Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei Episode 3 – The Way Back Home

June 9, 2009

Seems pretty easy, doesnt it?

Seems pretty easy, doesn't it?

Rika learns more about the world she was transferred in and the way back to the fun world where she won after hundreds of years. One shocking revelation in the end.

On their way back after playing games in Okinomiya, Rika starts a bike race with her friends on a steep hill. Unfortunately, a truck welcomes her in a corner turn and… the next thing she knows, she’s in the clinic of their school. Confused, she later finds out that she ended up in a different world after dying. But there’s something wrong, the important pieces: Keiichi and Hanyuu and even the supposed villains Irie and Takano are nowhere to be found! It was a world without the Hinamizawa syndrome!

The episode starts with Rika making her way back home and pondering about her parents. In the other worlds, she gave up on her parents and accepting their deaths in the hands of the Irie Agency. She finds them to be alive, unlike what she had usually believed in. Upon reaching her room, she calls out to Hanyuu but gets no response. She looks for Hanyuu in Oyashiro-sama’s shrine and calls out to Hanyuu again. This time, she finally gets a response. It came from a small crystal orb displayed near Oyashiro-sama’s statue.

Collect seven of these to return to your world.

Collect seven of these to return to your world.

Rika approaches the orb and Hanyuu speaks through it. Rika tells Hanyuu to hurry up and get her out of the new world. Hanyuu says she can’t, some power is preventing her from accessing the world. Hanyuu explains that the world Rika is in is a different fragment from the ones they’ve been to before. Like a jigsaw puzzle, when they travel from world to world, they arrange the pieces together but this time, the world Rika is in does not fit in with any of the other pieces. Rika has to find the fragment stuck in the world she is in.

Rika starts to ask Hanyuu what it looks like but Hanyuu doesn’t know either. Rika thinks it may be similar to the orb Hanyuu was speaking through and Hanyuu thinks it may be possible. But, it is also possible that the fragment has taken another shape. Hanyuu reminds Rika that their powers are weakening. Hanyuu used too much power transferring Rika to another world since there was nothing more she could do… Rika had died immediately after she was hit by the truck during the bike race. Well, really, who’d survive at that speed?

Oh my god, they killed Rika! You bastards!

"Oh my god, they killed Rika!" "You bastards!"

OKay, thats a good angle to show that Rika really died...

OKay, that's a good angle to show that Rika really died...

Yes... please do tell us about in more detail...

Yes... please do tell us about in more detail...

Of course, it was Rika’s fault to start with as she was the one who started the race. It seems the only way for Rika to get back is for Hanyuu to be able to come to that world and transfer her out. Rika promises that no matter what it takes, she will definitely return to the fun world she lived before–the world which they had won after hundreds of years of struggle.

Hanyuu also tells Rika to be very careful as her powers do not reach Rika world, if she dies, it’s a bad end, she will be no longer able to resurrect Rika to another world. She also explains that what Rika is holding now is Furude Shrine’s treasure, the “Kamunomikotonori”. The orb is starting to lose its power. Rika tells Hanyuu to contact her again if Hanyuu finds anything like a hint.

The next day, lunch break at school, everyone was having their lunch. Rika looks at her friends from the old world: Rena, Mion and Satoko. Satoko, like what was stated last time, isn’t on good terms with Rika. She shouts at Rika for staring too much, feeling creepy about it.

Poor Rika-chama. Next time, use a chair.

Poor Rika-chama. Next time, use a chair.

Rika apologizes and later, heads out to a place where she could be alone, under some trees and asks Hanyuu through the orb if Hanyuu found something. Hanyuu gives a positive reply this time and says that the fragment, when found, must lose its shape, basically, break it. She also adds that the fragment may be hiding in an object… in the worst case scenario, inside a person. If that happens, that person must lose its life…

Rika heads home and continues talking to Hanyuu in the shrine. Rika deduces that if it was in a person, it’s highly possible that they are tied with Oyashiro-sama. She asks Hanyuu if she herself could be the fragment but Hanyuu doesn’t think so, if that were the case, Hanyuu could not be able to talk to her because it was the fragment that was refusing Hanyuu. So the next possible candidates are: Rika’s father or mother. She says if it was the only way, she will not hesitate in killing them herself. She then orders the god to continue looking for hints. After their conversation, she stumbles upon some old documents and decided that there may be some clues hidden in those too.

Rika proceeds back to their house and begins to massage her mother’s shoulders. It seems she was just trying to feel the presence of the fragment from her mother but finds nothing of the sort.

The following day, Rika brought one of the old documents to read them at school during break time. Satoko sees this and snatches the book away after Rika ignored her. Satoko then tosses the book to her other friends and made Rika chase after it. Rika finally snaps and tosses a chair at Satoko, knocking her down on the ground. Rika approaches Satoko slowly, dragging another chair with her. Satoko stays down on the ground and Rika begins to beat her over and over with the chair. Her terrified friends back away.

Time for divine punishment.

This is your batsu game, Satoko-chan.

It is implied that I am beating your little body over and over with this metallic chair.

"It is implied that I am beating your little body over and over with this metallic chair."

See? Whatd I tell you? Feels good, doesnt it?

See? What'd I tell you? Feels good, doesn't it?

Rika makes it clear that she’s not in the mood for any of Satoko’s pranks. She has grown tired of all her screaming. She will not back down just because the Satoko here looks exactly like the Satoko from her world. Satoshi, Rena and Mion also witness this.

After the break, Satoko was being treated in the infirmary by Yamamoto-sensei. Chie-sensei makes Rika and Satoko apologize to each other, but both of them do so half-heartedly. Yamamoto notices Rika holding her hand and he sees that she grazed it. He begins to treat Rika’s wound and Chie-sensei along with Satoko heads to class first and reminds Rika to follow after the treatment.

When they were left alone, Yamamoto begins to tell Rika that she must have been sad that her close friends had transferred out at the same time but that she doesn’t have to be always lonely. He suggests that she make friends with the other people in class because it’s only a matter of time until the school closes down due to the flooding of the dam. Rika replies that her real true friends went very, very far away and she wants to return to them. Yamamoto suddenly notices Rika’s change in manner of speech. She says she just felt like it. Yamamoto then asks her if something’s bothering her mind and if he could be of any help. Rika doubts he can help but she tells him the story even though she knows that he will never believe her.

Rika says that the Rika in this world may have died after she got hit by the ball. She is not the Rika of the world Yamamoto knows. She also explains that she is Oyashiro-sama’s reincarnation. Rika also tells him about the world she came from and the way for her to return as explained by Hanyuu. He asks her how she can communicate with Hanyuu and Rika shows him the orb. He borrows it for a moment to inspect it but he says he cannot hear anything from it. Rika tells him that’s because its power is recharging but he may be able to hear something once it regains its power back. He tells her that if he can speak to Hanyuu, he will help Rika but if he can’t, Rika must listen what he’s going to say. Rika asks him what it is but he tells her to wait for next time.

Classes become over and everyone heads home. When Rika was about to leave, she was called by Satoshi. Rika tells him she’s sorry for throwing a chair at Satoko and then mercilessly hitting Satoko over and over with a chair, not concerned if it breaks a single bone or cause some trauma. Rena assures Rika that they’re not there to scold her or bully her. Mion explains that they want everyone to get along with each other. Satoshi adds that Mion has many games with her and it could be possible that they could start a club, just like in Rika’s original world. Eventually, Rena admits that she heard all about Rika’s world when she passed by the infirmary earlier. She tells Rika that it may not be the same as the one from her world, but at least they can relive that moment. There is no use crying over a cup that has been broken, one must acquire a new cup to replace it.

Rika also learns through Mion that the Rika from that world was living like a princess and was using her stature as a Furude to make the boys fight over her. But after they all had to transfer to a different school because of the dam flooding, she became alone. Satoshi adds that Satoko also wants to be Rika’s friend, it’s just that Satoko is too tsundere about it. In the end, they ask Rika if she wants to be part of the club. Rika then says she’d be happy to if they all accept her.

Back at home, Rika thinks about her position. Keiichi, Hanyuu and Irie aren’t in that world but there’s Satoshi and her parents. They were also starting the club and slowly, but surely, she’ll be able to be friends with Satoko. She begins to take in what Rena was explaining earlier while drinking wine.

Rika the godfather. Mobbing people and then drinking wine in style.

Rika the godfather. Mobbing people and then drinking wine in style.

After that, she was called downstairs by her mother so she can help and learn how to cook. Rika thinks that the main reason why she was longing for her mother’s warmth was probably because she always rejected it during the experiences in the other worlds, to lessen her grief of her mother’s death every time in happens. Rika begins to think that this world may also be a good place to live in and she may be able to be happy too if this continues. She starts giving up on the old world.

During the washing of the plates, Rika’s mother tells her that Yamamoto-sensei called earlier about what she talked about with him. Rika seems annoyed that he had told other people about their secret conversation. Her mother asks her about the thing that she “came from another world”. Rika shrugs it off by saying she was just kidding around. The subject then turns to being the “reincarnation of Oyashiro-sama”. Her mother tells her a shocking statement: her mother is the reincarnation of Oyashiro-sama. It ahs been passed through the Furude family that when there are eight female-born in succession of their bloodline, the eighth child will be the reincarnation. Rika becomes confused, she is supposed to be the reincarnation, not her mother. Her mother tells her to keep quiet about it and when she hugged Rika… Rika felt the strong presence of  the fragment in her mother!

Plot twist!

Plot twist!

Will this affect Rikas decision? Find out next time!

Will this affect Rika's decision? Find out next time!

As expected, Higurashi introduces another twist. This time, it gets really interesting. The then just mentioned Rika’s mother becomes one of the important pieces in the mystery of the normal world.

It was fun seeing Rika hammering Satoko with that chair. Sometimes, it makes me wanna do the same to Satoko.

Next time, the last part of the Saikoroshi-hen. Rika has to make a choice: The world she was living in before, or a world where everything is normal. Not to be confused with The Vanishment of Haruhi Suzumiya.

By the way, OVA 4 comes out in June 24.

After that, it’s time for the Hirukowashi-hen or Daybreak Chapter.

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!



  1. Such a lovely episode xD
    Why is Rika’s mum so moe…?
    A-Anyway, I like these OVAs as a whole, maybe even better than the second season, mostly because the animation style is a lot better than there.
    Can’t wait to see how this one will end XD

  2. what!your mother is oyashiro sama..rika chan or bernkastel..hanyuu must oyashiro sama!

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