Higashi no Eden Episode 9 – Hero…

June 6, 2009
Reality bites.

Reality bites.

Heroes. No, not the show. There have been many faces of heroes throughout history and in fiction. There have been numerous definitions of what makes someone a hero. But they all have one thing in common: the will to save another’s life. This episode shows two new Selecao, Akira’s real involvement with the NEETs and in a flashy, small, striking moment, in a person’s life who had nothing but confinement, a man becomes a hero.

Last time… Akira, Mikuru (Micchon) and Saki went to visit Pantsu (real name: Itazu Yutaka) in order to have him fix the phone Akira got from Number IV since it contains older history files of all Selecao members. Ohsugi tries digging into Akira’s real identity and finds something disturbing.

Itazu relives the moment when he lost his slacks to the wind and decided that from then on, he will never leave his room, because that was his only pair of slacks.

After determining the authenticity of the Noblesse phone, Itazu invites Akira (whom he calls “Vintage”) to his secret lair behind the closet which is filled with more advanced computers than the one he has in the room. In the meantime, a person, also holding a Noblesse phone, who is apparently called “Mononobe” has arrived in Kyoto, where another Selecao member is waiting for his arrival. It seems they’re worrying about Number IX, Akira, who has been very active lately but doesn’t seem to be the Supporter. It is then implied that the other person is the one responsible for sending out the Tomahawk missiles.

New Challenger Number 1: Mononobe

New Challenger Number 1: Mononobe

New Challenger Number 2: Yuuki

New Challenger Number 2: Yuuki

Back in the secret base, Itazu hacks into the phone’s database to check on the history files. He expresses his intention of seeking revenge for the 20,000 NEETs. Meanwhile, O-nee, Kasuga and Hirasawa were on their way to where Ohsugi had told them to come. They start finding him more suspicious after they discover that Akira had used 5 different names, info provided by their Eden database. Ohsugi seems to take that Akira is a criminal. To play it safe, Hirasawa tells O-nee to call Micchon and ask her what’s happening, but casually to not arouse any suspicions. O-nee does so and Micchon answers, but she tells them that they left Akira back with Itazu. O-nee then tells her to call her if anything comes up. Saki receives a message during the conversation from Ohsugi about Akira and she starts to get what Hirasawa and the others were up to.

In the secret lair again, Itazu discovers that Akira had purchased a lot of huge containers, sea trips and food rations. It seems Akira had shipped all the NEETs he was taking care of into Dubai, after avoiding the destruction of Careless Monday that would have killed all of them when they were saved by Akira through countless buses. They then shift to another history: Number X’s. They find out a disturbing fact… it was Number X who had caused the Careless Monday incident! Itazu becomes impressed and believes that Akira is the hero who saved all the NEETs.

Is it really to create a better Japan or to fill it with holes?

Is it really to create a better Japan or to bring it down?

Micchon and Saki arrives back in Itazu’s place and he and Akira come out to greet them but before they did, Akira tells Itazu not to tell them about what he found out. Micchon is surprised that Itazu let Akira inside and even more when she sees that they’re already on good terms with each other. She then hands Itazu the things he requested.

Peace, brutha!

Peace, brutha!

Outside, a block away, the two Selecao members were waiting and discussing what could be happening inside. Thanks to Juiz’s information, they knew that inside was an engineering student and that Akira may be trying to uncover the older history of the phone he acquired. Back inside, upon being asked if they were successful, Itazu gives them a negative answer. He makes an excuse that he isn’t up-to-date to newer phones since he’s been confined there for a while. They decide to go home and Akira gives Itazu his contact number and address and that he won’t be satisfied until he can smack Mr. Outside in the face. Saki seems to have heard some parts of Akira and Itazu’s conversation in the doorway and asks Itazu after Akira had gone downstairs. Itazu tells her that it’s better not to know and accepts the track suit they had bought for him.

After Akira and the other had left, Itazu starts cracking and finds some valuable information. After looking at the more recent entries, he panics. He knows that they had caught onto Akira’s tail and he knows that he’ll be a target because of his record. He runs to his phone but the batteries were dead. He then types something on his PC and prepares to leave with Akira’s contact information. He puts on the track pants…

Those girls also have a bad timing for their sense of humor

Those girls also have a bad timing for their sense of humor

Itazu desperately runs out of his room after a long time to escape. Little does he know that the pursuers are already behind him. Mononobe steps on the pedal and runs Itazu down.

First time in a while that he steps outside and this happens

First time in a while that he steps outside and this happens

He drops the phone and Akira’s contact information as he falls into a small creek. The second Selecao, named Yuuki, becomes afraid that he will be a murderer now but Mononobe says that one life to save everyone shouldn’t give him cold feet. Itazu tells them that they aren’t heroes… and that Akira is out to smack Mr. Outside… and on his last breath…

...going to kick your asses

...going to kick your asses

Mononobe destroys Number IV’s phone and tells Yuuki to call Juiz in order to dispose of the vehicle. But now they also have Akira’s information. One thing though, before Itazu ran off his house, it seems he was ready. He had transferred all the info he found out. For a brief moment, he became…

Heroes fall as before they become one in reality.

Heroes fall before they become one in reality.

Mononobe gives Akira a call and Akira asks him who he is. Meanwhile, Hirasawa and the others reach their destination and Ohsugi shows them something that proves Akira is bad news.



In its last few episodes, it seems Eden is getting more and more exciting. Two new Selecao members were introduced and it seems they’re working together. They’re now after Akira. This should be a very interesting finale.

Anyway, this episode is a nice one, in my opinion. Again, the Selecao members follow the path they believe is the one that will save Japan. It’s a battle where you and your opponent uses the same provider and you can see what one is up to. This time, Akira is up against people who think that “the end justifies the means” and the sacrifices are needed to create a better world. In any case, Itazu displayed a final heroic act, now it’s up to Akira to see it through.

Now, seriously, what the hell is up with Ohsugi? So what if someone wrote a threat to a person? Hasn’t he been to any dark alley? Even if I wrote “I wanna kill Santa Claus” that doesn’t make him a terrorist, doesn’t it? Well, unless he’s got other proofs than that, he’s a wide, 20-story ball of idiocy.

Anyway, this is the Bunny Chief, looking forward to the last 2 episodes greatly, over and out.


One comment

  1. Pantsu! you are a true hero for us NEETs! *salutes*
    (never in my life I have thought I’d ever praise underwear)
    Lovely episode this one…it’s such a shame there’s only 2 of them left and yet so many Selecao.
    I’m wondering how this will end though…maybe with apples, papers and pencil bombs? 8D
    Nice job on this one Bunny Chief!

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