kuniko, Momoko and Tomoka, snooping around. She aims for Momoko but he detects the sniper and runs to a safe zone. Sayoko orders the other guards to catch Momoko, but alive as she wants to use him for something, probably an experiment. Mi-ko and Lady Mikuni were immediately sent back inside the shrine to be safe. Kuniko tells Momoko to hurry and return to Duomo but he refuses to back down. He gives her the boomerang, her favorite weapon and tells her to protect Tomoka. Momoko gets out of hiding and approaches Sayoko and her guards…

Momoko, he makes everything funny including fight scenes

Momoko, he makes everything funny including fight scenes

Momoko starts assaulting the male guards in a very interesting way.

Let the bodies hit the floor!

Let the bodies hit the floor!

Another one bites the dust...

Another one bites the dust...

Sayoko starts shooting but Momoko blocks the bullets with her whip. Kuniko watches and says that she has to save them from Momoko, or else they’d all lose their virginity. Kuniko spots on the shrine holding Lady Mikuni attempting to leave using a smokescreen. She flings her boomerang at the shrine and making it turn a bit on its side, probably knocking a support beam down. Sayoko and Momoko continue their 1v1 battle…

Sayokos reaction after being called an old lady...

Sayoko's reaction after being called an old lady...

And yes, it’s a very funny confrontation: A sadist vs a transvestite. Momoko says that trannies aren’t scared of sadists and continues the fight. Back in the shrine, Mi-ko tells Lady Mikuni that he was a former sumo wrestler and he will protect her from anyone. He comes out of the shrine (but he couldn’t see Kuniko nor does she see him because of the smokescreen) and blocks the incoming boomerang by shoving it back but he does notice what the boomerang looked like. He knows that boomerang too well. He knows it was the same boomerang as Kuniko’s!

Mi-ko falls down unconscious. Lady Mikuni gets out to check on Mi-ko and Kuniko spots her. Before she could get any closer, a guard shoots at Kuniko, making her dodge but Tomoka gets grazed by the bullet. The guard tells Lady Mikuni to return inside and she calls out to Mi-ko. Sayoko hears this and stops. Momoko takes the opportunity and hits Sayoko directly with his elbow but this allowed Sayoko to inject him in the back with some sleeping drug.

Kuniko checks up on Tomoka and a helicopter arrives to fetch Lady Mikuni’s gang as the eclipse is about to end. She sees Momoko being loaded into the shrine and she runs off to save him. She gets stopped by countless falling torii. The helicopter flies off, carrying the shrine with it and disappears from Kuniko’s sight.

Meanwhile, in Ryouko’s headquarters, they receive information that the Sun and Moon have parted ways. Ryouko says she must report this to Lord Hiruko. She receives some notification and tells everyone to leave, including Sion.

Now, in Karin’s ultra computer system room of doom, Karin receives a call from a public phone. It was Klaris, desperately trying to contact her after losing all her money during the hunt for the snake a few episodes ago. Karin checks on the news while Klaris is busy ranting about being poor. Karin tells her to cheer up and she’ll give her 3 million. Klaris says that’s only enough to buy lunch. Karin then wonders what Klaris eats for lunch (I do too). Karin then turns it into 30 million and Klaris finally cheers up but Karin wants something in return… and at the same time, Ryouko’s notification had the word “MEDUSA” in it.

After the break, Kuniko is seen carrying Tomoka in a piggyback. They’re on their way back to Duomo. Kuniko says that after she takes Tomoka to a doctor, she will rescue Nao and Rena in the Detention Center.

Back in Atlas, Lady Mikuni was beside Mi-ko and says that Mi-ko would be worried if he wakes up and does not find her so Sayoko leaves them. She heads for Momoko’s detaining room and finds that the guard has been totally smothered with kiss marks. She heads inside and does idle chat with Momoko until she notices his earring. She asks him where he got the earring but he says he got it from a sale. She then prepares to do a little lie-detector test without the use of any wires…

In Lord Hiruko’s creepy lair, Lord Hiruko tells Ryouko about some prophecy and begins to dissolve. Ryouko calls in the guards to bring the new vessel. It seems Lord Hiruko needs a vessel for Hiruko’s spirit to remain in the world. They bring in a little girl and tosses her into the eerie pool of whatever. She begs for her life and then she becomes wrapped with floating talismans rotating around her and that allows Hiruko’s spirit to dwell inside the vessel.

Lord Hiruko, creepy as ever...

Lord Hiruko, creepy as ever...

Klaris reports back to Karin in the meantime. It seems MEDUSA’s sudden disobedience is not caused by any bug but a forced shutdown. Before Klaris could say any more, she hurries off because she was just as a net cafe. It seems 30 million is just enough to buy lunch with dessert… wow… just wow… Shougo and Soichiro also notice the good baits for MEDUSA but they wonder why it isn’t making its move.

At sunset, Kuniko and Tomoka makes it back to Duomo. The people then congratulate her on successfully sneaking out. When asked about Momoko’s whereabouts, Kuniko changes the topic and says she’ll head back to her grandma’s place and leaves Tomoka to them for treatment. She does go home but then leaves quickly to go to Takehiko’s digging team. She helps in digging while everyone looks dumbfounded. They’ve been digging for a while now and the one they were supposed to rescue is now digging with them. I’d be looking stupid too.

Klaris alerts Karin of a crisis. It seems Tarsian has been calling the shots now and has been ordering MEDUSA to infiltrate the Jupiter observatory which explains why it was staring at the Great Red Spot. MEDUSA talks to Karin and tells her that he will overcome his weakness. His eyes glow red and prepares to do something. Lord Hiruko tells Ryouko that the successor has come. Lord Hiruko adds that she must prepare for a storm is coming. MEDUSA hacks through some orbital satellites and changes its direction, It looks like it is stirring something in the ocean.



Meanwhile, Takehiko successfully digs through the Detention Center and looks at the field. He becomes shocked and tells Kuniko not to look. She becomes curious and pulls Takehiko down to look. What laid before her eyes were…

Ryouko really let them have it...

Ryouko really let them have it...

Even the scavengers...

Even the scavengers...

Theres Rena...

There's Rena...

And theres Nao...

And there's Nao...

This is as worse as the Hinamizawa Syndrome...

This is as worse as the Hinamizawa Syndrome...

…her friends’ corpses.

Well, I didn’t expect Mikuni and Kuniko’s meeting to be that… short. I thought it would be some kinda epic meeting. Oh well.

By the way, a torii is like this:

Example of torii from Fushimi Inari-taisha in Kyoto

Example of torii from Fushimi Inari-taisha in Kyoto

Seems like MEDUSA is trying to do something interesting.

Anyway, the last part was pretty sad. That was a pretty horrible way to dispose of bodies. Not to mention that Kuniko had just lost Momoko, now she sees all her friends, lifeless and their bodies mistreated and disrespected. All the promises she made with them are now gone along with them. I wonder if Kuniko’s gonna fall into some kinda depressive state like what normally happens.

Next time, it seems the identical swords will play a part.

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!


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  1. One of the best episodes so far. Momoko owned everything ^^

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