Kiss x Sis OVA Episode 2 (Episode 01) – A Hand in Distress

June 4, 2009

Uhm... yeah...

Uhm... yeah...

For those of you who do not know, Kiss x Sis is an ecchi OVA anime produced by feel. It’s a story about Boy A (known as Keita) who is constantly pestered by Girl A and Girl B (Ako and Riko) for his affection. The twist? Riko and Ako are Keita’s older sisters. Incest, incest, incest, service scenes, incest, comedy, incest and incest are to be expected in this very revealing anime. Do not be confused though: the first episode of this OVA is also called “Episode 0” so this review is about episode 2, which is named “Episode 1”.

On the second episode, let’s start with something great: A beach episode! It has swimsuits, sand, the ocean and some perverted octopi.

Yes, its been 20 seconds since the start

Yes, it's been 20 seconds since the start

This show likes reminding us that we are watching an ecchi anime every 5 minutes…
Turns out, Keita was just having a dream… and he wakes up to a very steamy kiss from his Ako-neechan. Disturbed by how his own sister would do such a thing, that has only been in most men’s fantasies in Japan, he gets himself out of the lip lock. Ako claims that it was just a way of greeting, that from the West, it is considered as a “morning kiss”.

Let us stress on the step part.

Let us stress on the 'step' part.

And so, Ako attempts to get Keita to get up by removing his blanket, only to find out that someone had already been there way before her… Riko.

You can also find rivals in the least likely places.

You can also find rivals in the least likely places.

Now Ako wants an explanation. Riko, Keita’s stepsister B, begins to tell her story. When she arrived at Keita’s room, she found Keita sleeping peacefully and doesn’t have the heart to wake him up after seeing him like that and just sleeps beside Keita. After the explanation, she proceeds to kiss Keita because, after all, this show is called Kiss x Sis. And then we get this shiny new OP video that we didn’t get in the first episode though most of the scenes are from Episode 0.

The next scene shows Keita about to leave home, skipping his breakfast again because he’s going to be late. Ako was holding onto a glass of yogurt, as this was what Keita requested as a quick breakfast. Ako and Riko seem worried that Keita would only drink yogurt and not eat properly. Suddenly, their mother comes out and also expresses the same sentiments as her daughters. Ako thinks it was her fault because she didn’t wake Keita up earlier. Their mother asks them if Ako and Riko had a fight and Riko claims it was just skinship. This led to their mother suddenly bringing up the topic of Ako and Riko’s confession to Keita at school, which she seems to be happy about and Keita spits the yogurt in Riko’s face. It seems their neighbors are talking about it now. Their father appears out of nowhere and explains that it is fine that Keita loves his sisters because they are unrelated anyway, but threatens him not to touch his wife, namely, Keita’s mother. Keita becomes depressed after hearing that the neighbors already know but his mother assures him that they’d be even more happy if he decides between Ako and Riko already…

This is definitely not something else but yogurt

This is definitely not something else but yogurt

This world needs help, fast

This world needs help, fast

Yes… this is one very twisted place. Keita’s parents and EVEN the neighbors approve of his relationship and even bets on who he will end up with. His father says the highest possibility is a yaoi between him and Keita to which the latter begins to pound on the wall expressing his disgust on treating their children like toys. Keita finally couldn’t take it anymore and runs off to school.

And his misfortune continues at school. His very generic triad of buddies confronts him after seeing him so down and tired. He tells them that his sisters have tired him out so he couldn’t sleep properly. They all suspect that it was because Keita had done “that” to his sisters. Everywhere he goes, there are people who likes hot incest action. They then begin to fantasize about what kind of things Keita and his sisters do at night and slowly tainting Keita’s mind into doing the same. He uses the same hand to pound against the desk behind him to control his raging hormones but does it too hard and sprains it.



When he arrives home, he finds his sisters hanging out in his room. Ako and Riko wants to stay by Keita’s side so they came inside the room before him so he wouldn’t have any other choice but to let them stay. He submits to them and tells them to keep quiet as he is preparing for entrance exams, which he had decided upon during the first episode, promising that he would study at the same school his sisters are going to. It seems Ako and Riko wants more attention from Keita. Studying for exams is fine and all but contact and communication should not be sacrificed, they pled their case. Both girls suddenly notice that Keita’s hand was bandaged and he explains that it was sprained after hitting a desk too hard but he doesn’t reveal that it was because of he was fantasizing about them. He also mentions that it would only take 2-3 days to heal.

Riko proceeds to “transfer mental healing energy” on Keita’s hand by placing it on her forehead. Ako, who doesn’t want to lose, then kisses Keita and claims that it was to exchange “love juice” for it to heal faster but this knocks Keita down on the floor along with Ako. Riko tells Ako to get off and she finds Keita struggling to suppress his scream in pain because she had ended up kneeling on Keita’s hand. Then we go to Part B with this brand new Eyecatch clip.

After the break, Keita tells them that it’s alright and that they don’t have to apologize as it only increased the time for his hand to heal. Ako and Riko tells Keita that he can ask for anything in return but he strongly declines the offer and instead heads off to take a bath.

Keita realizes he can’t really wash himself properly using one hand. He takes a minute to think about the recent things that have happened since his older stepsisters’ confessions. He thinks that he is getting accustomed to it but he immediately snaps out of it. He becomes aware that it would also be bad for him to be used to it because, you know, he’s the only sane character around. He thinks of all the times that he had looked at his sisters like they were seducing him.

But its nothing more than a harmless tasty lolipop, isnt it?!

But it's nothing more than a harmless tasty lolipop, isn't it?!

And then, Riko appears in the bathroom… naked, breaking his concentration. She is then followed by Ako who was wearing a school swimsuit. Riko tells her that she only wants to take a bath with Keita and then proceeds to comment that Ako is trying to change her image into an “imouto” character by wearing such an outfit. Keita tells them to get out but they don’t comply. They just wanted to wash Keita’s back because he couldn’t use one of his hands. Keita figures out that if this continues, there will be no returning. He gets out of the bath and hurries out. Ako tries to pull him back but she slips and luckily, Keita catches her. Riko also comes in to stop Keita but she also, surprisingly(!), slips and knocks them both down.

And the next scene is… well, they end up in very… strange positions (like usual). Because of this, Keita starts to bleed… from the nose.

And this should always be present in these anime

And this should always be present in these anime.

Accompanied by this graphic representation, a turtle coming out of its hard shell to gaze upon everything that is ahead of him.

Why, hello there!

Good morning world!

And finally…

A locked room murder? Probably...

A locked room murder? Probably...

After a gruesome battle with his hormones, Keita finds himself on his bed. It was already morning of the following day. He accidentally uses his injured hand to slam his alarm clock, making things worse for him. He wonders how he ended up there and finds letters under his alarm clock, one from Ako and one from Riko, both apologizing for what had happened the day before. After school, he heads to the hospital, where his sisters were waiting for him. They explain that all they wanted was to help him. In return, they will do everything in their power to help Keita in the exams.

Please do note Rikos hand.

Please do note Riko's hand.

And so, the episode ends with Keita talking to the doctor in the hospital… it seems it wasn’t a sprain anymore, it was a fracture that would take weeks to recover from.

Personally, this episode seems pretty pointless. Nothing happened, just some fanservice and some ridiculous stuff about Keita’s broken hand. There was no development in their relationships.

The characters… well, Keita seems a good character here. He’s the only sane character around who actually thinks there is still something wrong with loving one’s own sibling, even if they’re not related by blood, especially since not only his parents, but also his neighbor and the majority of the male population in his class strongly believes that it is harmless affection. The unwilling harem guy. His seiyuu was also a cast in Green Green, where he played a similar character named Yuusuke.

Speaking of Green Green… Keita’s three friends. They’re probably the worst characters in the show since they’re just the generic perverted jealous friends. Heck, they don’t even have names. I actually liked Yuusuke’s friends Bacchigu, Ichibanboshi and Tenjin from Green Green. They had their own personalities and they’re actually funny.

All-in-all, brainless humor with a huge serving of ecchi in this episode. This is still worth watching thanks to episode 0. We’ll have to wait a while for the last episode though. The third and final episode comes out in November 20, 2009.

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out.



  1. Nicely written!

  2. hah! seen this one too now :D
    though I don’t have anything to add to your comment since it’s my thoughts exactly xD
    I have a little preference for Ako, dunno why actually… maybe she’s more tsundere moe and less silent moe.
    Nice job Bunny Chief~

  3. …why put that picture there? Yaoi traumatizes me. Also, Riko is better than Ako.

  4. dude riko is the pervi type and ako is the childish type that uses keita to please herself in chapter free night which i take personally
    and there riko and keita have sex and keita sadly forgets what happen…
    so i say…
    RIKO IS PERFECT FOR KEITA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. these OVA episodes are more perverted than the tv ones. U think How the hell could it be more perverted than the tv one….. in TV episode they only kiss him and smell his under pants. But in this one the like wear them and fight over them… well u get the point.

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