Chrome Shelled Regios 21: go go Rescue Rangers!

June 3, 2009

oh I still love this intro

Since we have to start somewhere, let’s take a look at Chrome Shelled Regios first. It started a while ago and is already at it’s 21st episode. The main plot can easily be described as usual shounen hero plot, an uber-haxed main character, Layton/Layfon/Fonfon Alseif, slowly walking his way to stardom. Also mentionable is that he’s gaining a lovely harem consisting of the childhood friend : Leerin, the tsundere : Felli and boyish, I-need-to-get-stronger-girl : Nina. There’re more though but those three get in the spotlight the most. The setting is a desert filled with beasts called Filth Monsters, the climate in there is so extreme that humans can’t survive in there without special equipment. Human cities exist on shell-covered cities (dunno how to describe this better) roaming freely around this desert.  One more thing should be mentioned is the cool equiment called ‘Dites’, they exist out of only a handle and can be activated by using one’s ‘Kei’ (spiritual energy thing) and saying “Restoration!” It might not be special but I think it adds a nice effect to the show.

In any case let’s get on with the review, in the last episode Felli was caught by Haia and his gang. Haia wanted to challenge Layfon in a one-on-one to get his revenge…

entry number 1 : Layfon Alseif

Entry number 2 and today's badass : Lyia Haia Salinvan

The victor's prize : a lovely tsundere

it's a nice change of style from the usual red vs blue

Felli was captured but she’s able to see the clash, Layfon and Haia start equal but the tide would soon turn…

He can talk through that?

While the 2 are fighting, the inter-platoon match which was announced in the previous epiosde got cancelled due to some unknown reason. Nina is called over to go and help Layfon and save Felli from Haia.


Haia won’t allow Layfon to defeat him like he did last time (that battle was a letdown btw) He switches battle style and his flow of Kei becomes undetectable. Layfon is suprised by this, but is able to deflect the first attacks. However due to the amount of Kei flowing over in the atmosphere, Felli’s locked door gets opened. As she escapes and calls out for Layfon, Layfon gets caught off guard…

Didn't see that coming...

I should mention the nice battle song here : Silent Talk (Original Mix) by Chrome Shelled from the OST.

the badguy's smirk...lovely isn't it?

I prefer Fonfon

As Layfon is down for a while, Haia reveals some fragments from his past where his father seems to have heard about Layfon. Haia became jealous since his father seemed to prefer him above Haia…we all need a reason to fight, don’t we?

this doesn't need any comment.

Layfon however isn’t impressed and this time it’s his turn to switch battle style, the tide of the battle quickly turns in to Layfon’s favor…

nice backhand


Haia is severly wounded and Layfon is prepared to finish it…

will it happen?

your days are over..

At the last moment, Rufa (Haia’s companion) gets in between them, I’m not sure whether this really is the reason why Layfon stopped his finishing move or not. But in the end he doesn’t finish him and Haia survives the battle and gets another emotional and physical scar.

it never happens...

Layfon turns his back on Haia and checks up on Felli who got freed. Felli notices Layfon’s wounds and like every tsundere should do she calls him an idiot and looks away. Nina, who got there a little too late in my opinion, also notices Layfon’s wounds… the most suprising thing happens after that though…

yes...that's the prize you get for acting like a hero

that's what I call a dynamic entry, one yay for Leerin!

“How dare you make others worry” is the first thing what the girl says after being apart for God knows how long. The caring childhood friend Leerin has finally showed up in Layfon’s harem!

and they...they are not amused.

Well I shouldn’t tell you how tsundere Felli reacted to that, Nina seems more suprised than jealous yet I think we can expect some serious (read hilarious) discussions between the love square.

Well that certainly promises a nice final

At the end of the episode the reason why the match was cancelled is revealed, the Lance Shelled City appeared! This will probably start up the final chapter of Chrome Shelled Regios. I’m certainly looking forward to it! See you the next time, RESTORATION!

Haruhi’s comment:

Episode 21 as a whole is a good episode. The confrontation between Haia and Layfon was nice and they pretty much showed Haia’s “human” side and gave him the other kind of “nakama”. It was also a pretty nice twist that, instead of facing Myath, Zuellni has to confront Grendan.

The down side is, the first part of the Layfon/Haia battle was too… bad, in my opinion. All I saw were two shapeless colors bumping into each other and causing some kind of impact across the city. It was more like a budget-friendly confrontation instead of an epic swordmanship between two successors of a unique style. I had much more fun watching Kenshin Himura’s battles, who is almost like Layfon: Laid-back personality but in-battle, very serious, not to mention their abilities in using swords and their history of being a successor to a powerful style of swordsmanship.

Chrome Shelled Regios is reaching its finale soon, it has been a great run. As a whole, it is a good series. The struggle of humans to fend off the creatures who seek mindless destruction in an apocalyptic world, a skilled guy who does anything to live, and a small platoon in the military who needs serious help. The characters are also interesting. Down side is the technical terms, though there’s not much. “Kei” isn’t really explained, but it’s like the “chakra” from Naruto. In conclusion, it’s worth watching (for those who haven’t).


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