K-ON! 09 – New Member

June 6, 2009

New Loli was added in the lolidex

New Loli was added in the lolidex

As expected from Kyoto Animation (and the creator Kakifly). K-on! introduced another member in their family: Nakano Azusa.

Azusa got pasted on the OP theme

Azusa got pasted on the OP theme

Anyway, let’s get on with the story:

Azusa, enlightened by the group during their live performance, joined the light music club as their fifth member. Surprisingly, her guitar skills surpasses Yui even though Azusa proclaimed that she can only play it a little. Azusa asked to see Yui play but she evaded the question.

After Azusa gave them a taste of her skill, she gave her club application to Ritsu and left the clubroom.

On the next day. Azusa rushed to the clubroom with enthusiasm, wanting to check how good the light music club is. Sadly for Azusa, the group is having a cup of tea instead of practicing. Added to her surprise, Sawako-sensei drops by and joined the party.

Azusa, thinking that everything is just a test, picks up her guitar and started practicing but then got yelled by Sawako-sensei for being noisy.

Due to that Azusa starts to cry. The girls consoled her but unfortunately it had the opposite effect and they made Azusa snap out. Luckily Yui manages to calm her down afterwards.

Sawa-chan found her newest prey


A few days have passed and as expected nothing had changed.

Yui tries giving Azusa some Mugi cake and it works perfectly to calm down Azusa. When Sawako-sensei entered the clubroom, Azusa is already eating with her upperclassmen.

During the discussion, they learn that Azusa started playing the guitar while she was in 4th grade and her parents were working on a jazz band. Also, with the help of everyone in the clubroom (except Mio), Sawako-sensei made Azusa wear a neko-mimi, earing perfect points of moeness.

After the club meeting (most time use is for taking a break), Mio came back at the clubroom for her cellphone and saw the neko-mimi on the table. She tries it… then Ritsu finds her.

Be mesmerise by her cuteness

All episodes need Mio's fanservice. Even for just 5 seconds

As the girls walk outside the school, Yui recommended Azusa a good ice cream shop which everyone agrees on going.

Oi~ Mio wants that as well

At the ice cream shop, Mio asked Azusa if she can handle the club, replying that it’s a bit easygoing. Mio, not contented with the reply called for an emergency meeting about Azusa since she might leave if it would go on like that. Mio persuaded everyone to work harder, but they decided to put a welcoming party for her instead.

As expected from the carefree club, they went to a park for a picnic. Azusa, as usual, was getting fed by the trio. While the Ritsu, Tsumugi and Yui are playing, Azusa asked Mio if she was with a band outside the school, she was interupted by Ritsu showing Mio a picture.

I want to have one of those... whatever that is

In addition, Sawako-sensei puts a bunny band on Azusa and has a brief case filled with cosplay outfits in it. At the end of day, Mio told everyone that starting tomorrow, they are absolutely going practice seriously.

On the clubroom once again.

Ritsu, proclaimed that they are going to practice this day. Since they have two guitarists now, Ritsu asked who will be the lead guitarist. They decided that they will pick after the two perform. After Azusa performed, Yui surrendered and asked Azusa to teach her. During the practice Azusa learns that Yui only started playing guitar a year ago.

Sawako-sensei getting bored, persuaded Tsumugi to take a break, which they did. Leaving the practice for tomorrow… once again.

Back to the good old days

Azusa, at night, went out the streets, looking for other bands. She began thinking on why did she joined the light music club.

Azusa entered the clubroom once again. The group asked why Azusa hasn’t dropped by lately. Azusa cried, confused on why she joined the club and why she was moved by there live performance.

Ritsu and the others decided to perform for Azusa, to return back her feelings she had back then.

Cuteness x 100

Azusa was once again touched by their performance, asking to herself why their song sounds good even though there are some flaws on their performance. Mio then answered what Azusa was asking at the park, that she thinks that it’s fun playing with the group.



  1. waa~ Azunyan kawaii~
    I liked this episode since it finally shows the K-ON! members from outside their own perspective xD
    And well…
    The nekomimi were lovely :3

  2. Lovely.

    Azunyan surpasses Mio in my book, but Yui is still my favorite.

    Anyway, it’s such a nice thing that this one also shown how the Keionbu members were much different than the more professional bands. After all, having fun shouldn’t be sacrificed in favor of strictness. Maybe constant training would help.

  3. golden days.

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