K-ON! 10 – Another Training Camp

June 9, 2009
M***nalds: Best fast food

M***nalds: Best fast food restaurant ever

The group once again decided to go to a training camp for this year’s summer. Not only that, Azusa will join the party this time so better look forward to it.

Okay then, let’s start:

Cageyake! GIRLS

The episode started with Ui meeting with Azusa to hang out. They first went to some fast food restaurant and talked about the upcoming training camp and their opinions about the members.

Ritsu (who found them accidentally; at least she says so) joined the group after Azusa commented her about being irresponsible and sketchy.

There goes the first one...

Azusa asked Ritsu about Tsumugi if she is really from a rich family. Ritsu said she does (but not sure about her answer) and gave her a call so that they can hang out at their place. Unfortunately, Tsumugi’s butler picked it up, saying that Tsumugi is at Finland at the moment.

The second one...

Afterwards, the party went to Yui’s house and found Yui lying on the floor, being lazy.

Check her pulse, Ritsu!

Sometime later, Yui and Ritsu went to the faculty, telling Sawako-sensei about the training camp and went shopping in the afternoon.

Pouting power!

So… the day of the training camp has come and now with a much more bigger place to stay (Though Tsumugi still apologizes that she failed to reserve the place she wanted this year).

The group then decided to pick, either to play or to practice first, but with Tsumugi leaning on playing first, Mio and Azusa lost.

The beach… training… shopping… dinner… fireworks…

Guess what happen next?

Yui only watched up to Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Barbecue... nothing much about it

Fireworks, not as epic as last time

After playing with fireworks, Ritsu told everyone to play test of courage (which is, of course, a hidden conspiracy to scare Mio once again) and everybody agrees on doing so.

As expected, Mio and Azusa were matched together. During their walk in the dark forest, a black entity walks towards them which made Mio unconscious. The black entity turns out to be Sawako-sensei, telling them that she is going to surprise them but got lost along the way.

Oh crap! Is that a Chimera?!?

Afterwards, as any other anime filled with an all-girl cast, a fanservice trip in an onsen is present.

I always wonder if those two are siblings

Later that evening, Azusa woke up and saw Yui actually practicing. She joined her afterwards.

After the training camp, it is back to civilization. Ui met with Azusa to hang out and once again went to their favorite fast food restaurant code name M (Ui hardly recognized Azusa when she met her due to her tanned skin).


The emperor:

The story again revolves around Azusa, getting to know the originals more. Even though it’s something that should be made for a better episode, I still enjoyed this episode (not just the fanservices moments but the calmness of the story).

That’s all for K-ON! 10 see you next episode.



  1. I feel like this episode was primarily made due to some Azusa fanservice calls… I mean, why make a copy of an episode that happened about 6 weeks ago? It almost like Azusa got pasted in yet again. Oh well, I’d have to admit, that part with Sawa-chan-sensei was funny.

    • clearly you have not been reading the manga !!!!!

      shame on you !!!!!!!

      (also, azunyan = awesome)

  2. woohoo~
    I love beach episodes so I don’t care even if there would be a hundred in it!
    but really…beach and Azusa = simple WIN!
    this is one of my favorite calm episodes in K-ON!, a lot better than the first beach special if you ask me XD

    • Agree with you. People all over have been bashing the ep for copypaste and whatnot but for me, it was one of the better K-ON eps. And fyi, I didn’t really like the previous ep, due the the Azusa-emo thingie, so this ep put things back in order.

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