Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 09 – Artificial Feelings

June 7, 2009

YUI made this show extremely magnificent

Wow, I caught up  just in time.

For those who doesn’t know anything about Full Metal Alchemist: It is about two alchemist brothers in search for the philosopher’s stone. Which would allow them to recover their bodies (Which were lost in an attempt to bring their mother back to life through alchemy)
During the previous episode, Edward and his little brother Alphonse sneaked inside the 5th warehouse. They learned there that criminals are used as guinea pigs for creating the philosopher’s stone and some of them have their soul affixed in a suit of armor. Edward battled Slicer and won, earning him a piece of information but Envy and Lust appeared just in time to kill Slicer and his brother. They destroyed the warehouse but Envy brought back Edward to Alphonse and the company and then disappeared.

Okay, let’s start…

The episode started with Edward in the hospital, injured due to the last episode. There, Edward learned that the warehouse got destroyed, putting him back to his last saved point. He also got a slap from Maria Ross (Yes… I’ve looked it up on wikipedia) for doing such a reckless thing. Edward forgives the two extras for hitting him.

This will be the best thing Maria Ross will do in her career

Later, Edward gave Winry a call about his automail and asked her to go to Central. Winry wholehearted agreed (Mainly because she forgot a screw which almost costed Edward’s life)

Is it really from Edward's automail or something else?

Denny Brosh (Thank you once again Wikipedia) found Edward and went back together. There, they saw Alphonse, who was busy thinking of what Barry the Chopper said during the previous episode.

The boy is just there to piss the big pile of armor

Winry arrived at Central, meeting Major Armstrong and went directly to the hospital after learning Edward was there. Fortunately for Winry, Edward didn’t notice a screw was missing and thinking it’s her fault.

During the discussion, Alphonse comes by, but just took a quick peek at the door


Winry inserted the missing screw, making Edward’s mechanical arm movable again. Alphonse on the other hand is still depressed.

Maes Hughes drops by at the hospital, announcing that the two are now free from escorting. Furthermore, he successfully kidnapped persuaded Winry to stay at his place.

C'mon beauty, you're going out with me

It turns out to be Hughes’ daughter, Alicia’s birthday.

During the party, Winry asked Hughes for an advice about being left out by the Elric brothers.

A very interesting thought indeed

So… Winry and Hughes left the house and went to the hospital.

There, Winry found the Elric Brothers arguing about Alphonse’s memory being fake or not

sadly, the two extra didn't know what they are talking about

After Edward heard Alphonse’s thought, he walked out. Winry, who heard everything, gave Alphonse a smash in the head with her ultimate weapon and scolded him about what his brother thinks to him.

Alphonse, enlightened with the crying Winry, runs and follows Edward to the rooftop.

Rooftop! Makoto's hideout

Edward, for no apparent reason, battled Alphonse and successfully brought him down (without Alphonse doing anything). In the end, Edward clears that Alphonse is wrong about having fake memories.

In other news, Scar appeared once again and is now in the hands of his fellow Ishbalans.



A good character development episode. I really have nothing to say since it is still the same as the previous FMA series with some modification .

For the next episode, I am sure everybody will like it (Well… for my opinion that’s my favorite episode of the first series).

Now… I just cant wait to see the next episode~



  1. Oh god, the next episode ;_;

    That’s the only episode from the first version that I remember clearly since it was so good.

    Anyway, this one’s also pretty good in itself…for me who didn’t seriously follow the first series. I learned how to slap an armor-clad person without hurting your hands. I think it was stupid of Al to easily assume something said by A PSYCHOPATHIC CRIMINAL WHO GOT EXECUTED AFTER CHOPPING COUNTLESS PEOPLE.

    Things are going fast.

    • Pretty sure he specified it was 23. I can count that.

  2. lots of Hughes = good episode
    such a funny b-day party xD

    Things are going fast. <- indeed, I hope we get to see some new scenes soon

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