Chrome Shelled Regios 22 – The day bugs fell from the sky

June 8, 2009
And they did tell it in detail...

And they did tell it in detail...

Episode 22 of Chrome Shelled Regios already, we’re getting closer to the end and as expected, all stuff should be starting to get clear for us. A lot of explaining and not much action in this episode, but well, we need such episodes too, of course. In any case the above picture pretty much sums up this episode.

The episode starts with the league of extras talking about the cancelled match against Myath and the uprising Lanced Shelled City Grendan. Also Platoon 17 is talking about it and how they wouldn’t stand a chance if they’d ever try to fight them. Shena also mentions that Layfon came from there before, Sharnid remains silent after that.

Meanwhile Felli is scanning the area and tell the president, Karian, that Myath is increasing its speed and moving away from them. The president tells Vanse that the troops should rest since there isn’t any threat anymore, he also asks if he can call over Platoon 17, including Layfon. Felli interferes by telling it’s her fault that Layfon got hurt, since she was the one being kidnapped in the previous episode. She also mentions that he shouldn’t make Layfon fight his former home, the president responds by telling he’ll contact Layfon personally about this matter. It is also on that moment that Karian notices something strange in the sky…

A flashy aurora in the sky

A flashy aurora in the sky

Lastly, he mentions that he saw this kind of sky around Grendan before in the past.

Next up is a lot of explaining…

First ones are Nina and Leerin, Nina apologises for not contacting Leerin before. Leerin is glad that Nina’s alright since she suddenly left Myath. That was quite a suprise for me since I don’t remember them meeting before last episode, nor talking about each other. Nina then asks how Layfon’s condition is, Leerin tells her he’s alright now and wants to bring Nina over to see him. Nina refuses however, telling Leerin she just wanted to know his condition and…

Giving up already eh?

Giving up already eh?

She walks away and enters the elevator where she suddenly clutches her head in pain. In the meantime  Leerin enters Layfon’s room and reveals the box she got from her father, she doesn’t tell Layfon about it though so he doesn’t notice it and as soon as Layfon looks at her she puts it back in her bag.

Layfon feels relieved that everything turned out fine, but she tells him that he should stop fighting. When she asks why he’s fighting, she believes that he’s just sacrificing himself again like he did in the past. Thereafter, she starts talking about how she and Nina talked to each other when they were in Myath. Layfon, suprised by this, wants to know more about this.

The scene switches and we get to see Nina, still feeling the pain inside her head, looking at the aurora in the sky.

Id be suprised too, seeing an aurora at broad daylight

I'd look puzzled too, seeing an aurora at broad daylight

More explaining in the next part… this time featuring good old Gorneo and catwoman (though rather kittygirl) Shante. As they are busy discussing on how they’ll fight Grendan, a mysterious person appears standing on a tall building in front of them. The person seems no one less than Gorneo’s brother, Savaris…

I wonder how he can understand him from up there...

I wonder how he can understand him from up there...

Savaris tells Gorneo about his mission to capture the Haikizoku and then asks him if he knows more about them. Gorneo tells his brother about how a certain “golden goat” possessed Dinn, that they had to get it out of him and now Dinn is as good as dead. Then Savaris suddenly mentions that Gorneo’s Andeshi, Gahard, died. More specificly…

Now that would get you in prison here...

Now that would get you in prison here...

I won’t refrain from showing you from Gorneo’s reply

now we only need the hatchet...

now we only need the hatchet...

Savaris explains how he killed his former master who got possesed by a Filth Monster, after that Gorneo falls down and cries while Shante tries to console him.

After the break we get to see Nina in pain again, the Haikizoku inside her made the city turn its position and now it moves towards Grendan. The president orders to prepare the Kei-ra cannon as a warning shot for Grendan. After that we move on to Layfon’s room. Layfon, who’s back in military outfit, walks towards the phone and answers it. The president who’s on the phone tell him that Zuellni is going amok. Leerin’s response to the threatening situation is rather funny…

thats the only thing she cares about when her life is a stake?

That's the only thing she cares about when her life is a stake?

Karian then wants Layfon to come over together with the rest of Platoon 17, Leerin tries to stop Layfon. Layfon however convinces Leerin by telling he didn’t care whether he was obliged to protect them or not, he protected her and the other because he wanted to. As he apologizes and leans over, Leerin expected a kiss, but Layfon moves aside and only kisses her cheek.

A reaction of suprise, whether it is happy or unhappy suprise is unknown...

A reaction of suprise, whether it is happy or unhappy suprise is unknown...

Once Layfon walks out of the room Leerin looks at the side to where the bag with the box is hidden and asks herself what she came over to Zuellni for.

At the president’s meeting room, all members have gathered. Layfon enters as the last one and once he enters, he immediately tells the story from Leerin that she met Nina in Myath, moments before she disappeared Leerin would’ve seen a “Golden Goat”. Layfon then tells them that it would make perfect sense if she got possessed with the Haikizoku on that moment. Everyone is shocked when they heard about this…



The president proceeds into asking how this can be related to how Zuellni has gone amok, but Layfon can’t answer that question. After that, the president wonders if they will have to remove the Haikizoku from Nina like they did with Dinn and what they should do if they can’t remove it.

Meanwhile, we see Nina’s situation getting worse and we also get to see some mysterious mask appearing on Nina’s face for a only a sec…

I cant give any explanation for this one yet, but I like the cute bells on it

I can't give any explanation for this one yet, but I like the cute bells on it

In the last part of the episode we get the see another mysterious thing happening… The aurora that was floating around in the sky opened up and a Filth Monster crawls out of it.

Cute isnt she?

Cute, isn't she?

Luckily for Zuellni, the Kei-ra cannon was fully prepared and as they aim it at the Filth Monster we get to see the Queen Kanaris talking about how Leerin went to Zuellni and the Filth Monster appearing being connected to each other and how they can’t be purely coincidental. The last thing she mentions…

Im sensing plottwist

I'm sensing plot twist

At the very end of the episode, the Kei-ra cannon gets fired and pierced the Filth Monster into 2 nicely seperated halves and as it happens we get to see Nina screaming while her image also gets split into two…

Countdown to new year never has been this much fun~

Countdown to new year never has been this much fun~

Split personality....

Split personality....


Thoughts :

Well this wasn’t the most fun episode of the series, it had lots of long discussions and explaining which made it a bit boring for me. I prefer this anime for the nice battle scenes so yeah… I was kinda dissapointed in this one.

On the other hand this was quite an intresting episode plotwise, Gorneo’s brother appearing, Nina and Leerin’s previous meetings not to mention Kanaris’ reaction to the exploded bug with Nina’s screaming scene in the end.

Preview :

The next episode looks more promising, lots of fighting and we’ll get to know the truth behind Nina’s mysterious mask (which is most probably connected to the Haikizoku within her)

See ya next time!



One comment

  1. Gah! Plot twist!

    I liked Leerin, but then hated her in this episode. If, however, she gives that Psyharden Dite to Fonfon, then I will like her again.

    It would have been interesting to see Zuellni fight Grendan but oh well. It’s probably better this way. I’m gonna look forward to the last 2 episodes.

    PS: I think Shante is more of a monkey than a cat.

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