Naruto Chapter 450 – New (Ninja) World Order

June 5, 2009

Naruto defeated Pain! Lets celebrate by having a flashback!

Naruto defeated Pain! Let's celebrate by having a flashback!

And so the Dragon Balls Pain resurrected everyone last time, which was, by the way, a huge failure in my very humble and restrained opinion. Goku Naruto returns to his village.

Naruto is carried by Kakashi back and everyone was waiting for his arrival.

Where did those buildings in the background come from?

Where did those buildings in the background come from?

He even gets a warm welcome from Sakura this time.

And all those Naruto x Sakura shippers are rejoicing in the background.

And all those Naruto x Sakura shippers are rejoicing in the background.

Kakashi and Iruka reminisce the time when Naruto was just a little kid. Back when he dreamed of becoming the greatest Hokage and everyone acknowledging his existence. Back when he was alone, being separated from society who thinks he is a monster.

Amidst all the celebration, a watchful eye is spying on them, none other than Zetsu. He immediately pulls back to report the event to Tobi back in the Akatsuki lair. At the same time, an ANBU alerts Shikaku that he is being summoned for an emergency meeting by the feudal lord.

Zetsu tells Tobi about Pain’s defeat and that Konan probably ditched them too. Tobi thinks for a moment and sends Kisame out to find the Hachibi, which Sasuke goofed up in catching. It seems Tobi has some work to do.

The scene shifts to the… three stooges from waaaaaay back in the Hachibi arc. Yes, I am talking about the guys sent out by the Raikage. I had a slight problem remembering them but they’re now on the way to Konoha. They just did some “stooging” and thought that the pebble that one of them threw had destroyed Konohagakure.

In the meantime, Sakura, Shizune, Naruto and Kakashi check up on Tsunade. It seems she used too much chakra on making Katsuyu heal everyone in the village and this caused her to collapse into a comatosed state.

In the feudal lord’s castle, the Land of Fire’s advisers (consisting of several nameless people and an ANBU, Shikaku, the two annoying old people who hang around and making things harder for Tsunade and finally, Danzo) are discussing plans for the future, like building Konohagakure again and to maintain alliance with the other countries concerning Akatsuki. Danzo suddenly brings up the topic of who should be the next Hokage since Tsunade is in a critical shape. The lord wanted Jiraiya but he’s gone. Shikaku nominates Hatake Kakashi and the lord asks the council. They all think it’s a good idea since he is a strong and experienced ninja. I think they forgot that Kakashi was killed by Pain in just a few chapters, collapses regularly after using his Sharingan too much and ends up in the hospital for weeks.

The lord begins to think that it was a good idea after hearing that Kakashi’s teacher was Minato, the 4th Hokage, who was in turn, a pupil of Jiraiya and Jiraiya is a pupil of Hiruzen, the 3rd Hokage. Danzo begins to object, saying the Third’s teachings have destroyed the village, allowed Sasuke to escape, let Suna betray them and allowing Orochimaru to kill countless amounts of people during his invasion.

The man had a strong point. The lord has decided…

Just as planned...?

Just as planned...?

And with that… Naruto’s efforts go down the drain.

Now the last part was a surprise. I thought Danzo had died in the whole attack since he’s been missing after the whole “coup” he was planning.

I still can’t believe they resurrected everyone who died… it was the most… failing moment for me. It suddenly became a lot more like Dragon Ball than it already is. I could take it if it was Yu-Gi-Oh! (since the concept is already silly enough). This one is just… bad. Just when things were going the “badass” way, it becomes a pink creampuff care bear jelly-ish… thing…

Silly Sasuke’s gonna be in for a surprise in his “homecoming”. But I would like to see him kill Danzo just when he becomes Hokage. Seriously though, if I nominated Pakkun or Tonton to be Hokage, will their lord also consider it? That lord is one very easy-to-influence person.

Oh right, the Raikage’s stooges, I forgot they existed… I forgot why they’re there.

Anyway, I sure hope we don’t get another long-winded arc just for Kisame vs Killer Bee.

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out…


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