Shangri-La Episode 8 – Prison Break

June 6, 2009
Atlas Corporation would like to show you how we deal with female minors who join terrorist groups

Atlas Corporation would like to show you how we deal with female minors who join terrorist groups - "Pubric" Execution

After surviving 3 days of hellish heat under the sun as punishment for fighting in the Detention Center with her newly-found-archrival-turned-instant-friend, Kuniko is greeted by Ryouko. Ryouko informs her that she is to be rewarded for her tenacity which is…




Kuniko gets taken away to the death row cell but before she goes, she threatens Ryouko that if she tries to harm any of the other inmates, she will never forgive her… yeah… that’s a nice threat to scare a warden off her duty. Soichiro asks if anyone objects but none of the other inmates comply.

After the OP theme, Ryouko is back in her jail office. Soichiro comments on how Digma-2 (Kuniko) had felt a slight fear Ryouko threatened her. Ryouko corrects him, she was dead serious about it. Soichiro becomes worried about it since they need Kuniko to be alive but Ryouko tells him that if Kuniko can’t even escape this one, then she’s not worth of their time. Sion comes in with some tea and gets punished again for not bringing a flavor that suits her mood today.

Sometimes, I feel like Sion does it on purpose...

Sometimes, I feel like Sion does it on purpose...

Night arrives and it seems Takehiko and his merry men are still digging to the Detention Center to rescue Kuniko like what real men should be doing. Suddenly, an important announcement was broadcasted by Atlas Corporation about Kuniko being in the Death Row. He then rushes over to Momoko and Nagiko, Kuniko’s grandmother, to report what he had just witnessed. They don’t seem to be bothered by it. Nagiko was just minding her picked vegetables for Kuniko to eat when Momoko visits her. They have a lot of trust in Kuniko. Takehiko just goes off to continue their digging.

In the meantime, Kunihito is being a tsundere.

Mou~ urusai, urusai, urusai!

Mou~ urusai, urusai, urusai!

Karin, on the other hand, doesn’t care about everything that’s happening concerning Metal-age. It doesn’t matter if they execute one or two of those monkeys, she says. She suddenly receives mail from her mother but it turns out to be a bad news for her. Her mother got her a nice guy to get in contact with. She becomes angered by this and tells herself that she isn’t lonely being alone and confined to a large advanced supercomputer of some sort. In short, she is a hikkikomori with a large badass hacking program. It seems MEDUSA has been staring into space, more specifically, the Great Red Spot so Karin can’t get it into hacking the guy’s e-mail.

Back in jail, some of the girls sneak collected orange juice and placed it inside a large bottle. It seems they’re cooking up a plan. Momoko visits Kuniko and hands her some package. They can’t try anything funny since their conversation is under surveillance by Ryouko and her men. After that, Kuniko returns to her cell and opens the package. Inside was a weird dress that she claims that only transexuals would wear and a lipstick but there was more: her favorite pickled vegetables from her grandmother. She happily eats them.

Meanwhile, the girls are still gathering recipes for their plan. While at the dumpsite for their community service, some of them sneak some nanomaterial clothing. Tomoka flirts with a guard to allow her to visit Kuniko but as she was about to enter the opened gate, she was stopped by one of the more neutral servants of Ryouko. Tomoka tries to “seduce” him but he tells her not to do something that she would greatly regret.

Tonight on Desperate Housewives...

Tonight on "Desperate Housewives"...

Nevertheless, he allows Tomoka to visit Kuniko. Tomoka urges Kuniko to run away with her with the guy pointing a gun at Tomoka (which can’t be seen by Kuniko since she’s in a specialized cell). Kuniko assures Tomoka that everything would be fine and she leaves. Surprisingly, the guy lets Tomoka off and pretends that he did not hear anything. After Tomoka had left, Soichiro greets the guy, it seems he heard everything and wonders why he did not pull the trigger, it could have put more pressure on Digma-2. The guy just says that if he does that, Digma-2 might act rashly and they wouldn’t want that. In the end, Soichiro also keeps quiet about it.

In the cafeteria, Nao and Rena fake a fight in order to get sent to logging duty for the day. They get their wish and were sent to the forest immediately. During break time, Rena took a kettle with her to a clearing in the forest. Some other girls brought mirrors and some liquid-filled water. It seems they’re trying to ferment some orange juice for their master plan. The scene shifts to Nao, who seemed to have flirted with a guard to acquire a dynamite they use to fell trees in the forest, saying she needs it to settle the score with Rena. (I wonder if it’s the same generic guard that Tomoka seduced).

This guy...

This guy...

And this one...

And this one...

On her way back, Rena finds a bundle of strange string, which suspiciously looks like something from the dress Momoko gave Kuniko. Surely enough, she finds it directly under where Kuniko’s cell is… wait, how did that didn’t get blown away by the wind on the way down from way up there?

Another bomb shower (hail) arrives and large chunks of ice falls on the ground, this creates huge holes and the inmates’ job were to cover the ground. Takehiko was still digging like a real man, by the way. When the hail stopped, Soichiro asks Ryouko if there was a special reason why she had scheduled Kuniko’s execution on “that” day and she replies that it will be to set Kuniko and Mikuni’s destiny into motion. That being said, Mikuni is shown playing with Mi-ko and her adviser, Sayoko, suddenly arrives to tell Mikuni that she can finally go to the surface world. Mikuni asks if it was a medicine but Sayoko tells her that it is just temporary.

So when does a night creature that is weak to the sun be able to come out in daytime? If you guessed a solar eclipse, then your answer is the same as millions of other people. But of course, let us hide that fact until the end of the episode even though it’s so obvious now.

It’s time for Kuniko’s execution! Soichiro arrives to get Kuniko and she asks him for a mirror. Soichiro replies that he isn’t that kind of guy and instead points his sword at Kuniko, so she may use it as a substitute mirror. She puts on her lipstick and goes off. On the field, everyone watches the execution. She drops one part of the lipstick container and not even one guard notices on this very plain field. When she about to get shot down, she pulls on a wire and this cuts all of the guns and Soichiro’s sword. She explains it was nanowire sneaked inside the lipstick–wait a minute, why didn’t they even cuff her?

A small explosion happens, it seems Rena had hid a large balloon in the holes while filling them after the hail. The balloon was made up of the clothing they picked up at the dump site sewn together by the thread Kuniko dropped. The balloon was able to fly using hydrogen from the dynamite and fermented orange juice… or something like that. Kuniko and Tomoka escapes and when a guard tries to shoot them, Soichiro stops him because the balloon would create a huge explosion. Tomoka and Kuniko successfully escapes and when asked how she thought up of that plan, Kuniko said she had a lot of time: that was during the time she stood under the sun for three days.

Hooray for science!

Hooray for science!

Of course, a balloon won’t be able to take them all the way back to Duomo. They reach a highway and land there. Waiting for them was none other than Momoko. When asked how she knew they would be there…

Momokos answer to everything.

Momoko's answer to everything.

Back in prison… the guards were aiming their guns at the inmates who helped Kuniko escape and dares them to shoot. Soichiro asks what they should do and Ryouko says it is all according to plan… and she tells him to give them what they want…

Oh my god, so thats what my throat would look like if I got shot there!

"Oh my god, so that's what my throat would look like if I got shot there!"

And so… the eclipse arrives and they all see what’s about to unfold. Mikuni’s band of merry women are now in front of them!

Such an epic entry...

Such an epic entry...

The Moon meets the Sun…

Intense episode, but like every other main character who is about to be executed, they always get away with it. With a help of the Power of Friendship and science, Kuniko was saved. I hope I could say the same about the other girls though. It seems we won’t be seeing Rena or Nao in Duomo anymore.

This’ll be a good episode next time, Mi-ko will see Momoko again and what will happen when Kuniko (the Sun) meets Mikuni (the Moon). I’ll continue following this one.

Takehiko? He’s still digging like a real man.

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!



  1. Kinda doubt it’s the same guard. Either animation died yet again or this guy’s facial structure seems different. Seeing as it’s Shangri-la both cases could apply :P

  2. Ahaha, that question was just a joke. XD

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